SATC 2 Movie Package in NYC!

Are you the ultimate SATC fan? Are you counting down the days until the release of the SATC movie sequel? More importantly will you happen to be in New York City on May 28th - the release date for SATC 2? If you don't fancy camping outside the cinema all day in the hope of catching a glimpse of the most famous female quartet in New York, this may tickle your fancy instead.

On Friday, May 28, On Location Tours will be offering a Sex and the City Movie Package that includes the famous Sex and the City Hotspots Tour, dinner, a ticket to SATC2, and admission to a nightclub, all for one low price.  The nine-hour+ day will be led by actresses and stand-up comediennes who share inside industry information and will allow fans to follow in the footsteps of Carrie and Company.

The tour of Sex and the City Hotspots incorporates more than 40 locations from the movie and the TV show including the shop where Charlotte bought her "Rabbit,” the trendy Meatpacking District, and a stop to drink a cosmopolitan at the bar owned by Aidan. It’s the perfect mix of shopping, drinking, and sightseeing in the hip neighborhoods of New York City.  There are also locations from Sex and the City: The Movie interspersed in the tour.

The package costs $179 per ticket and departs at 2pm in front of Pulitzer Fountain on Fifth Avenue.  For more information or to purchase tickets, visit or call 001 (U.S dialling code) 212-209-3370.

On Location Tours is the same company my friend and I booked our SATC bus tour with two summers ago and we had a ball. Amongst the highlights were cupcakes galore, cosmos at Aidan and Steve's bar and viewing the palace itself - Carrie's apartment. It all made for a very exciteable afternoon in the midst of New York's heatwave!

I can personally vouch for how professional and accomodating On Location Tours are, as in our excitement to get to the bus stop on time where the tour bus picked us up, we left our tickets in my friends hotel room!! Seriously, you couldn't make it up! Heart failure just doesn't sum up how my body reacted when I realised we didn't have the tickets!  

After turning the air blue with enough expletives to make Khloe Kardashian look like Snow White, we were able to call their office, give our names and luckily get seats on one of the bus tours scheduled a little later that day, which wasn't fully sold out. We were really in a wild panic but Location Tours sorted everything out for us.

If you have an upcoming trip to New York planned, the day off or just want to have a fun day out with your friends, I think this is a fab package which will make the day of any SATC fan - a SATC tour, dinner, ticket to see the film and a night out all on the release date! Yeah baby!

Just for the hell of it, here's the SATC 2 movie trailer to get you hyped all over again. I can't WAIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!

5 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Liparazzi said...

I can't wait for the film to come out!!!I'm so excited! Me and my friends are doing the whole dressing up thing, going to the cinema to watch the movie then out for cocktails :D xx

Scarie said...

I did the SATC tour 2 years ago, brilliant tour! So much fun!

So Very Fabulous said...

I've wanted to do the SATC tour but it probably won't happen any time soon. I am SOOO excited about the movie coming out though! 2 more months!

Lil said...

I did the SATC tour a few years ago and LOVED it!

The Makeup said...

I wanna cry at the thought! I just cant wait....


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