IMATS London 2010 - the purchases (Part 2)

If you made it through my last post, you may have been wondering what I actually bought at The IMATS. Well I started shopping prematurely on the Friday when I ended up at Westfield with Miss Virtue and Lipglossiping.


Pre-IMATS purchases were:

Inglot Primer - I've been dying to try this for months, but have been too lazy to trek to Westfield for it.

Ben Nye Banana powder - I spotted this on Ebay and won it in case it wasn't at the IMATS. It proved to be the right decision as this was nowhere to be seen!
MAC Moisturecover Concealer in NW40 and Brow pencil in Stud

IMATS purchases:

OCC Lip Tars in Pageant and Katricia
MUFE HD foundation in #177 (a back up)
MUFE Full Cover Concealer in Fawn
Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Incite
Face to Face Super Matte Antishine in Dark
Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre (my only freebie!)

I bought a few brushes from Crown, Fero Beauty, aurifere and adesign.(L-R):

aurifere powder brush (series 190) - Dense and so soft. Perfection!
Dense fan brush
Wedge brush
Small concealer brush
Large concealer brush
Liner brush
Metal eyelash comb
Eyebrow shader brush
Pointed smudge/liner brush
Small angled brush

 adesign pointed kabuki foundation - gorgeous!

I didn't go crazy at all and stuck to the list that I had with me, the exception being the pointed kabuki brush, so I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Did you go OTT on lip tars, clean up at Crown brushes or go home empty handed (unlikely, I know)?

17 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Rocaille said...

I had that Inglot primer in the old packaging, but wasn't really blown away. While it smoothes the skin it also feals kind of slippery and greasy, but maybe it was because of my oily skin! This pointed kabuki looks fab. xxx

Kelly/PlaneBeauty said...

Some great goodies you got hun! I really want to try some crown brushes, they look really good on the site

Lina said...

Ahhhh, I'm sooo jealous. OCC never got back to me on twitter, if I had known they were only £7 I would have got ten (ok, three)!

Really want to try the MUFE HD foundation too, please review soon! xx

shontay07108 said...

Great haul. I'm jealous. I love MUFE HD and I ran out of it this morning with half my face done. I cried.
I really want to try the blue shade of lip tar. I need a funky blue lip. Do you have any suggestions?

Sparklz and Shine said...

Stayed within budget, mostly Illamasqua and lip tars. I have the blue and the green and will be playing with them some more shortly!

@shontay07108 you should check out Illamsasqua for thier pencil in Debonair, the one Alex Box was wearing, It looks a really good choise for a blue lip look. Take a look at Lillian Low on

Back to the IMATS, I seemed to have missed so much just through a combination of crouds and needing to be at the main stage 50 minutes early so as not to miss Alex! Really loving reading eveyone else's perspective. Thanks

une tasse said...

Nice haul! What's banana powder? x

Sarah x said...

Nice haul, I didn't see the purple lip tar but I bet it will look gorge on you mixed with a bit of pink x

liloo said...

what does the banana powder do, what is it for? x

shontay07108 said...

Thanks a lot Sparklz

Zerin said...

Great haul hun. I didn't go to my local Toronto one last year and I heard it wasnt so great. Now after seeing your haul....I would love to go this year! =D

Nongoma said...

You did well sister girl. Nice haul. Hope the Inglot primer works well for you!

Laura said...

Wow thats an impressive haul - I don't think I'd know where to start!! Well donr and the kabuki brush looks fab - is that a little clutch for it?!! x

The doll on fashion

VexintheCity said...

@Rocaille - Ahh a good friend of mine swears by it, hence my curiousity.

@Kelly - They're good, I'm not a fan of the way the website is laid out though.

@Lina - Yeah, it's a shame they didn't. HD is okay, I only bought a back up cos of the 35% disc. It's good but not life changing IMO.

@Shontay - LOL Hope you get another. I have NO idea about blue lip recs but you've received a fab suggestion in the comment below your own, so check that out.

@Sparklz and Shine - Glad you had a good time. Have fun with your lip tars. Yeah, it was so busy, it was easy to miss a lot on the Sat. Glad you enjoyed my review.

@ Une Tasse - It's a setting powder.

@Zerin - Enjoy if you do x

@ Nongoma - Thanks! I hope it does too.

@ Laura - LOL that spanned 3 days remember? Yeah, the kabuki comes with a little case.

the-swatchaholic said...

Fabulous haul!
I have two of adesign's pointed kabukis and I love them to apply my SFF! :)

Media Moll said...

Please do an update on that Ben Nye powder I am afraid Banana will make me look ashy, right now I use MUFE HD #173.

tina_mbc said...

That looks like a great haul! ;)
Can't wait to see what lip combos you 'll be coming up with, using the OCC lip tars!!! ;)


VexintheCity said...

@the-swatchaholic - Glad you like them. I'll use mine tomorrow.

@Media Moll- Sure I will, I'm feeling 50/50 about it so far.

@Tina_mbc - I've forgotten about them already! LOL


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