Mo'Nique wins a Golden Globe - Precious

Last night comedienne Mo'Nique, won a Golden Globe (Best Supporting Actress) for her role as Mary Jones, an abusive mother in the independently made film, Precious.

I watched Precious on Boxing Day and I've never been so shocked at a film within the first 15 mins (not including my reactions to American History X and Mississippi's Burning) and it stayed with me for days afterwards. Writing this post has reminded me I need to get hold of a copy of the book, Push by Sapphire on which it's based on.

If you get the chance to watch this film, please do. I don't want to give anything away other than it's very raw, very emotional and in my opinion fully deserves the acclaim it's received to date.

When I watched Mo'Niques acceptance speech this morning, it brought tears to my eyes:

If you've seen Precious, then I think you'll agree that she fully deserved to win a Golden Globe for her performance.

Well done Mo'Nique!

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Ilse said...

I am curious to see that movie!!

Ondo Lady said...

It was a fantastic speech wasn't it? Reminded me of Halle Berry's when she won the Oscar. There is something about Lee Daniels that really brings out the best in Black women in film performances.

Rai said...

I've yet to see it, and it's no longer playing here. I heard it was great though!

Congrats to Monique!

shakespeareandstilettos said...

LOVE monique! im so happy for her!!! Ive wanted to see Precious ever since I saw the trailer. Will have to hunt it down

Lisa said...

I haven't seen the movie (sort of reluctant to after hearing how raw and emotional it is) but I am sure she was very deserving of the award! She has come so far in the last few years! Congrats to her!:)

Ms.Jenn said...

I have a love hate relationship with that movie but she did an amazing job! She channeled deep to get such raw emotion. She totally deserves it!

K-HART said...

I'm yet to watch the film and will be running to the cinema on Jan the 29th. I read the book Push and it was some raw stuff.

The Shabby and The Chic said...

I watched it a couple of weeks ago and found the first half to be a bit tiresome. Nothing seemed to really progress if you know what I mean..
That said by the end of the film I was in tears. Particularly due Mo'Nique's monologue at the SS office A very rare occurrence for me.

Imo said...

I have never heard of this film but I wanna see it now!Im on the case

vivalalipstick said...

Precious is one hell of a movie and def worth watching. I just love this chick and her dress was beautiful- she looked radiant.

take care :)


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