Review: Amie Bright Eyes Very Gentle Eye Make-up Remover

What it says on the bottle: Amie's gentle formulas are your skin's best friend: bursting with natural plant extracts that work in complete harmony with your skin to help keep it clear and radiant, they are completely free from parabens, sulpahates, mineral oils, GMO or animal extracts.

Bright Eyes Very Gentle Eye Make-up Remover contains natural amino acid based cleansers to remove make-up effortlessly and gently without stinging or irritating the delicate eye area. Meadow cornflower soothes and decongests, grape water cleanses while cucumber hydrates, cools and refreshes. 100% oil-free to ensure a non-greasey after-feel. Dermatologically tested, pH-balanced.

My usual eye make up remover of choice ran out a couple of weeks ago, so I turned to an alternative I had stashed away that I'd been given for review purposes back in January.

Amie Bright Eyes Very Gentle eye makeup remover is part of the new Amie skincare line, created by ex-Estée Lauder marketing executive, Fiona Parkhouse who was inspired by her daughters struggle to find effective, affordable skincare, free from the harsh, aggressive chemicals that can be typically found in 'teen' skincare.

 Amie promotes paraben free skincare for young skin, typically for those in their teens and early twenties. I'm in neither category but that didn't stop me from trying it out anyway. It's often argued, that simple skincare routines are more effective than those promising amazing results with the use of the latest skincare technology, so I was  that I wouldn't suffer an allergic reaction of any sort.

Bright Eyes removes my eyeshadow with ease and after squirting it onto a cotton pad, I hold it up to my eye and wriggle my fingers in a gentle massage motion to loosen the mascara, and then sweep the pad away. I repeat this 2-3 times depending on how many coats of mascara I'm wearing. I find it works far better when removing non-waterproof mascara, than its longer lasting alternative. In its defence, nowhere on the packaging does it actually state that it's suitable for the removal of waterproof mascara.

On the couple of occasions that I did attempt to use it to remove waterproof mascara, I had to apply the cotton pad to my eyelashes with significant more pressure and this resulted in the remover seeping into my eye and causing it to sting a little. The stinging lasted no more than say 3-4 seonds but for those with extremely sensitive eyes, you may have an issue with this. To avoid this, I simply stopped using it to remove my beloved waterproof Chanel Inimitable and reverted to my usual make up remover on the days this was worn and needed to be removed. I've not suffered from any other irritation and I use this on an almost daily basis.

I like the packaging, which comes in a clear, plastic recyclable bottle adorned with a simple floral design. The scent is light and slightly fragrant which my nose finds pleasant. It also has a water like consistency, which ensures that no greasy residue is left behind on my eyes. I really like this aspect of it and it somewhat feels 'fresher' for it, if that makes any sense of all. My bottle is almost finished and if I saw it on offer, I'd repurchase it.

If you like your skincare simple, effective and chemical free then this affordable range may be up your street.

How much is it? £4.75 (125ml)
Where can I buy it? Superdrug, Boots, Waitrose and online

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