Origins Spring 2010

I had a chance to view Origins upcoming product launches this week and thought I'd do the decent thing and share the treats they have in store for us.

First up ...

Youthopia  - SPF 15 Skin firming foundation with Rhodiola

This high performance treatment foundation with SPF 15 provides medium, buildable coverage while simultaneously helping to firm, lift and restore a youthful radiance. Key ingredient Rhodiola helps skin to correct and combat the appearance of lines and wrinkles. A blend of pigmnets and minerals including Silica and Mica provide a perfecting luminous finish.

Available in 8 shades:

01 Very Light
02 Light
03 Light/Medium - Warm
04 Light/Medium - Cool
05 Medium - Warm
06 Medium - Neutral
07 Medium/Deep
08 Deep

RRP: £24.00 30ml  and £17 Foundation brush
Available March 2010

All-Purpose High-Elevation - Cream Dry Skin Relief

Rough, severely dry skin can strike year-roundm but is especially common in high altitude locations that are characterised by thin, dry air that damages skin by zapping it with ultra-powerful UV-rays and darining away youthful moisture. Specifically designed for these challenging environments, but suitable for use at any altitude. This rich, non-greasy moisturing cream delivers immediate hydration to overly-dry patche son both face and body. Shea Butter combined with Sunflower, Jojoba, Safflower and Sesame oils transforms the skin as moisture levels are increased.

RRP: £20 75ml
Available March 2010

NEW Brighter by Nature - High Potency Brightening Peel with Fruit Acids

Some try and rectify skin surface damage by turning to expensive, sometimes painful dermalogical procedures such as chemical peels, which use a variety of chemical solutions to improve the texture of facial skin, by removing its damaged outer layers. However, many are reluctant due to the potential  for post procedure complications and the risk of delayed healing.

Origins have introduced an at-home peel which rivals the restoring benefits of a professional 30% glycolic peel by instantly exfoliating dead surface cells to restore a look of clarity, without the potential redness, lengthy recovery time, high cost and visit to the dermatolgosts office. Used regularly, over time these pads will improve the look of skin tone as skin appears naturally smoother and more radiant looking.

RRP: £28 (40 pads)
Available April 2010 - Exclusively to Harrods for the first 2 weeks and then at Origins counters nationwide

A Perfect World - SPF 25 Age-defence Moisturiser with White Tea


Designed for everyday use, this oil-free, antioxidant moisturiser builds an invisible bubble of protection that helps shield skin from age-accelerating free radicals, which can wreck havoc on skin's appearance. The key ingredient of Maritime Pine works to strengthen skin's natural defence system and helps prevent oxidation. Arabidopsis helps visibly repair the look of pre-existing UV damage.

RRP: £30
Available May 2010

My fave product is the Age-defence moisturiser as the texture was spot on. I really dislike watery moisturisers or those which are so thick they resemble sudocrem on my face and are a nightmare for my skin to absorb. This was spot on and also smelt lovely. 

What are your faveourite Origins products? I'm a sucker for Never a Dull Moment and Modern Friction.

2 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Holly said...

ooh wana try the foundation, I LOVE Origins!x

Shifa said...

I would love to try the foundation and the dry skin relief!


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