Highs/Lows of the week

Friday, July 31, 2009

  • The boy and I celebrated our anniversary this week - cue lots of lovely dovey transatlantic mush down the phone. Aww he's so lovely I can't wait to see him again!
  • I'm looking forward to buying lots of lovely A/W clothes now that the new collections are trickling into stores and online
  • I got a call this morning telling me I'd got the job I went for! Result!
  • A cheque I'd been waiting for, for almost 2 mths arrived yesterday- on my b'day! Yeah baby!
  • A part time course i want to do still has places available and I have an interview with the course tutor next week. I'm positive it'll go well.
  • Meeting up with some fellow blogging chicks this weekend, should be a fun afternoon.
  • I managed to track down some of my wishlist LE beauty items this week for amazing prices - yay for blog and Specktra sales!
  • Goodies from The Body Shop were waiting for me when I got home this evening. They gave me the choice of picking some products I wanted as a b'day pressie after seeing all my b'day tweets yesterday! How nice of them was that??
  • My skin's improved somewhat since I did my 3rd DIY glycolic peel at home on Wed night. The breakout around my chin has improved a lot.

  • Beauty blogging is making me spend way more than usual on make up - not good! *sighs*
  • Gonna miss a friend's b'day party as it falls on the weekend I'll be in NY. I know I'll be missing a good one and will have to make do with looking at the Facebook pics :-(
No other 'lows' for a change!

Happy Birthday to ME!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

So today is my birthday (guess how old I am! Actually on second thoughts, don't! Hehe) and I've not really been in the mood to go all out and celebrate in my usual manner much to my friends bewilderment and frustration. I think everybody was secretly hoping for a repeat performance this weekend of me being sprawled across the pavement in Central London in a drunken state again but I don't want any fuss this year and am quite happy not having to stress about what to wear on my 'big night out' for a change. I think the crap weather may be a factor too, the sun is usually BEAMING on my b-day, but I've had to make do with torrential downpours and a nippy breeze instead!

I went to see The 'Rents (my parents) this evening and enjoyed a yummy dinner aswell as entertaining the "marriage and kids" pep talk from my Mum which has become a ritual for the past 3 years! Patience mother, patience!

My boyf informed me earlier this week that I'll be getting my b'day present when I visit him in Sept as he "wants to see my face" when I open it ...hmmm. When I queried if it was in a little blue box, his answer was no - Oh well, no Tiffany Nova ring for me then!
LOL I'm so impatient, I wanna know what it is NOW!

Thank you for all the b'day msgs on Twitter today. You lot are fab xxx

Cargo Lash Activator

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New on the market and exclusive to Boots, Cargo Lash Activator promises full and longer lashes in just 30 days. When worn under mascara or on it's own it's proven to boost lash length 2.5 times more than a regular mascara.

The hype appears to already have whipped lash lovers into a frenzy as it's currently sold out on the Boots website.

I've seen results with Talika Lipocils and still have Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator to try out so won't be rushing to buy this just yet as my lashes aren't exactly non-existent once mascara has been applied but I'll probably try it for myself at some point in the future.

This review conducted a week after daily usage by Satellite Dreams looks promising as do the before and after pictures posted by Beauty Junkies Unite where her new lash growth is obvious.

Price - £19.00
Click here for more info

ETA: If you can't wait for Boots to get new stock in you can always pay way over RRP for it on good ol' Ebay! *wink*

Boots offer new service - Order & collect

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Whilst browsing the Boots website a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that Boots now offer customers the option of placing their order online and then collecting it free from a store of their choice.

Orders are available to pick up within 3-4 working days.

This is great for those whose local branches don't stock brands such as Estee Lauder, Benefit Clinique, Urban Decay, Origins etc which can all be found on the Boots website.

I read elsewhere that this service was based on a minimum order of £25 but I tested it out and successfully went through checkout with just a mascara costing just £4.86 in my basket, so this appears to be untrue. There's also no mention of a minimum spend on the Boots website either which I think is great!

I'll definitely be using this feature at some point in the future given that my local Boots, although quite large doesn't stock all the high end brands Boots offers and is within walking distance of my house.

Unfortunately this service is not available in Republic of Ireland branches as yet.

For more info, click here.

Tagged: What's on your beauty wishlist?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Props to Charlotte at Lipglossiping who's created this fab tag. This post has kept me busy on Polyvore and various beauty sites this evening. Cheers hon and keep up the fab work, loving the blog so far and I swear you take the best pictures - long live Canon baby!

So, onto the tag :-)

Here's £150 (that's $245 - check www.xe.com if you need to convert it to a different currency)

If you could spend this on any beauty or skincare products, what would you buy? I'd choose ...

Estee Lauder Advanced night repair
(£48) - I always see this winning annual beauty award categories and would love to try it to see what the fuss is about but the price has put me off. I want to see if it works for me, especially since I'm becoming paranoid about premature aging.

Sephora Moroccan Sunrise palette (£20) - I've wanted this since last Summer but when I went into Sephora to get it in May, I was told that it was discontinued. It's still available online though (as you can see), so I must order it before it does finally disappear for good. I love the colours and it'll be a handy palette to pack for weekends away or holidays.

Sephora Professional Platinum Air Brush # 55 (£21) - I'm not really loving my MAC foundation brush at the moment, so when Emma (Magpiesparkles) spoke of her plans to get this one day on Twitter, I did some research and was sold after watching a couple of YT reviews. I'm looking forward to trying this as it's completely different to the MAC # 187 brush and I want that "air brush" effect for my foundation we all crave.

Smashbox Blush Rush in Paradise (£14) - Adina (Krasey Beauty) did a review of these last week and I was impressed by the further reviews I read on the Sephora site. I love peachy shades so would like Paradise to add to my blush collection. I also love the added feature of a slide out compact mirror - very considerate!

Philosophy The Present Clear Makeup (£23 on HQ Hair - though much cheaper on Sephora.com so will be buying this stateside!) - I don't use a foundation primer, but tried Smashbox's last week and was quite impressed but this is cheaper and has even better reviews so I want this one instead.

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (£30) - I'm yet to find my HG moisturiser and my skin has gone from oily to quite dry lately and I think this may well do the trick. I remember using a Clinique moisturiser my Mum bought for me a few years back - Turnaround Concentrate something or the other which my skin seemed to like, but I didn't repurchase it cos it was out of my budget as a broke student at the time. Again, I've read a lot of good reviews for this and am keen to try it out.

I've actually spent £156 but I think I've done quite well considering! LOL Have any of you tried these products? If so, comments please!

I tag all my readers to complete this :-)

I need this in my life!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You may or may not have noticed that I keep an updated 'wishlist' of items that I'm lusting after on my blog and I've been lusting after this Michael Kors watch for mooooooooooooooonths, probably over a year now. Every time I plan to buy it, I end up spending my money on something else (make up anyone?).

I think it's gorgeous and it's so me! I love the dials on the face, and although it's bigger than the average women's watch, it stilll looks feminine whilst having the 'chunky men's watch' traits.

Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!!

I want it so badly - I had a look in Selfridges a few weeks ago to see if the MK counter had it and the sales assistant didn't even know what I was talking about - arrgh I hate when staff don't know their stock, it's one of my biggest shopping gripes. I'm still waiting for the phone call I was promised I'd get from the manager who wasn't in that day *rolls eyes*

Anyway I've decided this baby is coming home with me when I go to visit hubby in September. I've put off buying it long enough and am paranoid that it'll be discontinued. I must click on Macys and Nordstrom.com to check it's still there at least every 2 days. I even have the tabs saved in my toolbar so I have easy access!

Once I've bought it, next on my list is the gold version *swoon*

What are your wishlist items?

UK singer Beverley Knight to launch new make up line

Monday, July 27, 2009

UK songstress Beverley Knight will soon be launching her new and first ever make up line.

Named K by Beverley Knight, the range aims to cover all issues currently overlooked for darker skin tones and will feature 15 products ranging from oil-free foundations through to eyeliners and highlighters.

Beverley Knight

It will be launching in Selfridges and then distributed to John Lewis and other outlets later.

Available from September 14th.

MAC is usually one of the first brand names to roll of a WOC's tongue when the conversation turns to make up, so I'll be interested to see what this range of products will bring to the table.

Sleek have made a remarkable comeback in the competitve world of cosmetics and are going from strength to strength after making little impact for the past few years so another line catering to darker skin tones is always welcome. We're still lagging behind the U.S in terms of choice and availability but we're getting there (albeit slowly!).

FREE Nails Inc polish - be quick!! (UK only)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Just sharing some beauty love and letting you know that The News Of The World sunday supplement mag Fabulous is giving away free Nail Inc polishes - you just pay £1 postage.

RRP is £10.50 so grab this bargain while you still can. Offer ends TOMORROW!

Click here and just enter discount code FABNA0709 @ checkout.

I eventually managed to get onto the website at around 12:30am which had been crashing all day due to the demand and picked up Jermyn Street - a lovely glossy soft taupe.

If you can't get onto the site, I'd suggest logging on LATE tonight and placing your order then when the site traffic has slowed down.

Don't say I don't show you beauty vixens no love!!!

HLMN best of beauty weekly round up

Friday, July 24, 2009

Askmewhats has nail art tutorial for bling bling nails.

The Beauty Chick reviews CoverGirl and Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush.

Beauty Junkies Unite shows you the right way to get cheeky with 4 easy cheek stains.

Best Things in Beauty spotlights the new Giorgio Armani Beauty Fall 2009 colors.

Claire's Beauty gives Clarins Delicious Self-Tanning Cream a test drive.

Denim Debutante has an in-depth review of Paige Premium Denim.

Fabulous Over Forty is giving away Sothys Sun Care to one lucky reader. Enter now.

The Glamour Whore shows off the hair raising talent of Olivier Chomienne.

Gloss Menagerie reviews Softlips Pure Honeydew.

Gouldylox Reviews sneak peek at Milani Eye Tech Infinite Liquid Liners.

Hairs My Story has a gorgeous summer tropics FOTD.

in a word...fab has a sneak peek at J.Crew's Fall 2009 Collection.

It's complexion week at the Informed Makeup Maven, and don't forget to enter her cool giveaways this week!

Krasey Beauty discovers the beauty in going organic with Revolution Organics.

Visit Lipgloss Break and Enter to win The Cure 24/7 hair treatment and Sunkissed Glow fragrance by JLo!

My Beauty Bunny shows you how to get gorgeous, healthy, post-beach hair!

Sicka Than Average schools you on the best sunscreens for that pretty little face of yours. Protect ya neck!

ThisThatBeauty runs down fall's hottest collections!

Unfunded takes on Farmer John with some killer denim cut-offs.

***Affiliate of the Week***

The Style and Beauty Doctor will show you how to keep your blowout for blowing up.

For more information on The HLMN or on becoming an affiliate please visit our website.

The Glam Show - Earls Court 31 Oct - Nov 1

Friday, July 24, 2009

Having been to The Vitality Show 3 times and The IMATS this year I always keep an eye out for new shows that come to London that may be of interest to me. They're often a fun day out and bargains a plenty (aswell as freebies) are on offer.

I noticed last November that The Glam Show is scheduled to to take place at Earls Court this year and I've been following them on Twitter as they announce the shows latest developments.

During this two-day event, they promise to deliver free hair and beauty consultations, fashion shows, and the opportunity to shop for a wide range of beauty products and clothing from both high street and independent brands. It sounds like it'll be fun and the website looks quite promising too. If this is a success then The Clothes Show may well have a competitor.

As I've been typing this up it's just dawned on me that I won't actually be in the country for this show *rolls eyes* Typical! I may as well 'unfollow' them off Twitter right now then rather than torture myself any further :-(

Oh well, if any of you do end up going, be sure to do a full review on your blogs so I can see what I missed!

Tickets are priced from £25.95 + booking fee
For more info, have a look here

A few purchases ...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I bought a couple of tops from New Look earlier in the week as I had a voucher that I'd forgotten about - free clothes *grin*

Slouchy Minnie Mouse vest - looks cool with my grey skinnies and white canvas shoes. I'm gonna attack it with the scissors later though to "rough" it up a bit. Wish me luck!

Stripy frill sleeve top - I actually noticed this about 3 weeks ago and made a note to go back for it but it was sold out in the Bluewater branch when I was there last week. It's so cute, I love it.

Also a few goodies arrived in the post.

MAC Shimpagne MSF & Gingerly blush (courtesy of a recent blog sale)
Revlon Matte e/s in Aubergine (don't need to hunt down MAC Graphology now)
GOSH Let's twist up liner in Hot Flamingo

I got the Revlon e/s and GOSH liner so cheap! I always look for any high street make up product that costs over £5 on Ebay as I can almost always find it on there. I got the e/s for £2.80 inc postage and the liner for £1.75 - I love a bargain.

I also picked up a Collection 2000 nail polish in Ebony (black). I had a 20% off Boots voucher for Collection 2000 that was due to expire and the stand had been ransacked as the polishes are on special offer at the moment. I thought I'd pick up black to save me getting spending extra by buying Nocturnelle polish when MAC release Style Black. It only cost me £1.94 so happy days!

This is my first black nail polish too so I'm intrigued to see what it'll look like on me. I won't be wearing it until Autumn's here so I have a while to wait but it was nice and glossy when I swatched it on a nail.

I'm so over Summer now as the weather in England is a friggin' joke at the moment. Roll on A/W. I cant wait to see what the shops have in store for our winter wardrobes.

Where I keep my crack!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I thought I'd show you all where I keep my beloved make up collection. I think it's a decent sized stash and I'm gonna try not to let it get that much bigger over the next few months (she says) as I have lots to play with to keep me occupied.

When I was going through my blushers the other night I found Sweetness beauty powder blush and had no recollection of buying it - that's so bad LOL I'm glad I did come across it though cos it's a gorgeous dolly bright pink. You'll be pleased to know that I christened it yesterday and it's love!

So here's my baby, my San Remo beauty box. It's the largest size and still too small!

CCBs, MAC cream & mineralize e/s, palettes, mascaras, primers & lash treatments, blushers, MSFs & Bronzers, other branded e/s and misc and my MAC blushers are all to the far right.

Brushes, powders, eye & lip pencils, foundations, e/s palettes.

(I actually threw some away and gave some to my Mum yesterday and still have too many lipglosses!)

Lipstick and more lipgloss!

My 'back up & accessory' drawer - magnets, pans, brush cleaners, eyelash glue, lashes, labelling machine, sample sachets, rubbing alcohol, lip balms and other unopened/unused MU - you get the idea.

Nail polishes, pigments and dazzle dusts.

Whenever my friends come round, they're drawn to my stash like flies to shit. Luckily my friends know better than to stick their grubby fingers into products or try stuff without asking but I still feel very protective if anybody gets too close.

I'd love an Ikea MALM desk and when I get rid of my PC, I may get one or just continue to use my current set up. It depends on a couple of things. We'll see.

How do you keep your stash organised? Are you happy with your current set up or not?

**Please note the date of this post - my collection has somewhat increased since July 2009**

I've been tagged - Tell Me Something

Friday, July 17, 2009

I was tagged by Victoria of Lily Loves Lola to do this latest quiz doing the blog rounds so I thought I'd do it as I'm staying in this evening.

1. What is your favourite item of clothing? I chop and change favourites all the time. At the moment one of my favourite items of clothing is still the Selected Femme dress I bought for my boyf's b'day in April.

2. What are your biggest obsessions?
My weight. I'm always "on a diet". My hair as it takes up too much of my time when the regrowth kicks in. Blusher, I just love how it livens up my face and real-life crime. I watch far too many hours of the Crime & Investigation channel.

3. Who inspires you?
I have a lot of admiration for Jennifer Hudson. To get through as something as horrendous as having your family murdered in full view of the glaring public is something I can't even begin to comprehend. I hope her music and acting career continue to go from strength to strength and she has a healthy pregnancy and happy marriage when she walks down the aisle. She deserves some happiness.

4. Who is your favourite designer and why?
I have two. Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu. I love the bags and accessories from both designers and Marc cuts a mean dress.

5. What is your favourite song ever?
Again,I have two. Alexander O'neal - If You Were Here Tonight is one of my faves. That along with Michael Jackson's Man In The Mirror. Both songs I loved the very first time I heard them many years ago.

6. What is your favourite song right now? *Thinks* Lady Gaga's Paparazzi has been on repeat for the past month. I'm surprised I'm not sick of it yet actually.

7. If you were a sweetie what would you be? I'd be a bar of Galaxy chocolate. Rich, indulgent and creamy. Mmmm.

8. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet- what words would describe your rainbow?
Strawberries, OPI Monsooner or Later nail polish, the sun, Central Park on a hot summer's day, the ocean, Cadburys chocolate wrapping and my large violet and gold jewelled earrings.

9. What's your favourite film?
The Godfather trilogy and Clueless (Hmm that's actually 4 films isn't it?). Both entertain me and are worlds apart!

10. Who's your favourite actor?
*Thinks* Ben Stiller cos I was half watching Meet The Parents on TV last night and he made me laugh out loud. I like anything starring Denzel Washington too.

11. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?
In New York, in my boyfriends arms. I know that sounds really soppy but it's just how I feel. Long distance r'ships make you yearn for the everyday things you take for granted when you see your man all the time.

12. What are your 3 favourite smells? Armani Attitude stops me dead in my tracks. It's such a sexy scent and I persuaded my boyf to buy it after I got him a sample. I also love the smell of petrol (I know, I know) and coconut.

13. What are your 3 favourite tastes?
Off the top of my head - special fried rice from my local chinese, bakewell tart and custard and my Mum's jollof rice.

14. What is your most treasured possession?
Photos. I worry about the amount I have on my PC. I really must back them up. Also, a wedding ring that was left in a will for me.

15. What did you always want to be/ do when you grew up? I wanted to be a journalist as I love being in everybody's business and knowing the latest gossip.

16. If you were an ice-cream what flavour would you be?
I'd be Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia cos it tastes divine!

17. If someone made a short film of your life, who would play you?
I have no idea! I'm crap at answering questions like this! Somebody stunning like Sanaa Lathan would be nice (a girl can dream can't she?!)

18. What would your perfect afternoon consist of?
Shopping, good food and lots of kisses!

19. If you were a flower, what would you be? A rose, cos as sweet and romantic as they are, the thorns will prick you if they're not handled with care - much like myself. LOL

20. Tell me a random thing....be it your favourite line from a song, scene from a movie or quote from a book.....tell me about something that you love.....

Beethoven's quote "Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours" which is best known for being featured in the SATC movie is my fave quote. I think it's so romantic and I'm all for romance and it makes me melt whenever I hear it. It was also the inspiration behind my tattoo and will forever be a reminder of my r'ship - so we better not split up or I'm efffed!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha!

*Still laughing 2 mins later*

I tag all my followers - make sure you do it! *waves a finger at you all* I wanna read your answers - lol

How many?!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

I was tidying up my make up last night as recent purchases have made finding anything quickly near impossible! As I emptied out all my lipglosses I thought it'd be amusing to count how many I had and take a quick snap ...

My lipgloss collection

I counted 89!

I didn't realise I had bought so many. I'm not gonna buy anymore for a while until I've used some up. I have enough to keep me ooccupied wouldn't you say? LOL Lipgloss isn't even 'my thing', blushers are and I certainly don't have 89 blushers!

How many lipglosses do you own? .

A special box from a special person

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My boyf is as perfect as they come. He doesnt question my love for MU, will accompany me (without being prompted) to MAC and Sephora and patiently wait as I swatch to my hearts content, not once complaining that I'm taking too long. He even offers his opinion on different shades! He puts up with package after package arriving for me from Specktra sales or U.S Ebay and doesn't complain about the space they take up in his drawers.

This morning the box of NYX and MAC stuff he'd sent on arrived. The postman had positioned the box in the porch, in perfect position right in front of the door as if he knew just how special this box of treats was.

NYX have once again sent me doubles of an item I ordered - this time they sent me 3 tubes of the same shade (all good - that's another addition to go into my future giveaway bonanza)! I wonder how much stock they accidentally 'give away' by not paying attention.

This was the first lot of stuff I ordered when NYX had their mad 50% off sale in May and this is the remainder of my orders. I bought lip pencils galore (I've definitely covered pretty much all colours now), some more jumbo eye pencils and a mixture of round lip glosses, diamond sparkle glosses and Queen Of The Night shades. Oh I got 3 more lippies too. This sale was wicked. I've never spent so little on so much make up.

I'll do some swatches in a future post.

I also managed to get my hands on Fancy Ray blushcreme from the C-Shock collection, from the MAC Gone But Not Forgotten program. I still kick myself for not really being bothered about LE collections when C-Shock was released. I want the eyeshadows it came with.

I also ordered Chignon l/s from BBR from the program but it wasn't in the box this morning. I think it's probably at the back of the boys drawer somewhere. The other items are Scatterrays and Bronzescape solar bits and lipstick holders - all bought from Specktra sellers. I paid something silly like £8 for BOTH solar bits. I almost fell off my chair when I saw the price the seller had listed them at. I thought it was a mistake.

The lipstick holders are just what I need to restore some order in my collection. I've been sorting out my lippies this evening and everything looks so much neater. I'm really pleased with these.

I know my boyf looks at my blog every now and then and I just wanna say thank you for making me so happy today and doubling up as my personal courier service. Love you loads *mwah* xxx

Newsflash! I have new SHOOOOOOOOES!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I saw these babies in Dorothy Perkins at Bluewater but they'd sold out in my size (no surprise there, I'm a size 8 so have to be quick when it comes to shoes). Anyhoo, never one to be deterred when something I want is 'sold out', I rang a few branches and low and behold the Tottenham Court Road branch had them in the gold.

Initially I had wanted the gold and purple version but I think I'll get more wear out of the gold anyway.

I love 'em! Especially the 'metal' gold platform and heel detail.

Now, where can I wear them to?

FOTD: Style Demon

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Revlon Colorstay foundation in Caramel
MAC select cover up concealer in NC48

MAC CCB in Fabulush
MAC blush in Style Demon

MAC loose powder in NC45



MAC Soft Brown e/s on lid

MAC Romp e/s on outer V and outer crease
GOSH Extreme Art Liner in 07 (black)
MAC kohl pencil in Mystery on waterline

Shiseido The Makeup Mascara Base
Estee lauder Sumptuous mascara


MAC lipliner in Hodgepodge
MAC l/s in Pretty Please

MAC lipglass stain in Low Light Silver

I won - again!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My winning streak appears to be showing no signs of ending. Dressjunkie had a Twitter comp on Friday afternoon to win a cute bee necklace and I was one of the winners.

I received it on Monday and it's very dinky and cute. Thank yoooooooooou xx

Now if only my lottery numbers would just pop up ....

The Nail Files: Barry M Cyan Blue (294)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I applied this in a hurry last night so excuse the messiness - I've since tidied it up. I'm really pleased with this polish. The consistency is great and there's no streaking whatsoever. I love this shade of blue, it was just what I was after. It's bright, without being garish and dried without losing its intensity.

I wish it was nice and sunny as this polish would really look nice on a hot summers day. I've had 2 compliments on it despite the rainy weather though so it's doing something right :-)

I'm hoping it won't start to chip tomorrow as all my other Barry M polishes have. I'll have to wait and see ...

Overdue retail therapy (pic heavy!)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I haven't been shopping for ages, so after stopping off at MAC on Monday I popped into Primark (Marble Arch), to see what they had to offer. The last time I walked through their doors was in March so I was hoping they had some nice bits in.

I came out with ...

Grey frill skirt with black zip detail on the back

Grey and bleached blue skinnies

Fringed vests in coral and grey - these were flying off the rails!

Leopard print slippers. I love these. Need to buy a spare pair. Only £1.50

Basic 3/4 sleeve tees with button detail on the shoulder in navy & mustard. A boring necessity.


Blue striped oversized shirt - cheaper (and nicer) than the one I was ranting about losing out on, on Ebay, on Twitter the other night.

Assymetric hemmed plain vests

The shoe dept was packed and I can't stand being amongst dozens of women and teenagers pushing and shoving for £10 shoes - it's ridiculous, so I made a swift exit. It was approx 11:45am at this point and the place was packed. I'll have to try and pop in at 9:05am when it's just opened one of these days.

So with Primark conquered I went to meet my best friend for our planned girlie day out to Bluewater. We sang along to Michael Jackson at full blast as we drove down all the way - too funny. A lot of the good stuff in the sales was long gone but I managed to get the things that were on my list so wasn't too bothered.

Boyfriend cardigans - navy, black and oatmeal from New Look. Boring but with this unpredictable weather we're having at the moment. I need them!

Grey & neon yellow slouchy vest

Accessorize & Aldo buys. Oh and a ring from H&M

Angel sleeve top from Mango

I didn't really see anything that stood to me out from the summer stock in the shops. There are lots of gorgeous shoes I want though!! Roll on A/W 2009 I say. I prefer winter stock as there's more choice and lots of sexy dresses hit the shops for Christmas parties!


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