IMATS and MAC Pro cards

I know there''s still a glimmer of hope that MAC will be signing up anybody and everybody for MAC Pro cards for £25 at this years IMATS as they did at last years London show and the other IMATS shows that took place prior to it.

I had my suspicions that attendees wouldn't be as lucky this year as MAC failed to sign up non-professionals at the shows that followed IMATS London 2009 and this was confirmed to me today when I enquired and received the following email from Cori Stoddard, Online Editor of Make-Up Artist magazine :

"In order to get a M.A.C. Pro card, make-up artists must provide their credentials. Here's what M.A.C. says: "Anyone who uses make-up as a primary part of their work is eligible. Complete an application at any free standing M.A.C. store (or IMATS booth) or download an application at Join the M.A.C. Pro community and receive a discount on purchases at the (London) show. Please note that professional ID is essential."

For membership information, email or call 0870 034 2676

By the way, current MAC Pro members can save 15% off their IMATS London ticket price if they purchase it by January 15th. Use code UK10MACPRO

So, if you qualify, bring your documents/ID with you to the show and if you have a Pro card and are planning to go to the show and haven't bought your ticket(s) yet, buy them by Friday to get some money off. Every little helps!

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dianeuk01 said...

Hi, bit late to leave a comment! I'm going to IMATS this year for the first time and have my fingers and toes crossed Mac will let non pros apply for a pro card but seems that is just very wishful thinking that they will ever do that again after reading your post, boo hoo for me.

Thanks anyway for all your post about IMATS, really lovely to get an incite into it. Sounds like bedlam! But regardless I'm looking forward to it so much.


VexintheCity said...

@dianeuk01 - You never know, pigs MAY fly next weekend! ;-) Glad the IMATS posts were useful and I hope you have a great time x

Miss Stylicious said...

So if you go to a MAC store and take your blog credentials would this still apply?

Yinka said...

@Miss Stylicious - Nope, you'd probably be laughed out of the store! You need to have the proper requirements to get a Pro card.


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