Review: Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream

What it says on the website: Rose oil and wild Rose hip extract envelop the skin with a protective nurturing film. This rich, beautifully scented cream, with the extract of over 1,075 organic Rose petals in each tube, strengthens the skin and soothes redness and couperose conditions. The skin is encouraged to repair and restore itself as well as being calmed and smoothed.

Dr Hauschka is a German company which boasts a wide range of organic skincare products. I first purchased this a couple of years ago and I've repurchased it every winter as one of my skincare must-haves. It acts as a great barrier between my skin and the freezing winds my poor face is exposed to during cold weather.

It's a rich cream, which can initially feel quite greasy due to the rose oil in it, which is why you only need a small amount. I apply it by rubbing a small amount between my fingers to warm it up and then I gently rub it into my skin. I then wait a few minutes before I apply my make up. I do this as I like to think it helps my skin to absorb it properly. It's not a requirement in the usage instructions, this is just something I personally like to do, which works for me.

Rose Day Cream is known to improve and soothe skin conditions such as eczema and dry skin and I can certainly vouch for this as any areas of my face that require special attention really benefit from the richness of the cream and I'm left with healthy 'rosy' looking skin.

My skin is definitely a bit drier at the moment due to the weather and this moisturiser works really well at replacing lost moisture. Dry skin that surfaced a week ago around my nose due to the weather disappeared within 2 days after application. I don't always feel the need to use this daily and will use it as and when I feel my skin needs, especially if it's a day I know I will be outdoors a lot.

I tend to use this on very cold days and I find that it leaves my skin feeling nourished, a feeling that lasts throughout the day. For somebody who's not overly keen on rose scented products, I find the rose scent bearable and not overpowering. In fact I barely notice it most of the time and when I do, I find it to be quite pleasant.

It's a rich cream, which goes on greasy which is why you only need a small amount. I apply it by pressing a small amount between my fingers and gently rubbing it into my skin. I wait a few minutes before I apply my make up as I like to this this helps my skin absorb the cream better. It's not a requirement in the usage instructions and this is just something I personally like to do, which works for me.

Rose Day Cream has been known to improve skin conditions such as eczema and dry skin in general and the latter I can certainly vouch for as any areas that require special attention really benefit from the richness of the cream and I'm left with healthy 'rosy' looking skin.

Personally I find this far too heavy for use on warmer days. It would slide right off my face as my skin's much oilier in Summer. I only ever reach for it at this time of year, but what doesn't work for me, may well work for others so bear that in mind. If you have dry, sensitive skin then I think this moisturiser is a great recommendation. As it happens, my skin combination/sensitive and this works fine for me so I'd suggest you try a sample (readily available to order on the website) before splashing out on a full size bottle.

I'm not keen on the packaging and dislike the tube that it comes in. When I near towards the end of the cream, I find it difficult to get the last remains out and have resorted to slicing the tube open to reveal at least another weeks usage in the crevices. This would fare better if it were in a pump bottle.

Dr Hauschka recommends that this (or any other moisturiser for that matter) should not be used at night. Reason being that the skin uses this period to rid itself of toxins absorbed during the day, and any products that interfere with these natural processes should be avoided. Daily use of night creams means that the skin becomes dependant on external sources of moisture, rather than producing its own.

Dr Hauschka's theory makes total sense to me, but I'm not sure if I can make that switch and totally abandon my evening moisturiser. I know for a fact that my skin would take a turn for the worse, before it got used to only being cleansed and toned in the evenings. Since my current routine isn't doing me any 'damage, I'm reluctant to stop.

This gets a huge thumbs up from me and I love that it gives me a 'sitting by the fire' glow that friends and family alike have commented on in the past. I'll certainly continue to repurchase it for now, although I do have my eye on another product that I suspect may be a cheaper equivalent this space.

How much is it? £20 (30ml)
Where can I buy it from?
Selfridges, John Lewis, Dr Hauschka, StrawberryNet

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Liparazzi said...

I have always wanted to try this cream and I may be tempted to go get some now as I suffer from dry skin sometimes. Great review...thanks! Hope things are well with you xx

Amatullah said...

I was just reading this out loud to my friend here in Cairo and she went upstairs and whipped the cream out! She swears by it!

Well just put a pea sized amount on the tips of my fingers and wow a little really goes a long way. I can see how this would last a good amount of time and be well worth the money.

Its very creamy and yes the smell is not overpowering.

CONVERT! Will have to order some for my next visitor to Egypt to bring!

Becky said...

I've never heard that before about not using moisturiser at night, kind of makes sense though. I think my skin would be really dry to start with but then might start to balance out? Might try it...

mizzworthy said...

This sounds lovely!

OxfordJasmine said...

I have this and a few other Dr H products, so far they haven't done anything amazing for my skin and I can't get in to the routine of once a day. I do use the massage technique which is lovely! I got a little set that came with a DVD manual, whoa! Thanks for posting your review!

Lina said...

My friend swears by Dr. Hauschka but I'm not sold as her skin isn't that clear. This does look pretty good though, and I could definitely use something for when outside facing the cold! The cold really effects my skin. :( xx

Rollergirl said...

I love my Nivea but I'm tempted by the 'fireside glow' and compliments... may have to invest...

Soraya said...

I used to work on Dr Hauschka's PR account and started using their products for free and fell in love with them.

I've since stopped using most of the range as I discovered Eve Lom and Creme de la Mer but I still follow their ethos of not putting a night cream on my very dry skin and don't need to now.

You may like their Quince day cream Y as its slightly lighter than the rose for warmer months and is just as nice for beightening the complexion.

Their eye solace are also well worth a try, especially if you're a contact lens wearer! Their website is also good to order from and the facials they do are amazing.


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