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As a few of you know, I really wasn't impressed with The IMATS in January, but am giving it another chance next month. However, I did pick up an item that has proved itself invaluable. There was a father and daughter duo, selling magnetic, mirrored, empty palettes that are perfect for depotted eyeshadows and blushes off a stall. Best of all they were only £10 a piece. At the time I remember her (Danielle) telling us that she was still searching for a supplier so was only selling them through word of mouth and off her website - DLSH. She also sold other portable make up storage too.

I pull this palette out every time I travel or am away from home for a couple of nights. As I've depotted all my eyeshadows, travelling with 5 full palettes was a nightmare, so being able to pull out the colours I want to take with me makes my make up packing so much easier. I love that she had the brainwave of including a mirror in the palette too - it's perfect.

Available from

I know Z Palettes have since become very popular and stock similar palettes which come in two sizes (minus the mirror) on their website, but for anybody going to the London IMATS next month, Z palettes will be there so you can pick a couple up. I'll be picking up the smaller size which will come in handy for shorter stays away from home when I was to take fewer shades away with me.

Hopefully Danielle from DLSH will be there again too if you'd prefer a mirrored palette.

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Elizabeth Ruby said...

What a gorgeous palette! And yeah I love the mirror too :)
Especially love those colours though.
Great post

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

i love this thanks for the links!!!

Mz. More said...

This is very nice. Looks like it is large enough to hold brushes too

Lipglossiping said...

Ohhhh goddammit I'm too excited!!!!! Roll on IMATS!

Sarah x said...

Ooh this reminded me that I bought my ticket ages ago, I must remember to actually go - since I said I would pick my ticket up on the day I keep forgetting about it, I need a physical ticket to remind me!

Liparazzi said...

I realy want to get some of these!They would be soooo handy to have!

Tia said...

I use a similar one with a mirror from Yaby cosmetics--although mine isn't as large as yours. I got mine from The Makeup Show in NY. It's such a lifesaver when traveling. Love the concept.

Shifa said...

Wow! Like the idea of this :)
I really wanted to go IMATS this year but am not sure if it will worth the ticket money :S

amber_j said...

I'm with Shifa - still not sure I want to fork out the money to go to IMATS, especially now I have to travel to the UK just to attend. But if there are more vendors like this I might consider it worth the expense and hassle. Thanks for sharing!

Nongoma said...

enabler. and it's even BEFORE i get to IMATS!

Imo said...

This is great! How much do the smaller ones cost? have u already bought your ticket? Im so excited!

VexInTheCity said...

@Elizabeth Ruby - Thanks. The e/s aren't included with the palette though! Haha!

@Sara - You're welcome hon x

@Mz More - There are carry cases that held brushes.

@Lipglossiping - See you there ;-)

@Sarah - How do you forget?!! I'll remind you! LOL

@Liparazzi - Yeah, definately

@Tia - It's really useful isn't it?

@Shifa @amber - I hear you. If you can spare the money for the trip, cool, if not - don't. I'm not gonna lie, I expected it to be much better than it was. If you're into the artistry of makeup and already work in the industry then you may get more out of it than the average make up lover.

@Nongoma - LOL sorry!

@Imo - No idea hon, soz! The U.S prices are on the site so I'd imagine they'd be the UK equivalent or perhaps a little cheaper at the show.

~Kymmy~ said...

I have the Z palette and i hate it. Its not quite filled yet but I don't like that blushes and shadows just slide around. It gets messy.

VexInTheCity said...

@Kymmy - Oh really? I'm just gonna get a small one as I already have a larger one from the other company.Thanks for the heads up x


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