Illamasqua website swatches - update

I'm sure by now a lot of you have noticed that the Illamasqua website has had a few tweaks, including much needed swatches of almost all their products, shade by shade. The Illamasqua website is one of the few cosmetic brands to actually feature 'real life' swatches of their products, which inevitably makes choosing shades a lot easier for its customers who use their online purchasing facility.

I had waited with bated breath for the new look website after promises of better swatches, so was quite disappointed to see that these new swatches only benefited their pale skinned customers as there were no swatches available on any models with darker skintones.

Rather than remain disappointed about it, but not actually do anything, I emailed Alex Cummins, Junior Brand Manager who quickly responded telling me that:

"Yes - we are actually going to be hiring models to swatch all the Lure products with, however we wanted to get the new site up and launched before we worked on that. This project will be visited again after Christmas and so we will hope to have it on the site by March! We will need a model that matches every skin shade we offer".

Result! It's a shame they couldn't have been done at the same time as the current swatches as I'm sure there are an abundance of darker skinned models waiting to be booked for a job, but I'm pleased that this is something that Illamasqua had already taken into consideration and have on their "to do" list.

If there's one thing that immediately springs to my mind about Illamasqua, is that they actually listen to their customers and take action where needed which I think other beauty brands could certainly benefit from doing. After all, we're the ones doing the buying so surely it pays in the long run to keep your customers happy.

In the meantime if you haven't checked out the new look website and swatches go and have a nosey.

Now if only Revlon UK would stock the "missing" darker shades of Colorstay foundation (instead of forcing me to trek 3000+ miles for it!) and stop ignoring my emails querying it in the process!!

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Computergirl said...

I hate it when companies ignore us!! Thanks for assing this on. Am getting to be quite impressed by Illamasqua's customer service!

:) x

em said...

I'm glad they listened to you! they have such great customer service :D

Laura said...

Excellent customer service!

If you want your Revlon foundation picking up when im away give me a shout! Im sure I can squeeze it in the case! x

The doll on fashion

VexInTheCity said...

@Computergirl - Yeah, it's frustrating. I appreciate Illamasqua's efforts to take on board their customers suggestions.

@em - Yeah, I'm very impressed with their aftercare.

@Laura - Aww thank you! I've got a spare bottle at the moment and Chaud's bringing me a couple more in Feb, so I'll be good for my 2010 face! LOL

britishbeautyblogger said...

Dark skins are really badly catered for in the UK....Hello Brands? Don't you know what you are missing here? It doesn't make any sense not to cater for all colours and with Prescriptives closing down altogether it makes the situation worse.

tina_mbc said...

It's great that they have updated their swatches (they really needed to) and that they are having every skin tone into consideration!
Now, Illamasqua's swatches can't be beat imo, I mean MAC's photoshopped ones are a joke!!!


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