MAC Warm & Cozy and Love Lace

Warm and Cozy is finally available on UK shores, so off I went to the Covent Garden branch today to have a look. This collection is pretty safe, filled with warm nudes that will universally flatter all skintones and I think it's quite nice. Boring yes, but still a nice collection. It's freezing cold outside so I'm all for an easy neutral face to wear so I concentrate on keeping my ass warm!

I already own a hefty number of nude shades so didn't go too crazy on this collection, instead just picking out the products that compliment the ones I already own.

The promo pics for this collection are so ...warm and cosy!

I don't have the patience (or time) to copy and paste the entire collection and any MAC fan worth their favourite LE lipstick has already seen the products in Warm & Cozy a million times already.

However, for those in the dark, or who want a quick reminder of what they're dealing with, check out the collection in its entirety here on Temptalia.

Warm & Cozy display stand

So, what did I get?

I skipped Comfort MSF as I have enough brown/gold/bronze based MSFs (not to mention bronzers) and I don't like having MSFs that are too similar in colour. I don't own a pink based highlighter so bought By Candlelight instead, which has such an enticing name. I was praying that it would be WOC friendly and on my skintone (NC50), I found it to be very flattering when used with a light hand. It's very pigmented but with the right application and under the right lighting will look amazing!

I forgot to lay the polish on its side ..the swatch of it linked below says it all!

I skipped the lipglasses and I already own 3N. When I tracked it down a few months ago, it didn't blow me away as I had expected it to but as luck would have it, when I went to find it to swatch it was nowhere to seen! I appear to have misplaced it - not impressed. The other lip shades in this collection are nothing out of the ordinary, with the exception of Siss which is my favourite nude lipstick by MAC. I picked one up as I ran out in late Summer and need a replacement.

I also skipped the eyeshadows. I already own Embark and found Modelette to be a dead ringer for Era, again a shadow I already have. I've never tried MAC shadesticks before so I picked up Nurture and Relaxed. I thought Cuddle looked ugly on my skntone and Warm and Cosy just didn't do it for me.

I picked up both lip conditioners. I think they're fab, well pigmented and very universal. I've been using E-Z Baby Tendertone a lot lately so welcomed the lip conditioners with open arms. It's not every day I feel like wearing lipstick or lipgloss and these make great alternatives when I still want a little colour when keeping my lips well moisturised. I'm gonna get back ups of these, I like them that much.

Blissed Out nail lacquer also came home with me after I saw Christine's swatch here - sold!

Love Lace is also out but I thought it looked pretty blah and I only bought Raven eye kohl which Erin raved about a while back - it's a deep burgundy with subtle shimmer. Light Affair nail lacquer is a dupe for Essie Body Language so if you have easy access to Essie, I'd recommend you to buy that instead.

Love Lace display stand

So over to you guys, what's on your wishlist and what have you already bought?

19 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Computergirl said...

Great haul, I think you have picked up some great products there. I'm not forseeing picking anything up, but then who knows. I might hold out for Spring Forecast....
Great post, thanks :)
Emma x

Lady Gray said...

I'm really skint but have my hear set on By Candlelight and all the shadesticks...I might have to sell a daughter or something ;)

*Dainty*Dollymix* said...

Love everything youve bought hun! For now i just picked up both MSFs, as i was a bit overwhelmed as wasnt expecting it to be in store!
I normally tend to spread my MAC buys out so it doesnt look like ive spent as much!
I think i may have to pick up both TLC as everyone seems to be raving about them!
<3 xox

Lollipop said...

Ooh I didn't realise it was out yet. I'm off to MAC on the weekend so will check it out in person then. You got some gorgeous things. I love the look of the MSF and shadesticks! Neutral = boring but still pretty :) xx

mizzworthy said...

Siss looks like a lovely colour...

Shifa said...

I looove this collection! I think I am gona get both the tinted lip conditioners :)

Liparazzi said...

I really want Feelin Good, Nurture, Relaxed and By Candlelight!I NEED them!

Get Lippie said...

I really like this collection, I think I might pick up a couple of items myself. It's not exciting, maybe, but it is pretty, and pretty never goes out of fashion.

Nongoma said...

Nice haul there pretty lady. Would love to see an FOTD with the stuff sometime... :)

Are those shadesticks smoother than the previous formulas?

Marley said...

I can honestly say nothing from these collections tempted me at all!! Even the MSFs were blah to me- By Candlelight reminded me a lot of Light Flush, which I hardly ever use anyway. I have plenty of great nude both of these were boring to me. I'm ready for the February collections! I want brights for spring!

BeauMakeUp said...

I want By Candlelight MSF so bad now! It is gorgeous! The two shadesticks you got are lovely too! :)
Natalie x

LionLovingTiger said...

I'm still interested in the lip glosses but I'm thinking Feelin' Good might be a bit too milky for me so I'm going to try Close For Comfort - your swatch is gorgeous.

Looking forward to seeing it in store but I'm all about that Lillyland powder! Bring it on!


Kelly said...

Fab haul! My wishlist for these collections are By Candlelight MSF, Warm Me Up l/s, a shadestick (haven't decided which one yet) and Light Affair n/p. I'm going to look at that Essie one you mentioned though, the formula of essie polish are so much better!

VexInTheCity said...

@Nongoma - No idea, I've not used them before!

Thanks for the comments everybody xx

VexInTheCity said...

@Kelly - Check for polish swatches

@Nongoma - I'll do a FOTD in a couple of days. Hair is acting up at the mo and am having a post Christmas breakout so not keen on the camera being up in my face at the moment!

FabDiva20 said...

Nice haul! I'm thinking about skipping the lipglasses in this collection since Boy Bait Cremesheen glass is the perfect lipglass for me. I was thinking about getting Modelette and since you said that it's closer to Era e/s, I own Era and I'm torn.

Muhsine said...

I got nada from both collections and dont plan on getting anything either, poor me. :) that msf is gonna look amazing on you! vX

Princesa Livia said...

Hey gal! I already have By Candlelight msf & Warm Me Up lipstick, but I'm thinking of getting cuddle & relaxed shadesticks too.. and because of you, a tlc! Although I don't like the idea of dipping my fingers in pots and I don't really want to carry a lip brush around with me. Thanks for the review xx

Imo said...

I want siss lipstick and 3n lipgloss...when is feline eye kohl making a comeback or have I missed it...again! :l


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