Mega Tek Challenge - 2 months on

Apologies that I've taken so long to update you with my progress using Mega Tek. I was really strapped for time, the boyf came over to visit, my PC packed up, and well, you know the rest! If you remember, I started to use Mega Tek back in January, January 22nd to be exact. Mega Tek is a protein treatment originally used on horses to strengthen and maintain their coats. It has been proven to work on human hair too. I bought it from here.

Two months on and I haven't turned into a horse, nor have I started to neigh. My hair has grown but my usage tailed off after two weeks and was quite irregular ranging from 3-4 times a week to once and then back to 3-4. Sometimes I forgot to use it at all! My hair has still grown despite not sticking to a rigid regime.

I decided not to use Mega Tek alone directly on my scalp and after much research on various haircare forums, decided to mix it with Vatika Coconut Oil, and store the mixture in a plastic spray bottle. I purchased the Vatika Oil from my local afro haircare shop and it cost a mere £2.99. It's a popular brand of coconut oil said to promote thickening of the hair. It also dilutes the Mega Tek as too much protein can prove harmful for the hair if applied recklessly. I diluted it as a preventative measure as I was unsure of how my hair would react to this new product.
Dabur Vatika Coconut Oil

When mixed together, it solidifies fairly quickly and I find myself placing the bottle on the radiator to melt the mixture down when I want to use it. I've since realised that a nozzle bottle will actually work better than a spray bottle. I've also been taking garlic capsules to prevent my hair from shedding as recommended. I began to experience shedding as my regrowth kicked in, consequently this was also around the time that I became sloppy with my pill popping so that's something I'll ensure I stick to next time round. I noticed my hair became a little drier as my new growth emerged and I had product build up on my scalp which further contributed to the dyness. I think I need to work on getting my moisture balance right.

You don't have to mix it with Vatika Coconut Oil, you can mix it with vitamin E oil, emu Oil, Jamaican black castor oil - research! There are so many mixes women are using that they're having success with. I'm going to switch my mix up as I can't be dealing with 'melting' the mixture down every time I need to use it. I haven't decided what else I'm going to mix it with yet, I need to read up on what seems to work best.

I haven't been to my trusty hairdresser for a blowdry yet and didn't do it properly myself, so excuse my hurr in the 'after' shot.

As you can clearly see, my hair's certainly grown and it's grown a bit faster than it normally would have over a two month period. I haven't gone out of my way to treat my hair anymore than normal - in fact I haven't treated it at all since I retouched it in January! My hairdresser is gonna kill me! I plan to rectify that this weekend and give my hair a deep conditioning treatment though.

I'm pleased with the new growth, but haven't really noticed any change in thickness to my hair, which is what I would have really liked. I plan to resume using Mega Tek over the weekend when I've washed my hair and had a chance to get some new ingredients to add to my mixture.

Speaking of breakage, I had a patch of hair on my left temple which had thinned out over the past few months - that has grown back. Result! The breakage I suffered at the back of my hair is repairing itself slowly, but I'm confident the hair there will be in better condition with continued use and care.

There are threads galore on afro haircare forums, (Just tap Mega Tek into Google) all discussing the pros and cons of Mega Tek and at first glance, some of these women are far more better informed on it than I am. It was London Diva's posts detailing her impressive growth here and a further follow up post here that spurred me to finally purchase it after months of deliberating.

I'm not an expert on this product and still read up on it myself when I need reassurance and assistance, in fact I'll be scouring the internet, re-reading peoples experiences and advice as I plan to change my Mega Tek mixture and routine. Please research Mega Tek accordingly before deciding to use it on your own hair as everybody's hair will react differently and you're likely to get a blank virtual stare from me, should you attempt to hold me responsible if you don't get the results you were looking for, or heaven forbid, your hair ends up worse off. 

This is just my own personal experience of Mega Tek so far. It's worked for me, but it may not work for you. I've read just as many "It didn't work for me" comments as I have "OMG this stuff is amazing!" In my next update, I could be bald for all I know! LOL I shouldn't say that..Oh my God, can you imagine?!! Hmmm let's not! Haha!

Thanks to Tynie who did my Before/After shot because I'm a Photoshop dunce! I'll update you again in May.

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Belle Du Jour said...

great review thanks! Your hair def grew! I love hearing about new things...x

Danielle87 said...

WOW ok I'm sold. I've been thinking about trying mega tek for a while but I was unsure of how the results would turn out. I know it varies with different people but u have me wanting to try this. Oh em gee lol this is like the answer to my prayers since I chopped all my hair off last year. Please continue to keep us update with your results. Inquiring minds MUST know lol.

VexintheCity said...

@Belle Du Jour - Thanks hon. I'm really pleased with it so far.

@Danielle87 - LOL Hopefully it'll work for you too if you try it. I'll def keep you posted.

essjay23x said...

There is quite a difference in the length of your hair between the two pics. Maybe the volumising effect'll kick in later? How long are you planning on carrying on with the Mega Tek routine? Looking forward to more updates!:-)

VexintheCity said...

@essjay23x - Yeah I'm happy! Hmm not sure, def for another 2 months. I'll continue to use it for as long as I see results I suppose. Obviously the growth is gonna stop at some point though so I'll just play it by ear until then x

Dreams That Glitter said...

Wow! Amazing, I'm sold!!! xoxo

IgboBaby said...

Great growth! I have Megatek as well. But I don't use it that often. I put mine in a spray bottle and mix all kinds of goodies in it, and use it when my hair is dry. I guess i should start using it more often. Loving your results!

Ally said...

Thats impressive hair growth for a 2 month period. I def want my hair to grow quicker but i dont want hair is thinned regularly cos its so thick, so still searching for something for me. Lokking forward to the next update.

LondonDiva said...

Girl I AM SO HAPPY for you with your progress. I get nervous recommending products for people sometimes in case it doesn't work for them, when I'm hoping they get the same results as I did. Keep us posted. Tonight is my megasage night with the MT and the Vatika.

Olivia said...

WOW! Great results and your personal review. I'm not sure I would buy it though. :/

VexintheCity said...

@Dreams that Glitters - Haha!

@Igbobaby - Yeah try and get into a toutine with it if you can.

@Ally - I wish I had more body to my hair. Have you tried taking Biotin tablets for growth alone?

@LondonDiva - Thanks hon, it was cos of you that I finally bit the bullet and bought it! Will def do another update in exactly two months time. LOL @'megasage'.

@Olivia - Thanks. You have gorgeus hair, you don't even need it.

mizzworthy said...

Wow - impressive results... YOUR HAIR IS LOOKING GREAT!

VexintheCity said...

@Mizzworthy - Thanks lovely x

Dwana, (SME) Subject Matter Expert of S.O.S said...

Congratulations, Diva! I'm honestly, too lazy to keep up with growth aids but I just adore their results! My next length check is next month. So go :2 (
Keep it up and your hair is going to dangle across your a$$ by Christmas! LOL /m\(*_*)/m\ Rock on!!!!!!

That and This..... said...

Very impressive - been growing my hair for a wedding in May, but I'm gonna get this stuff to speed up the process!

Mz. More said...

Very impressive results. That is some serious growth girl. I'm sold. Off to order some Megatek and will pick up my essential oils to go with. Thanks for the update, looking forward to more. :)

A.C. said...

Good growth, well done!! I still wouldn't buy megatek again though, after the initial burst of growth, things went back to normal for me. Not to mention that the stuff is none too cheap! lol

Bombchell said...

whoa chica this is really good. Im considering trying megatek, i just suck at sticking to stuff lol. And i secretly detest taking pills :( I had to start taking gummy vitamins

Halima - Fashionicide said...

This stuff sounds freaking awesome! Your hair does look longer here! *adds to basket*

I wonder if we can use this on our nails as it's supposed to strengthen hooves too? Loooool. My nails split all the bloody time.



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