MAC Cult of Cherry Spiced Chocolate quad - finally!

A couple of years ago, I was more interested in building up my perm MAC collection and didn't pay Limited Edition (LE) collections any mind whatsoever. When MAC released Cult of Cherry in August 2008, I didn't even know what was in the collection, that's how uninterested I was.

It wasn't until I'd acquired a vast collection, that I began to take a look at past LE releases and started to lust after the Spiced Chocolate quad that was one of three released in Cult of Cherry. My desire for it heightened, after seeing a friend create looks with it on a number of occasions. I don't really do quads but I think this is a gorgeous one to own that looks pretty damn hot on my skintone. Additionally, the shades it's made up of, don't duplicate any that I already own - which is always a plus, given how much make up I actually own.

After finding it on Love Make Up, I ummed and ahhed over its purchase for months but finally bit the bullet and ordered it last week (albeit a few pounds over the RRP) and I love it!

The quad consists of:

Nanogold -  Sheer yellow pink with pink pearl (frost)

Brash -  Frosty reddish copper (veluxe pearl)

Spiced Chocolate - Dirty deep reddish brown (matte)

Sweet Chestnut: - Frosted cranberry (frost)

(no flash)

My Mum would adore this, so I think that's my Mothers Day present sorted next month! Don't you just love that feeling of accomplishment you get when you manage to bag a LE item you've been lusting after forever? It's the little things that make me happy! ;-)

Which LE items are you yearning for?

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Lollipop said...

I bought mine from that site just before Christmas. It's such a pretty quad, one of my favourite LE things ever xx

Mz. More said...

This quad looks so pretty and I am sure it will look great on you. Can't wait to see some looks.

Louise said...

is Nanogold coming out again with spring colour forecast?

Emma said...

Anything from Style Black, especially Young Punk! I was out of the UK when it was launched and by the time I got back it had all sold out!

Hollywood said...

Gorgeous color I love sweet chestnut <3

Tali said...

This was my fave quad. I tried to depot the reddish color (the others were used up) and it smashed into bits and i was devestated! Loved the coc collection!!

JANE. said...

Fashion Mews from the Hello Kitty Collection. Whyyy did it have to sell out!?

eee and that Love Makeup is a good site isnt it!

resham said...

ya...i totally understand hw u feelin...
I have experienced same glorious feeling a couple of times when I managed to get SPICED CHOCOLATE QUAD, SOCK HOP LIPGLASS, OTHERWORDLY AND AFTERDUSK BLUSHES....:)

Ally said...

I wanted this so bad and finally bought it from the same site a few months i love it! I now know to always go for something if i can, rather than regret it later. Its beaaauuutttiiiful!!!!

Kayvona B said...


Imo said...

I really want lollipop lovin from the Heatherette collection simply for the hot packaging!

FabDiva20 said...

I have been wanting Spiced Chocolate Quad for a very long time!! I hope to purchase it soon so I can give it love!

Christina Tal-Qurru said...

The colors are beauitful! Is that palette still available?

Mocha Mish Mash said...

Spiced Chocolate was on my leeming list, but after seeing I would have to pay around $75.00 for the quad, it quickly came off the list--lol! I do wish I would have picked up the Barbie e/s and also Young Punk e/s from Style Black though...I snoozed on those :(

SilhouetteScreams said...

I think this is one of the most well coordinated palettes MAC has ever done. Usually there's like 3 good shades and then 1 random one *cough* Tempting Quad *cough* that I know I'll never use.

Nooberella said...

please do a FOTD using this! xxx

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I love that quad, the cranberry one is gorgeous x

VexintheCity said...

@Lollipop - Yeah, it's a stunner!

@Mz More - Thanks, will def do a FOTD with it.

@Louise - Yeah, it's coming out with Spring Forecast.

@Emma - The hype for Style Black was ridiculous and I haven't even used my stuff!!!

@Tali - Oh no - Pissed!!!

@Jane - Somebody was selling Fashion Mews on their blog last night. Beautylicious Love's sil (Sorry, can't remember her blog name!)

@Resham - Hope you get your hands on it all!

@Ally - Yep, lesson learnt for me too.

@Kayvona B - Yep!

@Imo - Loads of people are usually selling those on Specktra. I soldmine on my blog not too long ago - you missed it!

@Fabdiva20 - Fingers crossed

@Christina Tai-Qurru - Yeah, on the site I bought it from.

@Mocha Mish Mash - Keep n eye on Specktra sales lists or swap on MUA for those covete LE items.

@SilouetteScreams - Yeah, ITA! LOL @ the Tempting quad!

@Nooberella - I will!

@GWTGT - It's lovely.

the-swatchaholic said...

I am glad that you could get your hands on this stunning quad! :)

Tracy said...

Spice chocolate was a great buy! I was happy when I finally got mine. Hope to see some FOTDs!

tina_mbc said...

This is one of the best LE items they ever released! I was SO happy when I managed to get mine too! :)
As for LE items, I have a looong list...!
But it's no big deal, they 'll repromote things eventually, right? :)



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