Review: RMK Recovery Gel

What RMK say:  Simply embalm over your face to experience the intensive treatment; the gel works to recharge the skin with moisture, and the capsules work on the damages and re-strengthen the skin. Its ‘sealing’ effect allows the goodness to permeate and prepare a soft and plump canvas overnight for your next morning make over.

RMK is a brand I first heard of through Cosmetic Candy , but still I didn't really give it a second thought until in Selfridges one day, where I was accosted by one of their sales assistants. She was holding a pot of Recovery Gel and suggested I try it. I was rather taken by the peculiar looking orangey looking moisuriser (which later revealed itself to actually be clear - it's the jar that's orange) with white spots of "goodness" in it. I dutifully ooohed and ahhed on cue as she rubbed it into the back of my hand, and made a mental note to Google it when I got home.

Well, Google I did, and decided there and then that this was a product I'd quite like to try. Ironically, before I had a chance to splash out on it, Cosmetic Candy had another of her legendary blog sales, and had not one but two brand new jars up for sale at a price that I'd have been mad to turn my nose up at.

You know the rest ...

You'll know from past reviews I've written that I'm a fussy moo when it comes to the scent of my products. I'm pleased to report that I really like the scent of Reovery Gel, which is a fresh, zingy scent reminicent of oranges and grapefruit. Recovery Gel is an evening treatment which shows up as a clearish gel with teeny white balls in it. These balls burst when massaged into the skin. After rubbing it in, I then press my palms into my face as advised, for deeper penetration.

The ingredients are as follows:

Yeast extract(Moisturizing component)

Kyonin extract(Moisturizing component)
Diptoassium Glycyrrhizinate (Anti-inflammatory)
Grapefruit Extract
Aloe Extract
Raspberry extract
Ceramide D

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It leaves my skin feeling hydrated, plumped and suprisingly well moisturised for a gel moisturise. It's advised that you rinse it off in the morning, which is as ridiculous as instructions come in my book (well you wash your face again as a given in the morning, no? If you don't, well...!!) otherwise it continues to work. I've been tempted to use this in the morning to see what effects it has, and I think I'll try that out at some point.

Ok, so yeah it's not exactly cheap, but I've seen skincare product prices that have made my eyes water far more, so I can live with it. I don't use it every night either, only when I feel my skin needs a pick me up so I have plenty of product left. I'd be happy to buy this again as a skincare treat.

How much it is? £38
Where can I buy it from? Selfridges, LookFantastic

3 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Get Lippie said...

Been waiting for your review of this, sounds great!

Imo said...

I want to try this...does it clear up acne scars?

SilhouetteScreams said...

Those ball things sound cool XD


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