Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm still shattered from my action-packed day yesterday, which involved an impromptu visit to Thorpe Park. The training I moaned about having to do on Friday only lasted just over an hour so my friend and I had the rest of the day to enjoy. We also did some serious gallivanting, driving all over West London and beyond trying to track down a friends house - we eventually found it!

I've got neck pains from one of the rides and my body aches as if I've done a high powered workout. My throat still hurts from all my screaming too LOL The weather was gorgeous yesterday and I've also got a serious tan all down my left arm where it was resting on the window in the car for about 4 hours.

I've had a really lazy day today and I'm not about to get active now. I've have stayed out of the sun completely as I've had a really serious reaction all around my lips after being in the sun for so long as a result of the previous reaction I suffered to a face cream back in March. My skin's really sore and dry and I'm freaking out!!!!!!!

I'm a typical Leo, therefore always conscious of what I look like and having a clowns mouth really isn't appealing
at the best of times! I'll be on the phone to the doctors first thing in the morning. Anyway to take my mind of my poor mouth I'll be curled up in bed this evening, TV on in the background, reading Glamour and eating Oreos with a glass of ice cold milk. Yum!

I've gotten back into reading Glamour lately after buying the last 2 issues and finding a million and one things I liked. I haven't bought a fashion mag for ages, preferring to just throw outfits together as and when I see them in the shops.

I need a whole new Summer wardrobe so the inspiration's coming in handy. Hope you've all enjoyed your weekends and my UK girls have been basking in the sunshine (wearing the necessary SPF) and looking gorgeous. I've seen too many sunburnt women over the past 24 hours and the lobster look is NOT sexy!

Highs/Lows of the day

Friday, May 29, 2009

  • My gorgeous boyf made the fatal mistake of mentioning that he's been looking at engagement rings for the past couple of weeks and asked if I 'like' this one (Yeah, just a bit!!!!!!!!!!!). As a result I've been bouncing off the ceiling since 5am. I think he regrets opening his mouth now cos I've freaked out more than he could ever imagine I would!
  • Finally having an eye test done today, because I AM BLIND and really should be wearing glasses given how much time I spend in front of a computer screen! (Funny how I can spot a MAC counter from any distance though, isn't it?).
  • My body clock is finally back to normal and I'm getting a full nights sleep once again.
  • My tattoo has healed up really nicely. I was paranoid it'd get infected. My Mum still doesn't know about it though!
  • Received lots of beauty goodies in the post this week. Happy days!
  • Eating too much Crunchy Nut Clusters cereal last night has had me in the and out of the bathroom all morning! Nice.
  • Got a long day ahead of me tomorrow. I'm invigilating an exam next weekend and can think of better things to be doing than the training on what's gonna be a nice sunny day. Still, I'll be £250 better off for a day's work and I'll have a friend with me for company as she's doing it too, so I guess it could be worse.
  • Had a very bad experience at the hairdressers this week. I have a lovely girl who comes to my house and does my hair but I went to a salon nearby as she's getting married on Saturday and will no doubt have more important things to do. I was given the worst service I've ever experienced in my life at this salon and even had to tell the manager off. That complaint letter is gonna be dealt with!
  • As nice as the weather is, I'm worried that the horrible heat reaction I've suffered from for the past 2 Summers is gonna flair up on my fingers again. I need to book a doc appt asap as I can see teeny signs of it.

Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronze collection

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The bronzed, sunkissed beauty theme continues with the latest Bobbi Brown collection to land at counters.

This new Summer collection boasts illuminating bronze powders in 6 shades, a
shimmerbrick designed for the body and a new shade of the SP15 all over bronzing gel.

The Illuminating Bronzing Powder, smooth and lightweight is smoothly applied and gives the skin a soft, natural sheen.

Available in shades:

  • Antigua
  • Bali Brown
  • Maui
  • Barbados Tan
  • Aruba
  • Bahamas

Bobbi's unique Bronzer's gel base gives the complexion an instant, healthy, natural tan. In addition, it protects the skin with SPF 15.

New shade:
Golden Sun

Check out the promo look being created here

You can also view the collection here in its entirety on the U.S site where it's available to purchase. However fear not UK beauty addicts, it's due out in the UK in July.

Hmm I think I'll check out the powders. It won't hurt to look!

Royal Mail - update!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hurrah! Just a quick update to say that my packages arrived today and I FINALLY have my Beauty Bible goodies, aswell as a load of other beauty treats! I'll do some reviews on some of the products I was sent over the next couple of weeks.

The British postal service has redeemed itself ..this time.

Review: Origins Modern Friction

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to use: Two to three times a week, scoop onto fingertips and massage over dry, clean skin in circular motions. For sensitive skin, massage over damp skin. Add a splash of water and work into a gentle lather. Rinse well. Follow with appropriate tonic.

I love giving my skin a pick me up and it's important to have a smooth base for my make up. I went on the search for a new exfoliator/scrub and after reading a few recommendations I bought Modern Friction last Summer and I've been hooked ever since.

My skin has been very sensitive lately and I'm still suffering from dry patches around my mouth caused by an allergic reaction to a face cream I used back in March! I've been using Modern Friction 3 times a week to keep the flaky skin under control and I'm pleased that it's doing the job nicely.

The consistency and texture of the scrub is like a paste - similar to a really good cake mix. You can still feel the exfoliating particles in the scrub but it doesn't tear my skin to shreds like St Ives scrub does. In comparison to Modern Friction I find this to be way too harsh for me. It literally leaves my brown face pink after I've used it! Not a good look.

It's suggested that you use Modern Friction on dry skin, but I've always preferred to dampen mine a little before application - even prior to my skin's sensitivity. I tend to use this in the shower so I have as much water to hand as possible as washing it off at the sink can take a bit of work as it doesn't rinse off easily. I then use my cleanser with a facial brush to remove the last traces of dead skin and remove my makeup.

The scent is bearable with whiffs of peppermint and bergamot, depending on how strong your sense of smell is. it can easily become a little overpowering and
I'm not bowled over by the smell but as I say it's bearable.

I've noticed a distinct improvement in my skin since I started using this. It's contributed to the fading of old spot scars and leaves my skin super smooth. I break out far less than I used to and I know that when I do it's only because I've been touching my face too much with dirty fingers or I've been lazy and have slept in my make up! I actually look forward to using it in my skincare routine because I'm guaranteed results after every use.

I won't lie, it's pricey but you only need a little bit and I've had my tub since August and there's still quite a lot of product left so it's paying for itself gradually. This is the 2nd Origins product that I've purchased (the first being Never A Dull Moment scrub - I LOVE this too!!) and I will definitely make a repeat purchase. I'd probably scour Ebay to see if I could find it cheaper first but if that failed then I would buy this again full price as this has now become one of my HG products as it works so well for me.


Where can I find it?
Origins, Large Boots stores (also online) and major department stores.

I've been tagged: What are YOU using right now?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So whilst trawling through the dozens of beauty blogs that I follow I came across this post on Weekend Luxury by Olivia, in which she'd tagged all her followers. I thought it's be fun to fill out as I love answering questionnaires like this.


Shampoo - Aphogee Deep Moisture shampoo

Conditioner - Aphogee Keratin 2 minute Reconstructor

Hair Mask - Pantene Women of Color Breakage Defense mask/Motions Critical Protection & Repair.

Styling Products - Fudge Hair Varnish, Aphogee Gloss Therapy, Elasta QP Mango Butter moisturiser. I also have approx 5 hair greases for my scalp on the go!


Body Wash - Naked body wash and shower scrub

Body Moisturiser - Vaseline cocoa butter (brown tub)

Deodorant - Mitchum

Fake Tan - N/A


Make up Remover - Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover (Clinique Take Off The Day dupe)

Cleanser - Neutrogena foaming cleanser

Exfoliator - Origins Modern Friction

Mask - Queen Helene's Mud Pack Masque, Elemis Enzyme Peel


Primer - N/A

Foundation - MUFE HD, Revlon Colorstay, MUFE Mat on rotation.

Concealer - MAC Select cover up

Powder - MAC blot powder, Bobbi Brown loose powder (for under eyes)

Blush - Too many! MAC Raizin, Blushbaby, Sunbasque, Loverush, Nars Luster, Taj Mahal, Lovejoy, Luster. Oh I could go on all day!!!

Bronzer - Haven't tested my Wet n Wild and Black Radiance ones out yet and have a Stila one on the way.

Highlighter - MAC MSF, NARS Albatross

Eyeshadow base - UDPP (Original and Sin)

Eyeshadow - MAC Soft Brown for my 'Can't be bothered but I want something on my lids" face

Eyeliner - I'm loving MAC Orpheus right now.

Curler - Shu Uemura (when I remember to use them)

Mascara - Maybelline Colossal, Chanel Inimitable (waterproof), Estee Lauder Sumptuous on rotation.

Lipstick - MAC Siss, MAC Wuss

Gloss - At the moment, Revlon Super Lustrous lipglosses, MAC Fulfilled, C-Thru and Amber Russe.

Nail Varnish - My faves @ the mo are Orly Country Club Khaki, Essie Greenport and old fave OPI Cherry Chutney

I tag Miss Virtue, The Makeup Snob, Rai, Sofrolushes, Milan Rouge and Dolce Vanity and all my other beautyilicous readers.

What have you guys been using lately?

Do NOT get me started ...Royal Mail!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I order and buy things online all the time. Clothes, make up, books, electricals - you name it I've probably bought it at some point from a variety of websites.

I've been using Ebay since 2001 and I probably had approx 12 packages a week arriving for me at the height of my new found addiction. I've calmed down quite a bit since then, but every now and then I'll have an Ebay splurge and a deluge of packages will swing their way to me once again and then I may not use it again for weeks.

I look forward to receiving my parcels, especially if I'm waiting for an item I've been dying to get my holds on. Therefore I don't appreciate my postman leaving me 'Sorry You Were Out' cards when I'm very clearly at home!

Last week I waited patiently for 2 packages. On the day of their expected arrival I made sure I kept an eye out for the postman as luckily (or so I thought) I was home that day so there was no way I'd miss them - wrong! *sighs*

That day the postman didn't come at his usual time so I kept an eye out for at least a good hour and then went back to my daily business. I was still at home, so tell me why, when I went to pop out did I have 2 cards in the porch left by the postman?!! He didn't ring the doorbell, I'd made sure my bedroom door was open so I'd hear it. He just assumed nobody was home and filled in the cards. I was fuming. The phone at my local sorting office is hardly ever answered and making a trip there to pick them up was out of the question.

My bedroom is right at the top of the house and sometimes it's hard to hear the doorbell. If I'm playing music loudly, forget it - I can't hear sh*t! If I'm expecting things I make a point of sticking my head out of the window every 5 mins so I can spot when the postie is walking up on the other side of the street, so I can get ready for him to make his way down my side.

On this occasion I ended up filling in a redelivery form online - but guess what? They didn't show up on the day I chose. F.U.M.I.N.G! i couldn't be assed to ring them on Friday morning and thought I'd leave it til after the bank holiday to sort this fiasco out.

This isn't the first time this has happened. I caught him in the act a couple of months ago filling in a 'Sorry, you were out ..." card as I went to open the door for him that day. He started stuttering and blushed saying he'd rung the bell but nobody has answered. Liar!!!

Don't mess with my deliveries. It's your job to deliver, so bloody deliver! It's not as if the stuff I order weighs a friggin' tonne and is gonna do your back in!

So this morning a miracle happened when I called my sorting office, a member of staff actually answered the phone! I was so shocked, I started tripping over my words! I was even told that another package is there for me - WHO EVEN KNEW?!!!! I suspect that this third mysterious package may be my Beauty Bible goodies. I was told by them that delivery was attempted by Royal Mail the day before I left for NY. That's news to me as I didn't even receive a flippin' card this time round and how many weeks ago was that?!!!

Even though the guy I spoke to has given me his word they'll be with me in the morning, I'm still a bit dubious.

They better show up or somebody is gonna GET IT tomorrow!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me...

Review: Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss

Sunday, May 24, 2009

These have been out for a few years now but I only recently discovered them a couple of months ago as I began my quest to discover some high street gems. Initially I came across a blog (can't remember for the life of me what it was called now), but the writer had posted a FOTD and her lipgloss of choice was Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss in Wild About Violet. It looked gorgeous and that was it, I was sold!

I've acquired quite a few of them, mostly through Ebay at really cheap prices. Brand new and sealed too, I might add.

The colours provide sheer to medium colour payoff which can be built up by adding additional coats. The consistency is smooth on application and makes for a lovely daytime lipgloss. I don't find these lipglosses drying on my lips like the MAC lipglasses can be at times and they give a really nice natural shine.

They last pretty well, though will generally need reapplying after meals. The packaging is sleek and makes the gloss look far more expensive that it is too.

They're great for layering over lipsticks too without shifting your lip colour and make a lovely addition to a Summer (or Winter) make up look as they don't feel heavy on the lips at all. An added bonus is that they also come with SPF15.

These are the shades I own:

1st row: Frankly Scarlet, Cherries in the Glow, Berry Wild, Glossy Rose, Wild about Violet

2nd row: Shine City (basically a shiny top coat with silver shimmer), Tickled Pink, Le Chic Peach, Life's a Peach, Toast to Shine.

3rd row: High Beam Tan, Coffee Gleam

They come in about 8 different shades instore but you can easily find lots of LE/discontinued shades on Ebay.

Tip: Wild About Violet looks divine over lilac lipsticks so all the MAC Lavender Whip fans need this shade in their lives!

Price £6.35
Where can I find them? Boots, Superdrug

Time to ditch the cake!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I think I've put on about 30lbs in 3 wks. It's so easy to stuff my face every time I go to NY. Food is everywhere telling me to eat it!! I spend 15 minutes picking out a friggin breakfast cereal cos I'm so overwhelmed by the choice - it's insane!!!

I totally understand why some people are the size of houses. Other than the fact that they're just greedy mo'fo's, where else on the planet can you get such huge portions of food for the price of a lipgloss!

I'm no better when I'm at home though. My local Chinese know my voice before I even place my order! *cringe* I'm not gonna lie, I just love food!!!!! If it tastes good, it's in my mouth! My eating habits aren't the best, I skip breakfast most of the time and will graze on sweet things all day. Arrrgh!

Because I'm tall my weight distributes itself, but I know if I were say 5ft4 I'm look even huger than I am now. I'm curvy (but I'm also now fat) and whilst I like the fact that I have boobs and a bum, I just prefer how I looked when I didn't have this "excess". Enough's enough! I'm gonna set myself a realistic target of 21lbs to lose and see where I go from there. Summer's just around the corner and if I cut down the crap and exercise the I can lose a few pounds so I'm not reduced to running around like a sweating onion for the next few months in the Summer sun!

Reality show alert - The Rachel Zoe project

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Really (no, that's REALLY is the name of the channel) launched on May 19th aimed at women aged 18-35. It promotes itself as a lifestyle channel and can be found on Sky channel 248 and on Virgin Media on 267.

It hosts a variety of reality shows that have been moved from BBC3 such as Bank of Mum & Dad, Mary, Queen Of Shops and The Baby Borrowers as well as a range of new shows. I'm only really interested in one which caught my eye on the promo advert that I just spotted. The Rachel Zoe Project. I think this was aired last Summer stateside, but hey, we finally got there in the end!

Rachel Zoe (pronounced "Zo") is best known as fashion stylist to the stars and ex-stylist of Nicole Ritchie. Nicole promptly fired Zoe in 2006 after claiming she "wanted to surround herself with positive people and influences". Rumours were rife at the time that Zoe gave pharmaceuticals to "her girls" and encouraged their stick-think figures so they could fit into samples she received from designers.

The finger was also pointed directly at Zoe for Ritchies waif-like frame and a war of words later ensued between the two which had Ritchie accuse Zoe of having an eating disorder, not her (Erm, course you didn't Nicole)
. Anyway fast forward to 2009 and they've since reconciled and Nicole is in a much better state of health.

Whatever you may think of her, you can't knock her hustle - she does what she does and she does it well! Nicole Ritchie has a lot to thank her for cos we all know from early episodes of The Simple Life that Nicole's "style" left a LOT to be desired!

Rachel Zoe & Nicole Ritchie in happier (or were they??) times together.

The show follows Zoe dressing A-listers, rubbing shoulders with fashion royalty, lots of fake air-kissing and blowing her own trumpet. I'm a reality show whore and being a fashion lover this show is "sky plus, series link moment" for me.

The show is on weekdays at 11pm, but they're running the weeks episodes back to back from 6pm this evening. I'm feeling a bit under the weather, my Sat night plans have been scrapped so I may just indulge myself for a few hours.

Happy viewing.

Beyonce's latest film - Obsessed.

Friday, May 22, 2009

I just saw a trailer for Beyonce's latest cinematic offering, which spurred me to type up this post. I forgot it's not been released over here yet. It's not too late to stop the UK release altogether is it?!

Obsessed to put it simply is Fatal Attraction all over again. This time it's a successful black couple being targeted by a delusional blonde - that's all.

I went to see this with the Mr 3 weeks ago. we were both aware after seeing the trailer that the entire storyline had been depicted to us quite clearly in 90 seconds flat but off we went one Sunday night to go and see it anyway.

I still can't put my finger on where I've seen Ali Carter before, but she plays her role very well. Her actions even rose a laugh out of the audience a couple of times. Maybe, like me they were just laughing at just how ridiculous the plot was getting as the minutes ticked by.

As a vocal artist I do love me some Beyonce and many a drunken evening with the girls has included the Get Me Bodied dance at some stage. With the exception of 'Work It Out', 'Bootylicious', 'If I Was A Boy' and 'Halo', I've either liked or loved every other DC or solo track that she's released as a single. She knows how to bang out a classic track that'll have everybody shocking out in the clubs but as an actress I'm just not feeling her.

Hasn't she made enough money already?! She's everywhere!!! Isn't it about that time in her career that she takes a break, goes and has a baby or just chills and enjoys her millions?! Usher disappears every couple of years, then comes back with a wicked track, drops a killer album and then goes off to chill in his hilltop mansion again.

Beyonce, B, Fierce One or whatever it is you want to be known as these days, take note!

I swear since she stormed onto the scene when I was about 17 she's constantly been in my face!!

Idris Elba you'll recognise (or maybe you won't) from The Wire and American Gangster and he's tolerable and acts as eye candy for his adoring fans, though there's one scene which made me seriously question his acting ability. It was so bad I thought it was an out-take that had accidentally been put in! The fact that he's my friend's cousin bears no difference to my opinion. This film won't be winning any Oscars!

The last 10 minutes of the film had me rolling my eyes so hard I almost gave myself a headache. Perhaps like me when you see the advert on TV you'll think "Hmmm, ok it's predictable, but it looks like it might be good" and off you'll trot to the cinema too. Don't say I didn't warn you.

New York haulage

Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm back from visiting the boy in New York and I'm still in a bit of a gloomy daze. I'm always like this for about 2 weeks after I get back - a combination of jetlag (I've been falling asleep at 4am all week!) and missing him terribly.

This long distance shizzle is bloody hard work at times! I hate airports and I hate goodbyes. I really thought I'd get through the gate without crying this time but as we walked towards it and I saw everybody saying their goodbyes to loved ones, I crumbled and started bawling! When I cry, it's not pretty. My face resembles a pumpkin in a matter of seconds.

Anyway I digress, I'm back in Blighty surrounded by lots of new goodies to add to the collection and thought I'd share my buys with you.

I've already done a post on the
few MAC bits I bought along with the first part of my NYX order In typical fashion, the 2nd part arrived the day after I left *rolls eyes* and the third part is being packed at the warehouse as I type. On a brighter note, at least I have things to look forward to in the post now :-)

So onto the haulage! First up ...

Estee Lauder Limited Edition Bronze Goddess Sand & Sea eyeshadow palette. I'm really glad I bought this as I'd ummed and ahhhed over it when my MU partner in crime Miss Virtue told me the colour pay off wasn't that great. The tester had been STOLEN (why would you want to steal a palette that's had everybody's manky, swine-flu infected fingers all over it?!! Anyway ...) from the EL counter in Macys when I went to get it so I only had YT videos and photos I'd seen online to go by.

The colours are really pigmented. I swatched them using UDPP underneath and my Macro Focus doesn't capture half the vibrancy I can see with the naked eye.

I've been 'collecting' Revlon Super Lustrous lipglosses for the past couple of months now and I think I've got all the shades I want. I picked up Shine City, Life's A Peach (which I've been looking for, forever) and Le Chic Peach.

Milani nail lacquer - Lemongello. A nice sunny shimmery yellow which will look nice when Summer's in full effect (are we getting a Summer this year btw??).

I found this cheap neon yellow nail polish in a beauty supply store (what my friends and I call 'a hair shop' over here). It disappointingly dried matte but I'm hoping that'll change when I use CND's Super Shiney top coat over it.

Another pair of Tweezermans. I never get round to sending them off to be resharpened!

Palmer's dark chocolate & peppermint lip butter (can't wait to eat, I mean try this!)
Burt's Bees honey lip balm and the regular version.

Black Radiance sheer blush in Ruby Treasures

Black Radiance mosaic bronzer

Black Radiance sheer blush in Plum Sorbet.

I placed an order with before I left and it was waiting for me when I arrived.
Top row: Essie Clutch Me If You Can, Sexy Dive, Shorty Pants (LOVE this), GreenPort (LOVE this), Protein base coat
Bottom row: China Glaze Who's Wearing What, Fairy Dust, Orly Country Club Khaki (LOVE this) and Creative Super Shiney.

Duo eyelash glue in black

Ardell lash growth accelerator - cheap as chips and I wanted to see if it worked. Talika Lipocils has defintely worked for me so far.

Finally from Transdesign I also bought Healthy Hoof protein treatment. I decided to get this instead of Solarbalm as I've read a lot about it and it's been used for years to strengthen and condition horses hooves and has been found to do the same on human nails. My nails could do with strengthening so I'm looking forward to testing this out.

(oh it's that pesky neon polish making an appearance again)
Revlon Colorstay foundation. For some reason Revlon UK seem to think all black people come in one shade so finding Caramel is near impossible to find over here! How odd is it that the same shade comes in different tones for different skin types - yet they both match me. Weird. weird. weird!

L'oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black

Vitamin E oil (70,ooo i.u) - I currently use this. so bought another bottle. The higher the i.u, the more effective the oil.

Wet n Wild Ultimate Minerals bronzer - 167 Amber Glow

Sephora perfume atomiser - I don't like carrying large bottles of perfume around with me so thought this would be handy to have.

Sephora professional flat brush #42 - fab for precise highlighter/blusher application. It's super duper soft too.

I needed a new double sharpener so that came home with me too.

Nars Luster
Nars Albatross (Finally! Been wanting to get this for aaaaaaaaaages!)

Sephora lash placement kit - helps you fix your falsies in place.

Neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser - started using it out there and was impressed so bought a couple more bottles.

Cetaphil moisturiser - wanted to see what all the fuss was about. It's a nice moisturiser for dry skin, nothing earth-stopping about it but it's nice and does the job without making your skin feel really greasy which I do like. Again I started using it out there in case it turned out be crap so I could take it back.

Elasta QP mango butter moisturiser - I use this all the time for my hair whenever it's relaxed, the smell is gorgeous.

Pantene for women of color. Breakage defense deep conditioning mask. I've read a lot about this so when I spotted it in a beauty supply store (or 'hair shop' as they're referred to over here) , I snapped it up.

Benefit Gilded Tangerine Gold highlighter pencil (forgot to snap this and I can't be assed to dig everything out again so a promo pic will have to do).

Thanks to the jaw-droppingly gorgeous
Milan Rouge who recc'ed this and also the Black Radiance Plum Sorbet blush. I'm looking forward to using this.

These tops from Urban Outfitters

Some more 'I luv NY' fitted tees to add to the ones I already have. I've become a bit obsessed with picking them up in every colour ever made!

Somebody posted on Specktra that Ashley Stewart was selling the 'Style Warrior' earrings. I didn't need to be told twice to go and get them as I was still kicking myself for not picking them up in Chinatown last Summer. They're huuuuuuge! Love 'em.

I bought the 'coin' earrings from Forever 21.

I love Chinatown/Canal Street for the costume jewellery that can be found. I don't appreciate paying hiked up prices in Topshop or Miss Selfridge so always raid C-Town before flying home.

I LOVE my new rings - love 'em!! The black, white and green one - I've never seen anything like it on my travels so am super pleased about that one. The flash on my camera has made the coral cocktail ring look orange - nevermind!

The lady I bought them from recognised me from buying from her in January and gave me a really good price after we haggled a bit.

I always make Richaud haggle for me now cos I'm convinced some sellers take the pee when they hear a foreign accent and raise the price to something ridiculous that they wouldn't offer an American citizen. It worked cos I got the lot for £21! B.A.R.G.A.I.N! Topshop would charge you £10-£15 per ring! Tsk!

I'm really pleased with the bits I bought. I don't think I did too badly considering how crap the exchange rate is now. I made sure everything I bought was stuff I really wanted so there's no chance of them gathering dust.

I wish I could say that this'll be my last beauty splurge for a while, but I'd be lying to myself. I already have a list of approx 15 'must have' products to buy that'll be popping up in future posts ;-)

I got "inked"!

Monday, May 18, 2009

I've been umming and ahhhng for the past few months (years even) about getting a tattoo, but have always chickened out.

I'm a big (HUGE) SATC fan. I've watched every single episode, know the movie script off by heart and without fail cry at the same scenes over and over again (sad, I know). When I went on the SATC tour with my friend last Summer we almost passed out with excitement standing outside Carrie's apartment. We were told we weren't allowed to take pics of Carrie's apartment as it was trespassing or some nonsense, but we sneaked away from the tour group and snapped away to our hearts content. You're crazy if you think I'm paying $25 or how much it was we paid only to be told I can't take a damn picture of the highlight of the tour!!

Remember that scene in the film (see pic) where Carrie and Big are in bed together and she's reading Love Letters Of Great Men and reads Beethoven's love letter to his "Immortal Beloved"? Well the final quote of "Ever thine, Ever mine, Ever ours" made a huge impression on me and I think it's so romantic.

Anyway Chaud and I always switch it and say "Ever Mine ..." . A couple of mths ago I was thinking about what I could have tattooed that I wouldn't look back on in 20 years and think "Urgh" and the quote came to me. It signifies 3 of my big (no pun intended) loves - Richaud, New York City and Sex And The City - aren't I clever? LOL

I decided to get the placement done on my lower back and the font I wanted to be fairly classic looking.

Well I finally bit the bullet and got it done last Friday. We went (Chaud got another one done too) to Black Ink Gallery, which recently featured in reality show Harlem Heights. It's only a short walking distance from Chaud's parents house so he'd noticed it when it first opened. It also homes various artwork from local artists which is mounted on the walls and available to purchase which is pretty cool.

"Puma", one of the owners was emailing me bk and forth with info before we went in to check the place out.

Nothing and nobody could have prepared me for the pain I felt. 5 mins into it I started sweating profusely, my mouth went really dry and I felt faint. I think my body must have gone into shock as the needle etched away as I was rambling and talking utter shit and demanding Chaud get me a bottle of water out of my bag - there was no bottle in my bag!
Chaud held my hands from start to finish and was my knight in shining armour cos I'm telling you I'd probably have given up and had "Eve ...." etched on my back if it wasn't for him!!

I thought the pain would never end. So many people said "Oh it doesn't hurt that much". The only person who was real with me was Chaud's sister who simply said "A tatt on your lower back will fuck you up". She was speaking from experience and I should have listened a lil' harder.

The guy who did my tatt, Mike was amazing. So, so professional and he kept me as calm as he could.

The mad thing is that as soon as he finished and I looked in the mirror, I decided I wanted to have it extended a lil' with a bit of fancy swirlage. I'm also planning my next (and final one) which will be on my inner wrist. That shouldn't hurt as much as my back...I hope.

I love the way it turned out and it was worth the pain. It's gonna look wicked when I have the extra bits added onto it.

This pic was papped just after the bandage was taken off and it was all shiny (sore) and new. Excuse my undies on show!!

I guess what they say about tattoos being addictive despite the pain, has an air of truth about it cos you'd have thought I was giving birth with my groaning and gurning and Chaud wiping my brow saying "Keep going" every 5 mins. I'm such a drama queen!

MAC Euristocrats II - July/August 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I think this is a nice collection for late Summer. There's something for everyone if you look hard enough.

I love the contrast of lip colour/gloss in the promo pic.


  • Costa Chic - frosty light coral
  • Naked Paris - sheer pink brown with multi-dimensional pearl
  • Patisserie - sheer creamy neutral pink
  • Milan Mode - sheer deep pink with multi-dimensional pearl
  • London Life - sheer deep berry with multi-dimensional pearl
  • Saint Germain - clean pastel pink
  • Cockney - sheer yellow red with multi-dimensional pearl

We're being spoilt with yet more Dazzleglasses and I feel the very least I can do is purchase the new LE ones. It's only fair ;-)

  • Date Night - Soft blue purple with pearl
  • Euro Beat - peach coral with gold pearl
  • Internationalist - yellow pink with blue pearl
  • Local Colour - neutral yellow pink with gold pearl
  • Roman Holiday - medium brown coral with pink pearl
  • Rue d'Rouge - light red with pink pearl
  • Via Veneto - light violet with blue pearl

Lip pencil
  • Magenta - vivid pinkish-purple
  • Cherry - vivid bight blueish-red
  • Subculture - underground pink
  • Whirl - dirty rose

The lipsticks are all repromotes and I wanna swatch Patisserie and Milan Mode for myself.

Lustre finish lipsticks don't show up the best but are great for using under lipgloss so they have a purpose even for those with pigmented lips.

Thanks to Tempalia for the lowdown once again. (I still can't believe Christine who runs that site is only 22! Give that girl a medal, a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood - something!).

MAC Baby Bloom collection

Friday, May 15, 2009

MAC win the award for "Most collections in a lifetime that'll leave you broke and destitute" hands down. So far this year we've had:

Brunette Blonde Redhead (Jan 09)
Creme Team (Feb 09)
Well Defined (Feb 09)
Hello Kitty (Feb 09)
Hello Kitty Couture (Mar 09)
Grand Duos (Mar 09)
Viva Glam VI Special Edition (Mar 09)
Sugar Sweet (Mar 09)
Color Ready (Apr 09)
Double Dazzle (Apr 09)
A Rose Romance (Apr 09)
Style Warriors (May 09)

Oh, not to mention that Naked Honey is released next month! Sometimes I'm thankful we get collections a lil' later in the UK.

Soooooo it's come to my attention that yet another collection has been unveiled by the wonders at MAC HQ.
Baby Bloom will be hitting stores on July 30th stateside (MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!) and in August everywhere else.

The collection consists of tinted moisturisers and 'liquid' lip balms - sounds and looks quite boring IMO, though I am intrigued to see whether one of the tinted moisturisers could work for me as I don't mind the coverage I get from MAC Select Tint which I use in extreme hot weather.

Studio Moisture Tint SPF15
  • Light - Soft pale beige
  • Medium - Warm beige
  • Medium Dark - Caramel beige
  • Deep - Dark caramel
  • Deep Dark - Rich golden bronze

Suntints SPF20 Liquid Lip Balm

  • Just A Smidge - Soft, pastel yellow with multi-coloured pearl
  • Lilt Of Lily - Soft, creamy pale pink
  • Pink Tinge - Clean bright yellow-pink with gold pearl
  • Full Of Grace - Soft sheer rose
  • Moist Plum - Light lilac with very fine pearl

It's a shame I have no excitement whatsoever at all for this collection, but then again, financially, I think this works out for the best! ;-)

Thanks to Temptalia which broke the news first.

MAC Style Warriors preview

Friday, May 15, 2009

I went along to the Style Warriors preview on Tuesday night. It was pretty much how I thought it'd be. Lots of manic women hustling and bustling to get to the testers with staff doing their best to attend to everybody within a reasonable timeframe.

We were offered drinks and canapes which were a nice touch. I didn't take my camera along and regretted it as soon as I arrived but Erin (whose blog is fabulosity personified), went along to her local preview night and her pics pretty much sum up what I saw. Take a look here

I don't like crowds in small spaces (who does?) and MAC stores aren't spacious at the best of times when they get busy, so I made a hasty exit after about 10 mins as I wasn't allowed to use my discount and I couldn't get a MUA to serve me for anything else as it was so crowded.

I definitely know what I want from the collection now:

Sun Rush lustre drops
Purple Rite l/s
Tribalist l/s
Bright Future e/s (I don't think I need another yellow e/s, but I really liked it when I swatched it)
Night Manoeuvres e/s
Eversun beauty powder blush
On A Mission beauty powder blush

Hmmm that's quite a lot. In my head I thought my list had actually gotten shorter. Oh well.

MAC attack

Friday, May 15, 2009

I've bought a few things at MAC, but not a lot. The exchange rate is shit and the savings on MAC, Nars et al that used to be one of the highlights of my stateside trips are no more. You save about $1 and some change per MAC item at the moment. Rubbish.

Saying that, I'm incapable of walking past a MAC store and not buying ANYTHING so here's what I have bought so far (I may get some more DG's tomorrow, though my original plan was to just get the LE ones that I wanted and the rest whenever as they've been made permanent now).

I picked up Stop! Look! and Goldyrocks. I wasn't keen on Utterly Posh, the SA who served me tried her hardest to convince me to get it but I thought it was too o
rangey for me and I'm not one of those people who buy things "cos it's MAC and LE" for the sake of it. If I can't use it, then why the hell is it in my possession?!

As I went to pay I handed over my Pro card and was busy nattering with an old school friend who happens to be in NY at the mo too, when the MA piped up:

MA: "Are you a make up artist?"
Me: "Nope"
MA; "Actress?"
Me: "Nope"
MA: "Dancer?"
Me: "Nope"
MA: "Where you work at?"
Me: "Why?"
MA: "You from London, right?"
Me: "Yeaaaaaah"
MA: "So if you none of those things how did you get the Pro card????!!"
ME: "I got it at the IMATS a few mths back - Pro were signing up anybody and everybody"

At this point, the MUA's eyeing me up suspiciously and I started to get a bit irritated aswell as confused. What was the issue? I have a Pro Card. It's legit. I wanna pay for my purchases and leave - end of. Meanwhile, my friend is watching this exchange of words somewhat bemused behind her sunglasses.

She'd never heard of the IMATS *sigh*, so I had to tell her all about an event that happened annually and internationally in her own profession. She then asked if I was going to The Make Up Show and totally warmed up towards me again (strange woman). Annoyingly I won't be in NY for The Make Up show (it takes place this Sunday and Monday), but I'm sure as hell gonna be here for it next year!

Last week I managed to get one of the last 2 Love & Friendship polishes from Rose Romance. Thank you to Bethanny in the Harlem MAC store who put it on hold for me for 2 days (when will UK MUA's ever put LE stuff on hold for more than a day for you??!). It's a lovely shade of mid tone pinky-purple.

I also bought:

Springsheen (sheertone shimmer) blusher

Ruby Woo (matte) lipstck
109 brush

I'm loving all things peachy and glowy at the moment and with Summer around the corner (well hopefully we'll get a Summer in the UK this year), a peachy, sunkissed fresh faced look is one I wanna rock a lot over the warmer months.


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