Nail SOS - Reunail and Mavala

My nails are a law unto themselves. Ever since a disastrous episode with acrylic nails in the late 90s, they've never been or grown the same.

I found success with Sally Hansens Nailgrowth Miracle, which appeared to strengthen them, but the minute I stopped using it, they went back to being weak and brittle again.

I know that the nails that have splits in the nail beds will never fully recover, because, well splits are just impossible to repair but I can make the best of them and am more than happy to try  products which promise to improve their quality.

I've been using Dr Lewinn's Renunial sporadiocally for almost two months now and treated myself to a luxury manicure which has, again, encouraged me to maintain them. My cuticles are neat, nails shaped and I'm concentrating on nouishing the skin around the nail aswell as the nail bed itself.

Renunail Nail Strengthener is fortified with calcium gel to support weak and brittle nails, preventing chipping and splitting and also claims to protect against dehydration caused by the use of soapy water and harsh detergents.

I first heard of Renunail on a beauty forum I occasionally drop in on. I'd never heard of it but a couple of people were raving about it having transformed their nails. I was sold and went off to research it for myself.

Usage is simple enough, apply 2 coats and then one additional coat daily for 5 days onto clean nails, avoiding the cuticle area. On the 7th day remove with polish and repeat the process 3 times. Each cycle lasts 25 days. You're then supposed to let your nails breath for 1-2 weeks inbetween cycles.

Now my only issue with this is that I can't go long having naked nails, so I'll interupt the middle of  "a cycle" to paint them - hence my sporadic usage!

Mavala Nailactan is a nourishing cream that's applied to both the nail bed and the cuticles.It promises to counteract dryness and help restore elasticity to the nail bed, thus strengthening nails.

Daily, I apply a miniscule amount to each nail and cuticle, massage it in and leave it to do its magic overnight. I've been using this for a week now and have nothing negative to report as yet. It seems to be doing my nails good. Luckily this can be applied over nail colour, but it's advised that once a week before painting nails that it should be rubbed into bare nails and cuticles and left on overnight.

I also use Champneys Nail and Cuticle Wonder Oil , which I bought from the salon I had my manicure done at, for use during the day to keep my cuticles moisturised. I'm really glad I listened to the therapists recommendation and purchased this as I truly believe it's done a great job at keeping my cuticles in shape.

I don't want super long talons. I'm happy with them being short-ish, but I just want them to be healthy and much stronger than they are at the moment.I'll post an update on their progress at the end of the month.

Have you tried Renunail or Mavala nail products? Did you have any success with them?

18/03/10 Update: Scrap the update at the end of the month. My nails are looking the best they have for years. Strengthwise, they're actually like steel! Bar my thumbnails which can't go beyond the tips due to the splits in them, the others are longer and more importantily healthier. I'm really pleased with their progress and I'm a new Mavala and Renunail fan. Don't you love it when products really work?

I don't feel embarassed to do NOTD's anymore, so expect a lot more from me now.

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Shifa said...

I have heard a lot of good things about Mavala products and this seems nice too!


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