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I could have sworn I did a 'Showing some love' post a few days ago but then I realised I did my last one late, halfway through November, hence the deja vu feeling.

Anyhoo without further ado here's what's been tickling my fancy

Dove Spa Hot Stuff Self Heating Sugar Polish

This was sent to me to try weeks ago and I've used it sparingly as I don't want it to run out as it costs £22. Hot Stuff, a Dove Spa product, (Yep, the people behind high street brand Dove now have a chain of spas with accompanying products) is a self heating sugar body scrub, which on impact with damp skin, gives you the same intense self heat feeling similar to that of MAC Thermal Mask. I'm big on body treats now that the weather's so harsh and I really like this scrub. It does does a great job of making my skin feel super smooth and I'm a sucker for self heating products as I love the way all warm and cosy on the skin. I'd only ever buy this when Dove Spa do their half price offers though! £11 sounds nicer than £22.

Boots Extracts Fairtrade Brazil Nut Body Butter

My Palmers Olive Body Butter was coming to an end so I picked this up from Boots a couple of weeks ago. It smells gorgeous and easily rivals The Body Shop body butters - they're cheaper too! Currently part of the Christmas 3 for 2 offer, I'm definitely stocking up! The Mango butter smells divine so that'll be a certain purchase. They moisturise well and I'm switching to these now over TBS Coconut body butter. Fab product!

Sleek Storm e/s palette

Sleek's Storm palette has always been my favourite out of all their e/s palettes. I think the colours are so easy to wear, particularly at this time of year. I love the shades and finishes for this palette and think it's pretty universal in terms of skintone suitability. Check out my swatches here It's what I've been reaching for most days when I feel like wearing something other than mascara on my eyes.

Barbie Loves MAC Beauty Powder in Pearl Sunshine (L) (LE)

I've been using this a lot lately to give my skin a healthy glow over either rosy or peachy blushes. This is WOC friendly and I use it as a highighter on my cheeks, along my nose and on my brow bones too. It doesn't make my skin look ashy and gives me a luminous glow over my blush. I love this so much that I have a back up. I love the packaging too. Move over Hello Kitty, you skanky cat!

Lush Snow Fairy shower gel

Mmmm sweeties! I hate dragging myself out of bed into the cold bathroom in the mornings but this makes it a little easier. If you like the smell of sweets, candy floss and vanilla then this is for you. It reminds me of when I was little and I love the way the scent lingers over the entire house long after I've stepped out of the bathroom. It's almost good enough to eat. It's limited edition though so grab a bottle (or two) quickly if you want to indulge yourself throughout 2010 until it's re-released again in time for Christmas. It doesn't dry my skin out so gets a big thumbs up from me.

Korres Pomegranate Cleansing Mask

Another lovely product from Korres, who have really made me sit up and take notice of their products lately. This mask is geared towards oily/combo skin and really works well for me. It's a clay mask that doesn't tighten after being left on for 10 minutes and leaves my skin feeling silky soft - possibly because it's creamier than your typical clay mask. Pomegranate is widely known for it's antioxidant properties, therefore it's anti-ageing, tightens pores and is blah, blah, blah amazing! My face isn't a shining beacon by 1pm like it usually is and I think it's down to this mask. Korres is definitely here to stay in my skincare regime!

Which products have made your toes curl this past month?

6 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Mz. More said...

I am loving everything you posted here hon and want to check some of them out. I am so glad a lot of these are skin care products since it won't cause me to break my makeup/nail polish ban lol :)

VexInTheCity said...

LOL I'm really digging skin and bodycare products at the moment. I love treating my skin.

Sarah x said...

I really like the look of that Dove Spa scrub, can you just get it at Boots?

VexInTheCity said...

@Sarah - No, I don't think so. you can order it off their site that I linked to within the post x

Liparazzi said...

oooh i like the sound of the Korres mask!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the review on the Boots body butters, I use the Body Shop ones too but since these are cheaper I will check them out.

Melissa ♥


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