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My PC has stayed on long enough for me to complete this tag I saw on Jo's blog a couple of days ago. I thought it was a good one so thought I'd share my choices, although I couldn't actually think of 10 products so you'll have to make do with 7

So in no particular order ...

Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect intense beauty serum

I want to see what all the fuss is about and if using a serum under my moisturiser is effective in any way.


Used on horses to thicken and strengthen their manes, coats and tails, this has become an increasingly popular product to use on human hair for thickness and growth. I don't care if it's used on a horse, it bloody works on humans too and I've read enough reviews and seen hair growth comparison pictures to convince me that this will be a worthy buy. I'd rather use this on my hair and get results within a month than go through the trauma of having a weave fixed to my head that make me look like Trisha circa 1993! As long as it doesn't make me grow a tail and start neighing then it's all good! In the UK? Check the comments below, for a link to where you can buy it from.


Even though I'm a bit nervous to try this after reading what happened to Arlene on her old (now defunct) beauty blog, a part of me still wants to try it as I know I'm guaranteed eyelash growth. Every time Bubblegarm does a FOTD, I stare in awe at her eyelashes. I'm aware of the possible side effects and just hope that if I do end up using this that I'm not affected. Knowing my luck, I probably will be! *rolls eyes*

RMK Recovery Gel

I've been intrigued by this ever since I was ambushed by the RMK SA in Selfridges a couple of months ago. I was quite taken with the white beads in this gel moisturiser that apparently burst into all forms of goodness onto your skin.

NARS Orgasm Illuminator
This claims to flatters all skintones and I like the original blush so I intend to put this to the test. One of the products I'm quite excited about trying this year.

Inglot Under Makeup Base
Cheaper than its famed Smashbox equivalent at £12 I have it on good authority that the Inglot primer performs much better. I'm not impressed with the Philosophy primer that I occasionally use so am eager to see how this fares instead.

Illasmasqua Rich Liquid Foundation

I've not tried Illasmasqua's bases yet and fancy a change from my Revlon Colorstay. If I'd known which shade I was I'd have snapped this up when Goss started selling them off in his blog sale(s) for £10 inc postage!

What about you? What would you like to try this year?

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jobetterdays said...

I got the Illamasqua rich foundation from Goss's blog sale, luckily I guessed the right shade! It is really good. You only need a tiny amount as I find it works best mixed with moisturiser.
I really want to try Lilash to but don't want to pay that amount of money incase it doesn't work.

Lady Gray said...

The Illuminator looks fab, but I don't think I'd be up for trying the Li Lash!

Lina said...

I really want to try the Nars Orgasm Illuminator, and the Mega Tek (I wonder how much it is?). No7 Protest and Perfect Intense is really good, I've been using it for a few months and can really see a difference in skin texture. RE: Wrinkles, a little, but I only have a few fine lines around my eyes so hard to tell. Has deffo minimised my pores though! xx

Sarah x said...

The serum and lilash are faves of mine, lilash has performed a lot better than revitalash or that l'oreal one for me, in face the loreal one did nothing for length or thickness but it made my lashes nicely conditioned. Thanks for the heads up on the horse stuff, never heard of it before so I will have a look..neigh!

VexInTheCity said...

@Jobetterdays - Nicola was raving about it earlier on Twitter. You're lucky bagging it half price. Bargain! LiLash DOES work, every review I've read has documented lash growth. I'm just worried about the side effects.

@ Lady Gray - Yeah, it looks very promising. I don't blame you for not wanting to LiLash.

@ Lina - you can buy Mega Tek here for £20 or you can buy the smaller bottle at £8.99

Becky said...

Well I want to try NARS Orgasm Illuminator now! Also the Nude skincare range and MAC Studio Finish Concealer, that's all I can think of right now!

Holly said...

There a few Origins products that look amazing out this year and the Nars illumintor sounds fab, you have me lusting after it now!x

LiAnn - Sparklecrack Central said...

I'd like to try Origins toner/corrector for the age spots that are just beginning to appear on my skin.

I've heard folks raving wildly about Inglot, but since I live on the other side of the continent from the single US store and they apparently don't have a website yet (it's still under construction), that one may be something of a trick. Their cream bases look interesting, though. Maybe they'll have a booth at the Vancouver BC IMATS..?

Liparazzi said...

I found the Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation waaaay too thick, think double the thickness of Revlon Colourstay and you're close!Just my personal opinion though. I would looove to try the Nars Orgasm Illuminator!Adding that to my list too!

Muhsine said...

Oooo i bet that illuminator will be fabulous, and I'm not saying anything about lilash :D xx

Linda Phuong Tran said...

I have RMK Recovery Gel and I LOVEEEEEE it! It's such a lovely night cream and it makes my skin appear radiant the morning after =). I'm going to review it soon! It's worth every penny and i know it's gonna last me for AGES! XX

Laura - Emerald Green 88 said...

How do NARS make all of their products so appealing? The Illuminator just looks like it would make my life better haha!


Mocha Mish Mash said...

I want to try the Nars Illuminator and finally get my hands on some Illamasqua. I've yet to venture out to the only Sephora that carries it.

Tali said...

I never even heard of the nars illuminator before. And now that i have i want it!! AHHHH bad influence babe!

Imo said...

Hey Yinka, My sister has the megatech conditioner andshes been using it for over a year now and the damaged hair along her edges has grown like wildfire...it def does what you want it to do and more...definitely try and use this product if you can :)

Jo said...

Im with everyone else here... NEED to try that Nars illuminator, I'll probably wait till you buy it though and do a review haha, I like to read a good review before I purchase anything. Where can I get the neigh neigh horse thingy from? lol me likes the sound of that!


Fail Blogger said...

whats the side effects of lilash? it sounds pretty scary! btw. the no. 7 intense serum is AMAZE. well worth it, you will be hooked xxx

OxfordJasmine said...

Thanks Y! This is great! I've just ordered the MegaTek conditioner for my friend who has has chemotherapy and her hair is starting to grow back. It is tested on animals - horses that is - so I guess I can let this one through!

witoxicity said...

Well, if you DO start neighing, then we readers will know which product to blame! :D

I've been curious about Lilash for months but like you, I'm quite apprehensive about its side effects. I think I'll wait a little longer....

Beauty Scribbler said...

I want to try RMK Recovery Gel and NARS Orgasm Illuminator too! And Li Lash too based on all the raves it gets. It sounds like a miracle product. But the side effects are a bit scary... not sure whether the eye colour change, hairy cheeks and skin discolouration are worth it...

Although having just taken some unflattering sideways pictures of my bare lashes for my blog, I do suddenly feel inferior...

Oooh what to do what to do...

VexInTheCity said...

@Becky - Email NUDE and ask for some samples. They sent me some which I haven't tried properly yet. For the price of their products you don't wanna fork out and end up being crap for your skin!

@Holly- It'd look fab on you cheekbones. I was sent a press release for an Origins moisturiser which looked interesting.

@LiAnn- You should email the IMATS and ask them to contact Inglot and try and get them on the exhibitor list. They respond to emails really quickly. I went into my nearst store a few mths ago and was very impressed. I'll check them this year too.

@Liparazzi - Yeah I've heard. Only a teeny bit will do. I still wanna try it though LOL

@Muhsine - Yes, the less said about lashes the better cos it's gonna HURT to spend that much on ONE beauty product! I need to sit down just thinking about it!!

@Linda - Ahhhh you're making me want it even more now! LOL

@Laura - It probably will! LOL

@Mocha Mish Mash - You're in for a treat with the Illamasqua blushes. They're gorgeous!

@Tali - Haha I only heard about it myself a few days ago, but I NEED it!

@Imo - That's great to hear. I've suffered breakage within the past 3 wks, I dunno why and I'm pissed so need a quick fix, fast!

@Jo - That illuminator is gonna FLY off the shelves when it hits UK shores. There's a link for the Mega Tek further up.

@Fail Blogger - The colour of her iris changed and her eyes became irritated. I've also read a review where hair grew on a bloggers cheek where the liquid had trickled down in her sleep! I don't wanna wake up looking like Bigfoot!!

@OxfordJasmine- Oh that's good to hear! I'm gonna order it this evening.

@Witoxcity - Haha! I know what you mean. I'll probably wait a few months too.

@Beauty Scribbler - Yeah exactly, when you hear of side effects like that, you need to think veeeeeery carefully.

Rachael said...

The Boots Protect & Perfect Serum is THE bomb! I've had it for a month now and absolutely LOVE it!!!
Rachael W

randomlondongirl said...

Ooooh I wanna try the Horse shampoo!!! I don't care if it is for horses either lol, as long a it doesn't smell vile. That Li Lash stuff is very expensive but my loooord, it does work! Finding it difficult to comprehend how it can change eye colour. Such a weird side and scary effect.

Thanks for the comment on my blog babes. HNY to you too! (had to google what that 3 letter abbreviation meant hehe) x


Wow, the Mega-Tek sounds really great, I had my hair cut (because of some chemical product damage, to make the curls looser.....)and that would definitely be interesting.

About the Lilash, I am a little scared too, but I have been using the Lóreal renewal lash serum, and I have been quite liking it.
XOXO from Brazil :)

scarlettholly said...

I tried the boot serum a couple of years ago and it did NOTHING for me. but I'm older now, maybe I'll notice the difference. It was already on my UK shopping list for next month. I work close to the NYC Inglot so I'll add this to my list too. I currently have about test primers that I'm working through to find mh HG. Smashbox is streets ahead right now.

MissNeira said...

I really want to try that illuminator too! let me know how it goes if you try it!

VexInTheCity said...

@Rachael - Good to hear! :-)

@Randomlondongirl- I didn't have a clue what 'HNY' was when somebody said it to me either! LOL Yeah, having you iris changing colour is not sexy! I'll be buying the Mega Tek next week so a review will be up in a couple of months.

@Cherries in Syrup - You can buy the smaller sized bottle if you want to try it out. Hmm I'm with you on the LiLash. I do, but I don't!

@Scarletthotty - Yeah, maybe the serum will react differently, now that you're older. I did like the Smashbox primer when I tried a sample so if the Inglot one is as great as I've been told, I want it.

@MissNeira - I'll have it in a few weeks and will review it then.

Nefertari said...

Very interesting list. I may steal some ideas ;-)


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