A treat from Zuneta - Hourglass Extreme Sheen lip gloss

Zuneta is a company I've seen mentioned on a couple of blogs but I just haven't had the time to give it the once over for myself. It's a sibling run, online luxury beauty boutique stocking the likes of Korres (yay!), Jurlique, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Malin & Goetz and a variety of other brands, some of which are pretty hard to find at the usual beauty haunts we tend to frequent.

I was contacted by Zuneta and sent Hourglass Extreme Sheen high shine lip gloss in Siren as an early Christmas present to try out, and after checking the new look website out I was impressed enough to share the love with you guys.

Before I talk about the lip gloss I was sent, I need to voice how impressed I am with the Zuneta website itself. Upon registering, I was prompted me to share my skintone, skin type, hair type (they had 'relaxed' as an option which knocked me sideways!) and eye colour in The Clinic. Products were then recommended to me based on my profile. No more ordering dodgy make up shades based on misleading swatches. Every time you click on a product, the shades which will suit your skintone are clearly displayed. They even have video clips showing models being made up with the product you're viewing to coax you further into parting with your money!

Designed especially for the Holiday season, Siren is a described as "a stunning fire fuelled red with a hint of metallic".

Siren is a limited edition lip gloss shade which offers an insane amount of pigment - almost too much! When worn thickly I wasn't that keen with the finished look. I initially tried to wear it alone but it looked uneven when applied with the brush applicator so I wiped it off and lightly lined my lips with NARS Pop Life velvet matte liner first. I have full lips and feel it just 'blew them up', so I then sheered the application down to a much more wearable wash of colour, as shown below.

You can see just how pigmented it actually is on the swatch pic further down.

Siren worn a lil' sheerer (is that a word?)

Siren worn full on!

I like the metallic sheen this lipgloss gives off - tres futuristic, which is still visible even if you don't layer the gloss on heavily. It stays true to its word and does deliver extreme high shine. It's non-sticky (no, really it is) and pretty long lasting too. I've had it on for over 4 hours now and it looks as if I applied it 5 mins ago and I've smacked my lips together a ridiculous number of times - I guess that's where the claims of it being water-resistant kick in.

I'm amazed at just how moisturising this is, it's feels nice on my lips and isn't drying at all.
It even lasted through a glass of apple juice. Sure, it left an imprint on the glass but my gloss didn't budge and with a smack of the lips was back on form once more.

Unlike MAC lipglasses, it doesn't go all "bitsy" on my lips 20 minutes after application either, leaving that unsightly white line of gunk on my inner lip which I detest.

See how pigmented it is when initially swatched

It's pricy at £21, but if you choose the right shade(s) then I reckon your usage will balance the price out (well, that's one way of justifying the splurge). Hourglass is stocked at Sephora (Who knew?! Shows how much I'm NOT paying attention when I'm in there) and the lipglosses actually work out to be around £17, so if you're flying stateside any time soon ...ahem, I'm just saying!

Siren wouldn't have been my first choice of shade but I'm sold on these and am keen to swatch some of the other colours which are more up my street. I'm glad I had a chance to try this out beforehand, because had I splashed out on it and hated it, I would have been very, very annoyed! For those of you who love a strong lip, this shade will look amazing worn with a killer LBD this Christmas. Anyway, enough of me rambling on, check them out for yourself and make your own mind up.

Hourglass products can be found online at
Zuneta. Meanwhile my Zuneta wishlist is building up nicely for 2010!

Oh before I forget, on the back of the postcard I received was a 10% discount code off first purchases. Enter promotional code Z8641 as you checkout.

Have you tried these lipglosses? Do you have any other Hourglass or product recs from the brands sold on Zuneta? Lemme know!

5 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Sarah said...

I like the sound of the profiling on Zuneta - might have to try it for myself. I keep hearing about Hourglass too - that has to wait til I get a better job though because it's clearly a potential bankrupter of a line.

Liparazzi said...

I have tried the Hourglass lipglosses before from Zuneta and I really liked the product. Zuneta is such a great website with really helpful things like The Clinic. The 'staff' are really friendly and helpful which is rare nowadays. There's a real personal touch to it all.

Lina said...

Great review, I was surprisingly pleased with it too! Although, deffo not heavily applied on it's own, really needs a liner atleast to 'keep' it in. The brush was so tricksy trying to demonstrate it strongly worn for my review without any other products! But amazingly it did stay in place, once applied. xx

mizzworthy said...

I really love the Zuneta site, and I've been singing its praises for ages - The people running it also love honest reviews, which is great! I really love this colour gloss, and I like the hourglass glosses in general - they smell lovely, and have a really pretty metallic sheen to them...

K-HART said...

I may have to check out the Zuneta website not like I can afford to buy any make up at presnt (sigh!!)

Siren worn full on looks HAWT- traffic blocking!


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