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Some of you may have noticed, during the last few months of 2009, I became utterly crap at completing tags that many of you were kind enough to include me in. I just had too much going on and could never find the time. I'm gonna make an effort to squeeze them in whenever I have a spare moment this year.

Beautyandtheblog nominated me to complete this '10 Things That Make You Happy' tag

Sounds simple enough ..

1. My amazing boyf. He spoils me rotten and treats me like a queen. Perfect inside and out.

2. New York - there's just a vibe in the air that's like no other. Even now, I feel the same excitement when I land that I did the very first time I visited this amazing city.

3. Meeting up with friends - good company and laughs a plenty

4. Puppies and kittens

5. Fabulous shoes. I can't get enough of schexy shoes!

6. Travelling. I love exploring the unknown.

7. My bed. I'd happily lie in it all day.

8. Finally tracking down
that LE blusher/lipgloss/eyeshadow

9. Checking my online banking and realising there's more in my account than I thought. Nice.

10. My Mum's home cooking

Beauty Scribbler and BeautyjunkieLondon tagged me for these blogs awards. Cheers ladies.

For the 'You're a doll' award answer the question: Which character from a book/movie are you most like?

*Thinks* I'd say Miranda from SATC. I have the same no-nonsense approach to things, have a good (actually great) sense of humour and can far too sarcastic for my own good at timse - haha! Go Miranda!

6 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Emma said...

Thanks for the recs, Mama Laura is amazing!

Kelly said...

Thanks for tagging me <3

Liparazzi said...

Thanks for the tag/award luvvie!Lovin your work! xx

Lina said...

Thanks for the tag/award! Have been well slack in doing my awards/tags but am deffo gonna get them all done very soon! xxx

Imo said...

Serious tings your a star, thanks so much chicklet :) xxx

Elle said...

Thanks for the tag/award! Now doing the tag : )x


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