Bobbi Brown Sheer Color Cheek Tints

By know you all know I'm a blush whore, they're my favourite make up product. I've been meaning to do a post on the Bobbi Brown Sheer Color Cheek Tints for ages. I bought Sheer Pink a couple of months ago and have used it a few times and have since acquired Sheer Raspberry and Sheer Blackberry. I credit Milan Rouge for getting me into these.

I thought I'd share some swatches which hopefully may be useful should you considering them as a purchase

(L-R Sheer Blackberry, Sheer Pink and Sheer Raspberry)
With flash

Without flash

Packaged in a swivel-up stick for convenience, they glide easily onto my skin and I like the sheer, luminous sheen they leave. However, I need to rub firmly and approx 4 times to get a good flush of colour. I find I can blend them easily but I don't like that I can still feel their stickiness when I absent mindedly touch my cheeks afterwards.

I can't see myself using these in warmer weather as I think they're likely to slide right off my face in the heat. I think those very oily skin may find these difficult to work with.

I've been alternating between all three recently and find their lasting power is just okay. After approx 4-5 hours I need a touch up but when I layer a teeny bit of powder blush over the top, they last longer. I actually prefer the finish with powder blush on top as they have the tendency to look greasy if not blended properly.

*Click to enlarge*

The shades in this range (there are six in total) are lovely and a few universally compliment all skintones. Minor gripes aside, I find that they give a very natural flush of colour to the cheeks which is flattering and easy to wear.

I'd planned a FOTD to go with this post exhibiting one of the blushes in action, but as per usual, my Sunday resulted in not a scrap of make up being applied to my face, so sorry!

I'll do one tomorrow though and I bet you can hardly contain yourselves at the thought! Hahaha!

How much are they? £16.50
Where can I find them?
Bobbi Brown online, Bobbi Brown Counters in major dept stores

8 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Lipstick Rules said...

Thanks for the review! I like the look of these especially the raspberry. I too am a blush whore so this is right up my alley. Will check out next time I visit the "bobbibot" counter.


Lollipop said...

Ooh thanks for the review hon, I've been meaning to check these out for a while. They look gorgeous against your skintone, particularly the raspberry one x x

Ally said...

They are lovely!! Thank you for reviewing these..i mentally made a note to check them out but keep on forgetting, sheer raspberry and sheer pink are beautiful!

I love bobbi brown products..some are real gems that i cant live without.

FabDiva20 said...

They look amazing!! I may want to try one.

Lina said...

FOTD FOTD FOTD! I love cream blushers too, I like the look of sheer pink and sheer rasberry best.. xx

scarlettholly said...

I love cheek stains as well, so these sound fun, although the stickiness makes me think that they will be like the tarte cheek stains which I just reviewed. I'm only meh on those.

Imo said...

I can safely say that sheer raspeberry is my fave but they all look so lovely. Not too impressed with the sticky feeling it leaves though


Love the colours!


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