Beyonce turns up the Heat!

In case you didn't know, Beyonce launched her first perfume in February and it's been revealed that in one month, it's already accumulated $3 million in sales - 72,000 bottles were sold in an hour (really?!!) during an in-store appearance by "Honey B" herself in Macys Herald Square, NYC.

Heat  is a mix of magnolia, neroli and blush peach scents and set you back $40-$60. Does this mean that when I'm next in New York, everybody's gonna be wearing this?!! How were 72,000 bottles sold in a hour? Was every till in Macys, on all ten floors selling it or something?!

I thought Beyonce said she was gonna sit her ass down in 2010? So much for her taking a 6 month break, homegirl's not going anywhere! I've already seen her far more than I'd like to over the past week, thanks to Lady Gaga (you should have had Gwen Stefani in your video instead, but I still love ya!).

No seriously, why has she sold so many bottles of this perfume? Does it smell that good? From what I can gather it's a Macys exclusive and for the timebeing won't be sold elsewhere, so you can't have a sniff in Tesco next week.

Somebody reading this must have bought or smelt it, what's all the fuss about? Fill me in!

Cynicism aside, those sales figures are pretty damn impressive and I'm sure Beyonce didn't think it would be that successful. She needs to release a range of front lace wigs - she'd sell 2 million in an hour!

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Princesa Livia said...

Wow! That's amazing! I'm curious to how it smells like now because of all those figures. Wow.

liloo said...

too right about the wigs! if britney as well talked about all the wigs used in toxic and other videos, i'd be the first one to buy them!!!

Rai said...

Her perfume smells pretty good to me!

Stephanie said...

As I told ya on Twitter LMFAO!! Beyonce's 'Heat' smells like lacefront glue, Kelly Rowland's 'Career' and Chitlin loaf! You can just tell from the packaging AND the name that it smells sweaty..ewww

Sara (The Makeup said...

Those sales figure are nuts! wow! Thank you... Her promo pic is gorgeous though!

SilhouetteScreams said...

I dont understand how 72,000 bottles can be sold in ONE store in ONE hour :| maybe if they were just thrown out on the street it would seem plausible

The Shabby and The Chic said...

That's ridic - apparently she does not even wear perfume because she does not like the way it feels on her skin.
Those figures have to be some sort of typo?

Imo said...

HAHA!!! Beyonce would mkae a killing if she sold a range of lacefronts!! could you imagine?!

HijabCouture said...

I'm pretty sure it's due to the fact that she was in the store *I believe* signing and chatting away with fans; as a BIG Beyonce fan/supporter I would buy ten bottles just to see her *slight exaggeration, but she is an idol of mine*

But can wait till I get a sniff of it, though :p

Love your blog xxx (=


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