Ben Nye Banana Visage Poudre

My last experience with a translucent powder was enough to put me off them for life. I bought Corn Silk Translucent Powder after seeing it pop up in magazine after magazine (I didn't understand the relationship between magazines and advertisers a decade ago) when I was younger. It did absoultely nothing for my skintone and left me looking very ashy.

I kept hearing about Ben Nye' Banana Visage Poudre last year and all the feedback was positive, especially amongst darker skinned women so I instantly knew it was a product I needed to try out for myself. I managed to hunt some down on good ol' Ebay a few months ago and just aswell too, as it was a no-show at the London IMATS on both stalls I found to be selling Ben Nye.

Now whilst Ben Nye' Banana Visage Poudre is immensely popular with make up artists and non-professionals alike, I'm having trouble making this work for me. I read endless comments that "this is amazing" and it "leaves you shine free ALL day". Well I applied it this morning and I was shining like a beacon 2 hours later! Not amused. I also feel it sometimes 'dulls' my make-up too.

I'm not a fan of the packaging and would have preferedr to see it come in a wide pot with a screw-off lid. The sieve makes usage quite awkward and the cap is too small for you to dip your powder brush into to pick up product. I end up shaking it into my MAC loose powder lid instead. Texture is similar to that of talcum powder and finely milled and a pale yellow colour - lemon like, but lighter. This is generally used to set foundation but can also be dusted under the eyes to catch eyeshadow fall out, and then swept away.

For those who have read the hype surrounding this, you can get it from Screenface and other theatrical makeup companies. Banana poudre suits all skintones, but as a lot of traditional translucent powders show up ashy on dark skintones, this is a better alternative.

Who owns this and how are you making it work for you? I'm frustrated that I have this 'wonder product' in my possession that I can't get the most out of? Which brush do you use to apply it with. Hit me up in the comments box with suggestions or this will end up in a blog sale.

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essjay23x said...

I hate it when these wonderful products seem to single me out as the one person out of hundreds that they're not going to work for. It's happened to me more then once, really annoying. I hope someone out there can help you out :-)

Shadowy Lady said...

I have Ben Nye's translucent powder and it's actually my HG setting powder (I have light neutral skin). It keeps me matte and non shiny all day long. It works great for ppl with fair to light medium skintone. I've heard that most WOC loved the banana powder though so I recommended it to a friend of mine who's about NC42. Sorry u didn't really like it :(

VexintheCity said...

@essjay35z - LOL I know! This beauty game is trial and error.

@Shadowy Lady - I'll try a couple more times to get it to work and then I'll most likely give up the ghost! LOL

legseleven7 said...

You just saved me money. Thanks darlin

Naomi said...

I have this and the neutral set in my kit and I mix the two together. I haven't had any problems when I use it this way and I use it on all skintones. I usually use a fluffier brush to apply the powder and press and roll in the t-zone.

China Blue said...

The only translucent product that worked for me was Benefit's Dr Feelgood.
At the time I was using it, my complexion was more or less perfect(I'm in the process of lightening some blotches left over from the Great Adult Acne Attack of 2009) so it did the trick of making my complexion smooth and 'finished'-looking, without making me look ashy or waxy.

I've yet to find anything that keeps the oil at bay for long, though. I'm in the running to become Miss Oily Face 2010!

Scandalous Beauty said...

Love, love, love!

yummy411 said...

aww u just saw that you were selling this. i use this as a highlight powder under my eyes and down the bridge of my nose; not to set my makeup. if it's still too light, you can mix it with your regular setting powder to make your regular setting powder a bit lighter to hightlight under your eyes a bit more naturally.


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