I really wanna try ...Make Up For Ever HD blush

You all know what a blush freak I am and the new MUFE HD blushes are on my radar, despite originally turning my nose up at their launch a few wks ago! These cream blushes feature mattifying and reflecting powders and a second-skin texture for a soft focus finish. Paraben free and with 14 shades to choose from, I'm spoilt for choice!
Priced at $25 each, which is currently approx £17 (not cheap, I know), they come in a 10ml pump bottle (so quite small), but I hear they'll last forever as you need the teeniest amount to give you cheeks a gorgeous glow.

I'm keen to hear if you've tried these yet. Do I need at least one in my life? Lemme know!

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Erin said...

This stuff is lovely!!! You LITERALLY only need a TEENCY, WEENCY bit of this stuff. It's THAT pigmented. It lasts pretty good, specially for my oily skin.

Caroline said...

Weeeelll when I went to France the other week I tried them in Sephora and I wasn't too impressed. The colour range looks amazing, but I didn't think any of the colours were realistically that wearable. Maybe it was the harsh lighting though. Also, they look really liquidy/gel like in photos but I thought they were more dry cream based - they seemed to hard to blend on the hand! And as well, maybe it was the testers but it was IMPOSSIBLE to get just a teeeeny bit out, it was full on blob or nuttin! xxx

VexintheCity said...

@Erin - Ahhh music to my ears! LOL Which shade did yoiu buy? Will check your blog out as I'm sure you've probably posted it on there.

@Caroline - Hmmm yeah maybe it was the lighting making them look iffy cos all the Sephora reviews make them out to wearable. Yeah the pump bottle looks a bit awkward. With my HD foundation, it's near on impossible to get a teeny bit out, without pushing hard down on the pump.

Ro! said...

ohmygosh! I'm a blush freak too! These look divine! I might have to eurostar it to Paris to go and try them! :D

Olivia said...

I already tried it in a sample jar by sephora...it's amazing! do you want that I write a post about it?

VexintheCity said...

@Ro! - A girl after my own heart but even I'm not going to look at them! LOL

@Olivia - Yes please!! Let me know the minute your post is up! Thank you x

Erin said...

I got number three and number twelve.

Zerin said...

I bought this last week and I am loving it!!!! I only bought one and now I want a few more. The blush cream blush ever!

Lucy said...

Oh that looks SO nice, I love cream blush!


sumaya said...

heyy vexx plz tell me where do u get MUFE products in london? plz plz id LOVEEEE to get my hands on these...tahnks alot :)

VexintheCity said...

@Erin - Thanks!

@Zerin - Good to hear. I think I know which two I wanna buy.

@Lucy - I'm loving the look of them too.

@Sumaya - You can buy MUFE in the UK from:


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