Review: MeMeMe Drama Queen mascara

I'm not gonna lie, I can be a bit of a make up snob at times and every time I'm in Superdrug I walk straight past the MeMeMe stand without so much as stopping to look at the products on display.

I was sent this to try months ago and didn't really hold out much hope for it. However, this has left me pleasantly surprised so I thought it deserved a mention.

I like the packaging, the sleek metallic pink tube looks feminine without looking too infantile. I'm not a fan of cosmetics that look overly girly, I find those to be direct a turn off.

Drama Queen is described as a "High impact, ultra glossy, volu-lift mascara" with a "new flexible 3D brush" which "separates and sculpts lashes to deliver show stopping glamour". Sounds good huh?

I don't like the flexibility of the brush and feel as if I'm bouncing on a trampoline as I try to apply my mascara. Regardless of whether this is a new, innovative feature, I prefer a steady hand when applying mascara - who doesn't? That aside, when if you master the art of applying this without poking your eye out, the end results are pretty impressive!

Look how beautifully it separated my lashes!

It stays relatively smudge-proof and doesn't pull too much product out onto the wand when applied either. If it wasn't for the issues I have with the brush, then I'd probably repurchase this. You may find you get along with it better than I did though.

Price: £7.99
Where can I buy it? Superdrug (MeMeMe is exclusive to Superdrug).

10 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Belle Du Jour said...

nice lashes!! x

Olivia said...

it seems to be wow!

Lisa said...

Purdy lashes! The flimsy brush would annoy me too though, I like a sturdy wand xx

The Makeup said...

me me me is making your lashes look super fabulous! :)

liloo said...

dear me, it's worth the money for such a good separating product, but is it me or high street products are getting more and more expensive?

VexintheCity said...

@Belle du Jour - Cheers luvvie!

@Olivia - It seems to, doen't it?

@ Lisa - Yeah that's the only negative I have about it.

@The Makeup Snob - Thanks superstar!

@liloo - Yeah that's what I thought too!

Anonymous said...

where else can you get this product apart from superdrug because i cant seem to find it ???

VexintheCity said...

@Anonymous - You can only get it from Superdrug. MeMeMe is only stocked in Superdrug. How many branches have you checked?

Anonymous said...

ive been looking it up on the internet and i went to a superdrug in an england shopping centre called westfeilds and they said they didnt have that brand.

VexintheCity said...

@Anonymous - That's odd. Maybe it's in selected branches only. The branch at Westfields is huge, so I would have thought it was stocked in there. It's in my local Superdrug which is smaller.


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