Eyeko Nail Polishes

A package lay forlornly on my porch on Saturday morning - unexpected, but appreciated all the same. Eyeko has popped the following polishes in the post for me.

  Tea Polish - A soft dusty pink cream 
Coral polish - A bright coral cream
Petite Polish - A pretty pink lustre, great for a french manicure

This is my first time trying out Eyeko polishes and I'm impressed with the quality of the one I tested - Coral Polish. After one coat, I had even coverage but thought I'd put a second one on as that's what I'm used to. 

I didn't find the texture too gloopy or thick and it was easy to apply to. The brush can sometimes pick up a little too much polish so I had to wipe excess off the side of the bottle before applying but it didn't alter the overall application once I quickly figured that out.

They cost a mere £3.50 each and I won't hesitate to check out what other shades they have on offer when the mood takes me.

Are you a fan of Eyeko polishes?

6 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Marina (Makeup4all) said...

Great colour! Thank you for review. I'd love to get the one which is black with red glitter.

Primp and Preen said...

That's a great colour on you.

Essjay said...

I can never get away with just one coat so using just two for £3.50 doesn't seem bad. There seems to be a nice colour range. The Coral looks lovely on you. :)

SilhouetteScreams said...

Ahhh LOVE how bright that is :)

Powder Rooms said...

That colour looks great on!

Hope you don't mind me posting that you van now get Eyeko Beauty at http://www.powderrooms.com/brands/eyeko_beauty/ x

나니 said...

Woahh! That's GREAT color payoff! : O


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