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My skin is far from perfect. Ok, there's been a vast improvement since my teenage years but I still get the occasional spot or blemish. I'll never have perfect skin and that's cool, I accepted that a long time ago as it could be far worse than it is. I haven't really used any specific products for spots, well actually I have, I used to use Clinique Anti Blemish Gel but didn't really get the results that it promised so I soon ditched that.

I first came across Murad Acne Spot Treatment when a representative in Boots was giving a demonstration at Christmas. She gave me a sample and some information about the brand and its products but I didn't give it another thought, until I got a spot a week later. I dabbed a teeny bit of the lotion on the offender that had sprouted on my chin, went to bed and woke up to find it had literally vanished overnight. I was amazed!  

Now I don't suffer from acne, but this spot treatment, does the trick for any random pimples that I do get. I've used it about 8 times and the tube looks untouched, so lord knows how long a full size 15ml tube would last me. It doesn't make all my spots disappear overnight, but at the very most any spots that pop up are gone within 48 hours.

I'm very impressed with this product and it goes to show just how important it is for brands to have samples available in order for the customer to 'try before they buy'. Had the saleswoman tried to persuade me to buy it without having the chance to to test it for myself beforehand, I'd never have purchased it. Now that I've trialled it and seen the results for myself, I have no qualms about buying it when my sample eventually runs out.

Have you tried any Murad products? Which product(s) do you reach for when you skin starts acting up?

** Please note that as with all my reviews, what works for me, may not necessarily work for you**

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Hollywood said...

Oh wow I am impressed ! my skin in winter is a disaster...I love Murad products I didn't know they had something for "pimples", I want to try it though but MUrad is a lil bit pricey if my memory is good...

Ally said...

This sounds interesting!!! I'm going to check this out..which boots has Murad? I've never seen it.

I have the Murad Pomegranate lip balm (has a longer name) but it exfoliates the lips whilst its on. It really works for me. I've tried some other murad products which just have not been that great.

Lauren Loves... said...

This sounds amazing. I also suffer from the odd spot and it's really blimming annoying. Is this an expensive product? xx

Shifa said...

I will defo look up this product and get it :)


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