Bored of your blog layout ...?

..then check out Californian hotty Sara, aka The Makeup Snob and her new blogger template site.

I had the idea for my blog header stuck in my head for months but couldn't find a designer who could do it just how I wanted it. Sara offered to help and put it together in minutes after I supplied her with the images.

I'm pleased that she's decided to share her skills and talent as her own blog layout changes all the time and I love seeing what she comes up with next.

Sara offers affordable, custom made templates and headers as well as a variety of premade templates.

Those who host their blogs on Wordpress haven't been forgotten either, she also has a site offering custom made templates for Wordpress blogs. Check that out

As if that wasn't enough, she also created the Love Life Lipstick Beauty Forum late last year, with another popular Specktra member (Tish), so check it out and join for chat on the latest collections, swatches, reviews and and much more. Its membership is increasing daily and the forum is going from strength to strength.

I HEART Sara, she's one of the coolest bloggers I know, so I'm more than happy to give her a shout out.

2 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Lina said...

Brilliant. I LOVE your new template and layout! Been thinking of changing mine (or tweaking it) and was looking for someone who could help! xx

Sara said...

Thank you so much for the post! You brightened my day!!! xoxox!


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