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I first heard of this brand last year, I think I must have seen it mentioned in a magazine at some point, as when I was given a double ended liner, (which broke before I had a chance to use it!) it rang a bell. I then discovered (through Miss Virtue) that they had a counter in Debenhams, Oxford Street which has been there since last July. 

New CID Cosmetics are still relatively new, having emerged on the scene in 2007 but they have quite a few counters dotted around the country which you can view in full here.

I've since acquired i-bronze in Rio, which is a compact powder bronzer with mirror. The packaging is made up of sturdy white casing with silver lettering. I think it's best kept in a handbag rather than in a make up bag where it's likely to get grubby quite easily.

It bemused me somewhat, when this was sold to me as being 'brand new on the market'. It's not. The baked mineralize powder has been done by MAC, Revlon, Prestige and Go Cosmetics off the top of my head. However I smiled politely as it was stressed how "new" this baked powder was in the cosmetics world.

The i-bronze is a lovely blend of pink, bronze, gold and peach tones. It applies really well and gives a soft sheen to my face, gliding over my skin evenly and smoothly. I had to keep reminding myself that it was a bronzer, but I'm pleasantly surprised at the softening effect it gives. It's light enough in shade to suit a range of skin tones and >id obviously agreed with me as they've only released it in one shade.

New >id Cosmetics I-Bronze in Rio - £19

Click to see the sparkle!

New CID Cosmetics are home grown, based in the UK and pride themselves on being the only cosmetics brand in the world to have its creative team solely made up of working make up artists, which I find impressive. Their aim is to educate on make up application, so users get the most of their cosmetics and to make buying the right cosmetics as simple as possible. I personally have no complaints with that ethos!
Whilst noseying around their site, I stumbled upon a number of video tutorials which give a greater insight into the brand and the products that they offer.

Prices are mid range with eye shadow quads priced at £20.50 and lipsticks £13.00. They're also having a 50% off sale on some of their products, which you can view here on their website. 

New CID Cosmetics can also be found on Zuneta, who have recently started stocking the brand.

Have you tried any New CID Cosmetics products? What are your thoughts on the brand?

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legseleven7 said...

I think NEW <ID cosmetics are well overpriced but the Coconut Ice lip gloss is amazing. It's a nude and it's one of those ones where when you open it it lights up.
It's gorgeous. I need to show it more love actually

missmascara1983 said...

Never seen this brand before, but this bronzer looks amazing! xx

matilda said...

i have tried only a product from them...a lipgloss and i stumbled accross it one time last yr in Debenhams as well...their products looked interesting but i havent actually bought anmore yet...i do like the lipgloss i have though....i like how sheer it is...i have it in Ticked pink-0501...its got a mirror on the side and it lights up as well....i like it and I'll probably buy it again cos it smells good but i cnt say much about the other products tho..i will however have another look now that i realise i'm not the only one who knows abt it...:)

star_violet said...

This looks so pretty! Mental note to myself to check out one of their counters...

Sara (The Makeup said...

I love the swirls of color! so pretty!!

FabDiva20 said...

Pretty!! I do want to see what it looks like on your cheeks.

Lisa said...

Thanks for posting pics of this, I was eyeing it up a couple of years ago but never got round to buying it as I hadn't heard much about the brand. You've got me really wanting it again now though, it looks so pretty! x x

Imo said...

That blusher looks and your peachy tones :) Im definitely going to check out their sale and all!

Ally said...

Judging by your pictures, this looks very similar in the pan to my laura geller bronze and brighten in the pan but without the sparkle. Every time i pass a new >ID counter, i feel they subscribe to the benefit sales pushy sales people and being accosted when walking past :)

SilhouetteScreams said...

Never heard of this brand, but that looks beautiful! Totally not new on the market though, haha :P

tina_mbc said...

I 've yet to try them, but I really want to!
Their liner/cream shadows look so pretty!!!



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