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We all love a good pampering, but I've never really been one to lie back and emerge myself in the scents and soothing properties of essential oils. Until now it's all been a bit "Lady of the Manor" for me and I tend to associate such products for people who need an alternative treatment for the likes of a bad back!
Aromatherapy Associates is one of the world's leading names in high quality and highly effective aromatheraphy homecare - and I can now see why, having tried a few of their products recently. All their products have natural ingredients and oil extracts and they create a range of aromatic oils, skin and bodycare products for a variety of skin types which aim to treat your mind aswell as body.

Revive Bath and Shower Oil 

Revive Bath and Shower Oil (£34.75)  - This body oil can be used as a revitalising pick-me-up if you're feeling sluggish (so that's every morning for me then!), after a long flight, a hangover or even as part of a detox/slimming programme. You can either add a capful to a full bath or massage it over your body before showering. 

Key oils include Sweet Orange, Coconut Oil, Pine, Juniper Berry, Rosemary and Pine. I'm not entirely sold on this being used as part of a slimming/detoxing programme, though it contains Pink Grapefruit, which is said to purify annd encourage the elimination of toxins. The bottle contains 55ml of product, and is enough to last for 20 baths as you only need a small capful. 

I find the smell quite heady, yet pleasant and it really does seem awaken my senses and help to stimulate me as I breathe in the aromas released when I'm in the shower or bath. I tend to only use it on the upper half of my body, working it into my chest and over my arms, whereas when I'm in the bath obviously my entire body is engulfed in it. The scent lasts hours too and can still be smelt on my skin even after I've used my shower gel.

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Renew Rose & Sandalwood Facial Oil and Anti-age Overnight Repair Mask

 Anti-age Overnight Repair Mask (£43) - The Anti-age Skincare collection has recently been launched consisting of six new products and an introductory set. I tried the Anti-age Overnight Repair Mask. Again, using pure plant extracts and essential oils, this range aims to help slow the ageing process leaving skin looking plump, firm, radiant, youthful and supple

Yeah, I know, it sounds too good to be true, right?

Well maybe not, because this mask blew me away. It can either be applied and left on overnight or for two hours before before rinsed off with warm water. I opt for the two hour application each time I use it as I don't want to get it all over my pillow.

It goes on creamy, but dries to a smooth 'balm like' finish, which is unlike any mask I've tried before. It rinses off easily, which is a bonus as I hate having to spend 10 minutes with my face dipped in the sink trying to get masks off! At first touch my skin feels very, very smooth and plump-like - like baby's skin, it's that. I really enjoy using this mask as instant results are guaranteed and my skin glows!

Renew Rose and Sandalwood Facial Oil (£34.75) -  Infused with Rose, Sandalwood and Evening Primrose oil, this face oil nourishes dry, dehydrated skin. I used this after the Anti-age Overnight Mask, first applyig serum and then moisturiser as directed. I was worried it would all be too heavy for my face, but it complimented the routine beautifully. Before I went to bed I couldn't stop touching my face, my skin felt sooo soft. I awoke to find my skin still feeling silky smooth and fully hydrated. I've used a Clarins facial oil in the past, but this is much better as it's not as greasy. It can be used both morning and night but I've only used it in the evenings so far.
I'm in love with the packaging for the oils which I think is divine. You really feel special opening up the simple, yet classy boxes and seeing the oils encased like expensive perfume bottles.  My only complaint is that the bottles are made of glass and if you're clumsy, this could prove disastrous on a hard bathroom floor or in the shower!

I love the products I tried and will certainly be repurchasing both the facial oil and mask when I've used them up. Danni Minogue is reported to be a huge fan of the face oil and mask too and I'm surprised. Yes, they're not cheap, but the oil will last me months and I'm sure I can hunt down a bargain on Ebay if need be. I'm not known as the 'Ebay Queen' for nothing!

Aromatherapy Associates can be found in the finest spas and clinics worldwide aswell as Space NK, Fortnum & Mason and The Refinery (5th Floor, Harrods).You can check out their products in detail and buy online on their website too.

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Louise said...

oo they sound nice I am sure my mum has had a rose bath oil from them in the past

VexintheCity said...

@Louise - They are! Ooh that sounds nice.

Get Lippie said...

I think I need these. Damn you!

Grace London said...

I bet the mask would be good for facial massage too. These sound gorgeous.

VexintheCity said...

@Get Lippie - LOL

@ Grace London - Yeah, possibly, but I think you'd have to use more of it in order to massage it around your face first and then to use it as a mask. The range is really nice and I'm def gonna try more of it.

Lucy said...

I swear by AA - had a gorgeous bath of the stuff last night and it always reminds me of spas therefore feels extra indulgent! xx

Sarah said...

We've got some of the oils in our trial-pile at the moment - I utterly love the Relax bath/shower oil, have encouraged boyfriend to use it too as it's too good not to share and has a fairly gender-neutral aroma.

Jodie said...

I swear by the AA Deep Relax bath oil when I'm having trouble sleeping, fantastic stuff

Dee Gallen said...

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments, its hard to communicate all the amazing benefits of our products - we have a new skincare promo coming up this week, so watch out for that on twitter (AromaAssoc), Facebook and our website
Dee (Head of Marketing) Aromatherapy Associates xx

britishbeautyblogger said...

I love AA bath oils...100% my favourite because they really do seem to revive/relax/de-stress of the few aromatherapy ranges that seems to have a proper therapeutic effect x

Joel said...

This information is great! Aromatic essentials really relieve those anxiety and stressful feelings. Reading your article made me remember dental implants. Chicago where we live before had this fascinating dental spa where I actually had my implants. And walking in the dental spa relived all the stress that my work gave me. Just as I stepped in, I smelled this lavender scent that clears my jumbled mind in an instant.


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