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The Hills isn't the same without "LC", but despite no longer being on our screens, Lauren Conrad is still killing me with her wardrobe.

I love how she throws outfits together. She's never too styled like a lot of her Hollywood peers and her look is easy to replicate with high st alternatives. I think her look is simple and classy - love it! Yes, you can find 101 girls on the UK high street who dress in a similar fashion to Lauren but it's the way she carries herself, that makes her stand out (that and the fact that she's been on our TV screens for the past few years).

I do think some things are best left well alone, and I'm not a fan of some of the 'designs' in her clothing range stocked at Kohl's which I think look dull and quite cheap. Her latest offerings are a big improvement on the last collection though but you won't find me running to the nearest Kohl's whenever I'm across the pond, for them.

Here are a few of my fave outfits from our pal "LC".

I have those shoes!!

Oh and I had to add this picture of Lauren and Whitney as I think it's on fire and sums up all the vanity, fakery and narcissism that is The Hills!! Love it!!! LOL

If you're reading this Lauren, please send me one of your Chanel flaps, you have at least three of them, I'm sure you can part with one!

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Dreams That Glitter said...

Great post! I Love LC's style. The Hills is not the same, you're so right there.

Liparazzi said...

I LOOOOVE the black Philip Lim number she is wearing in the 5th picture...gorgeous. I like her style but I'm not fond of her overly long hair extensions!Her look is very achievable for the everyday girl so that's great. I love that you had to add the last pic of them both posing...that's why we all love the hills!ha ha

Greer said...

she is so amazing.


Shangri-La said...

Ah The Hills/City another not so guilty pleasure. Love her style and I have serious hair envy. Love Whitney too, shame her Whitney Eve clothing line is so expensive for what it is.

La said...

ARGH! Have you read my post on her? It's wrong how much I like looking at pictures of LC! She buys and wears the stuff I would get, you know, if I was rich and Phillip Lim wanted to dress me.

I concur with Liparazzi on the hair extentions though, they're just too long.

tina_mbc said...

Pretty much all of these you posted are already on my LC favourite looks folder, lol!
Ah, I love her style, she always has that effortless/classic/chic look going on!!!


Celly said...

cant stand the hills no more.. and so i see it's crossed the pond. smh. fake garbage lol.

i do like her style the best - but not her haha. shes so monotone.

FabDiva20 said...

Love LC's style! I agree about The Hills not being the same without her and I haven't watched the show lately. I also adore Whitney Port as well!

thoughts running through my head.... said...

I like the normality she retains in the way she looks though,especially when you see Heidi now!!!!

Beautyjunkielondon said...

Have to totally agree.I love LC's style - The Hills is my Sunday indulgence and I love it. If I could raid anyones wardrobe it would be hers, oh - and if I could have her hair and tan at the same time that would be fantastic.


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