My hair care regime

Afro hair is no joke. I still yearn for the day that I can 'wash and go'. It's not gonna happen - ever. I envied my white school friends whenever we'd go swimming when we were younger. I screamed (in fright) if so much as a drop of water leaked under my swimming cap, whereas they shrieked in glee as they dived head first into the pool without a care in the world.

These days I'm not so scared of water , although my reaction to being caught out in the rain without an umbrella, would have you think I was gonna turn into a mermaid a la Darryl Hannah in Splash! I tend to rely on certain products to keep my hair in check and they seem to do the trick.

I chemically relaxed my hair again in February after having it in braids for 9 months. Wanting a total change, I had it cut quite short and since then it's grown much quicker than it usually does when my hair is relaxed. I think this is solely down to the products I've been using and the regular trims I have (every 8-9 weeks).

I've been using ApHogee products for over a year now and have seen a big difference in the overall condition to my hair. My hair has always been quite fine when it's relaxed, although it looks much, much thicker when it's 100% natural.
So, what's my typical hair care regime?

I shampoo with ...

Deep Moisture Shampoo condititon with ...
Balancing Moisturizer

When I want to DEEP condition I then use ...
Pantene for Women of Color Breakage Defense deep conditioning mask.
When I use this, I stick a clear shower cap over my hair, wrap a towel around it and tend to leave it on for about an hour..sometimes longer before rinsing it out. When my hair needs a home treatment I reach for ... Two-Step Protein treatment
This stuff is great for strengthening my hair.
After I towel dry, I spritz some of this onto my hair... Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner

When I've finished shampooing and conditioning, the real work begins with the styling!

On damp hair, I use a 50p sized dollop of ..

FHI Hot Sauce
I love the fact it looks like a bottle of hot sauce! This helps to protect my hair against heat styling

I then divide my hair into 4 sections and blow dry each one. My hairdresser of choice is the
Wahl Propik 4000
which is much more powerful than the standard model that I previously owned

Sorry but that air dry shizzle doesn't work for me. I don't have the time and I'd only end up using a blow dryer afterwards to get the kinks out anyway so why waste 2 hours of my life air drying to begin with?!

I grease my scalp with ...
Motions Hair and Scalp Conditioner I then spread a bit of this over my hair and blow again for easy distribution for a few seconds Elasta QP Mango Butter (smells gorgeous!)

I then use my Windle straighteners to straighten my hair further spritzing it with ..

Aveda Damage Control as I go

and voila I'm done!

It looks like a lot but my hair is never weighed down with product and they compliment one another well.

I probably have approx 30 different hair products but this is my main routine when I wash my hair. Sometimes I use pure coconut or carrot oil to deep condition. It depends on my mood and what my hair needs at the time.

I find taking care of my hair time consuming and my one of my least favourite parts of grooming. It does my head in! I bought fuchsia (it's a rinse, not vibrant pink!) hair dye a couple of weeks ago but am too chicken to go through with it. I don't want to upset all my hard work and end up with dry, brittle hair!

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Shirley said...

The bit about a la daryl really made me laugh.

Aphogee sounds good, might check it out!

But on the whole air drying "shizzle"...i get what you mean, but i usually just wrap my hair afterwards and its all good...meh i guess it doesnt work for everyone. :/

Vanilla said...

what and effort !hehe
im just too lazy !

UnicornSmile said...

wow 30?! You're dedicated ;)

blkprincess87 said...

I love aphogee products. I've been using them for a couple months and my hair is way strong and breaks off less. Love that stuff.

VexInTheCity said...

@Shirley - I never thought to wrap it! I'll try it and see how I go. What do you put round it when you wrap it though? Aphogee is really good.

@Vanilla - If I'm quick it takes about 90 mins!

@Unicornsmile - Yeah I buy a lot to see what works and then abandon them half way through usage.

@blkprincess87 - Yeah the range def works.

Sarah x said...

This was awesome, my friend and I are always trying to find stuff for her daughters hair as my mate is white but her daughter is half jamaican so we have no concept of what we should use on her (I get asked in despair I think), since her dad is Jamaican and firstly a man and secondly shaves his head he is no help at all with any hair advice! I have forwarded her this link so hopefully no more fuzz head for Ruby. Thanks hun x

VexInTheCity said...

@Sarah - There are kids ranges which will be a little gentler for her hair. I'll forward you a couple of links later this evening.

K-HART said...

My hairdresser recommended Aphogee and I've been using the Shampoo for Damaged hair ever since. Although I wouldn't consider my hair damaged. I found the leave in conditioner a too watery.

Like Shirley I too wrap my hair after deep conditioning and let it dry under the hooded dryer. You should try it as you may find you don't need to use the straightener's and if so not for your whole head.

VexInTheCity said...

@K-Hart - Yeah that's the shampoo I started off using. The leave-in conditioner is a spray one so works well for me.

I don't have a hooded dryer!

The Shabby and The Chic said...

Great write-up!
I've been experiencing alot of breakage lately (not a good look for a beauty PR) and my usual Olive Oil hair remedy just ain't cutting in.
Definitely going to have a look into the Aphogee products!

Olivia said...

Awesome regimen, you put a lot of work into your hair, but with afro hair it's necessary. I would skip the greasing the scalp, your scalp produces it's own oils and does not need that, it might clog your pores. If you never need to grease your scalp I would use pure 100% Jojoba oil because it acts as the same oils our bodies produce.

VexInTheCity said...

@ The Shabby and The Chic - Yeah they've improved my hair a lot.

@Olivia - Really? I'll get some Jojoba then cos I suffer from a dry scalp if I don't put anything on it.

AndreeMarie said...

I love your hair care regime!!!

Eli aka Negra Cabreada said...

Hello, haven't you ever tried Sabino Moisture Block? It's a great antihumidiy barrier. I had to laugh when I read the being scared of water part, I'm the person that before showering puts a showering cap on the head, then a plastic bag and finally a towel over it, lol

sue said...

check out aveda's new texturizing creme!


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