Giveaway: Win SATC tour tickets or to the tour of your choice in NYC!

When On Location Tours contacted me a few weeks ago telling me about their SATC2 Opening Night Movie Package, being a huge SATC fan, I was super excited. That excitement intensified when they offered to sponsor a giveaway for you, my divalicious readers to win a pair of tickets for their daily Sex and the City Hotspots tour.

I've been on the tour myself and if you're a die-hard SATC fan, you'll love it. Tour highlights include:

  • Shop at the store where Charlotte bough her "Rabbit"
  • Stop at "Scout", the bar owned by Aidan
  • Enjoiy cupcakes like Carrie and Miranda
  • Go on location to the art galklery where Charlotte worked
  • Shop at the hottets boutiques and stores in Greenwich Village
  • Visit Buddakan, site of Carrie and Big's wedding rehearsal dinner
  • See new locations from Sex and the city: the Movie

The tickets will be sent to the winner in the form of a gift card, which you redeem on the website. They have no expiry date, so they can be used on your next visit to New York City. 

To be in with a chance of winning them, just answer the following question:

"Who is your favourite Sex and the City girl, and why?" 

Now as much as I'm a fan of SATC, I realise not everybody may feel the same (scandalous!), so I'm giving you the option to choose tickets for one of the other three tours that On Location Tours run daily -  New York City TV & Movie sites , Sopranos Sites, or the Gossip Girls Sites tour if you win.

If you'd like to experience one of the other tours, then answer THIS question:

 "Which On Location Tours, sites tour would you like to go on and why?"

Giveaway terms and conditions:
This giveaway is open to all my blog subscribers/followers (aged 18 and over; I will check if you're subscribed) - based both in the UK and internationally.

One winner will win two tickets for the daily Sex and the City tour or the tour of their choice as listed above.

Travel to and from New York City will not be provided (Ha! You wish!).

When leaving your answer, please also leave your best contact email address so you can be easily contacted if you win.

One entry per subscriber. Duplicate entries will be deleted.

The giveaway closes on May 1st 2010 at 9pm (GMT)

A winner will be picked randomly and contacted by email, by myself within 7 days of the closing date.


22 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Amrita said...

Great giveaway and couldn't come at a better time because I'm out there soon ;)

My favourite SATC girl would have to be Carrie. Her incredible sense of style and the ability to transform any look to fit an occasion is what I love most. She always looks effortlessly put together, even when she gets her heart broken! I think every girl can relate to Carrie's character in one way or the other. I know I definetly can!


Lina said...

OHEMGEEE! Amazing prize!

I don't think I actually have a real favourite as I like them all (weird?), however I'll say Charlotte 'cause she's a total prude like me and also I want her Chinese baby, so I could over feed it and make its cheeks all cute and fat and then kiss it to death. And also put its hair in a little pineapple (a pony tail that's directly on top of your head, pointing to the sky). Ahhh, so cute. xx

♥lipgloss86 said...

My fav girl has to be Samantha. As much as I love Carrie(who doesn't) I love how brazen, successful and damn right outspoken she is! How she bags any man within seconds and still has an amazing career. She's independant and for years no one knew how old she was. She's been through hell and back and come out fighting. I dont think any of the girls would be who they are without eachother but Samantha really brings out the girl power in them all. xxx

Lipglossiping said...

My fav SATC girl is Carrie. I love how she's everything you'd wish yourself to be... stylish, talented, funny.... and then she'll screw up the illusion in the most recognisable and ultimately human of ways!

She's an amazing character, the perfect mix of female aspiration and genuine fallibility.

Lucy said...

My absolute favourite SATC girl is Charlotte. I realise that Carrie is the obvious choice, but I just associate with Charlotte so much more. Her opinions on everything are much closer to mine than, say, Samantha (with whom I'd have nothing in common!). Her style is gorgeous, demure and sweet but not boring by any stretch and I'd literally kill for hair like hers.

I'm going to New York in June and was considering the SATC tour anyway, so what a fab prize! xx

Get Lippie said...

Miranda, end of. Carrie is an irritating, solipsistic imbecile with all the charm of a paving slab. Charlotte is a whimpering, simpering ninny. Samantha is the only one who is comfortable in her own skin, but Miranda has a way with a witty one-liner that the others can't quite manage.

Sophie - Pretty Magazine said...

I love Charlotte. She's hilarious and sweet and by far the most normal and relatable of the four. Carrie is deeply self-centered and has no interest in her friend's problems. Samantha, while funny and admirably strong is outrageous and has dubious fashion sense and while I also like Miranda's sarcasm, some of her actions are too unrealistic. which is annoying! Charlotte is a great friend, wears gorgeous clothes and is generally someone I would want to hang out with! xx

sumaya said...

My fav SATC girl has to be Samantha...during each episode whatever she does brings a smile on my face especially her outgracious behaviour...while at the same time, the way she cares for her girlfriends and especially for Smith is so deeply touching, I also like her because she has had an equally hard time jus like the rest of the 3 but she manages to come out strong and we should all learn that from her.

DaisyBee said...

oh my gosh what an amazing giveaway! i'm going to NYC this summer, and I definately want to go on the SATC tour just need to find a way of persuading the boyfriend to go on it!

My favourite sex and the city girl is definately Charlotte, I think her style gets a little overlooked sometimes but I find it really chic, classy and timeless. She is actually the character which makes me laugh the most when I am watching the programme, she can be very matter of fact and unintentonally funny which I find hilarious! I think she has a great rose tinted but not sugar coated outlook on life which I wish I had sometimes! :-)

My email address is xxx

Aziajs said...

My favorite character is Miranda. She's kind of a combination of all the characters and I relate most to her. I find myself thinking a lot of the stuff that she says.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Carrie because she's a writer. If not this tour, I'd love the NBC one or the old films.

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

*Peonies and lilies* said...

My favourite character has to be Charlotte, she seems the most balanced out of all the characters and the most caring. I have serious envy of her thick glossy locks and her classic but yet very stylish outfits x

Emma said...

Ohh thats such a hard question : )
Hmm i'd have to say Carrie, because she has a bit of all of the charaters about her. She can be a bit wild like Samantha, a bit traditional like Charlotte and a bit cynical like Miranda.
I think the beauty of the show is everyone can see themselves in one or all of the characters and as Carrie narrates, i think she embodies all of the characters at different times and without the different personalities the show wouldn't work

Rachel said...


I am a new subscriber of your blog by the way..

My name is Rachel and I find this to be a fabulous giveaway!

My favorite SATC girl has got to be Carrie. She is full of sensuality, style, and attitude. She is smart, witty, and a writer, like myself *ahem* LOL All in all, if I had to choose one girl, it would have to be her! I LOVE YOU CARRIE!


RoByn LaTice said...

Can my favorite be a tie?

Carrie because in every episode her voice overs as a writter always leave me in deep thought to answer every question she proses in the beggining of the show. Her outlook at the end when answering the topic of the show always leaves me in awe!

Samantha because she is more open..more like me. She hardly gives a shit about what others say and does her regardless to her onlookers. And still remains sucessful throughout her process. Love this woman.

Over-all I might have to go with Carrie though..she is more of the thinker of the show. Gosh i LOVE this show. Nice giveaway.

Katie - KayGeeBeauty said...

My favourite SATC character is Charlotte. Shes so innocent, ditsy and sweet you cant help but love her. Her style is always very elegant and classy, plus theres no denying shes very beautiful. She reminds me of a friend of mine in terms of personality and i love being around her, shes one of those friends that never fails to make your day.


TalluluhBella said...

Wow, what a fab giveaway Yinka!

My fav SATC girl has to be Carrie - if only for the superficial reason of wanting her closet. I also think she is someone that most girls can relate to in some way!

Email -

thoughts running through my head.... said...

obviously I love them all, love them! BUT my favourite if I really have to choose is Carrie. I love the way she is slightly vulnerable as well as tough, the way she looks amazing and yet still gets it wrong. She has met some fabulous men yet craved Big, and thankfully got him in the end! They love each other but its not a perfect relationship. She is the one who is the common denominator amongst her friends, and she is the one I most want to be friends with.

Sara Leah said...

My Fav SATC gal has to be Samantha Jones!!!! I love all of them in my own little special way because I believe that they all respresent the different characters that all women possess! However you may just be more of a Carrie than a Miranda!

My reason for Samantha is because she is who she is and she would NEVER compromise that for anyone. She loves sex and men and is very open about it, but in a way that you have to respect her for. Even though she knows her friends don't do the same things she does, shes secure enough in herself to be open about what she does! THAT'S A REAL CHICK!!!! and you've gotta love her for it! shes true to herself and her friends, she's fun caring, and glamorous

Sara. xxx

essjay23x said...

I think for me, it has to be Carrie. I love the way as a writer, she can use words and language to strike a chord with women even for some of our more indefesible behaviour. I love her sense of style and her priorities, fashion; friendship; fun and then the fairytale even though every time she gets it, she seems to sabotage it up a little. I guess really I like the fact that she won't settle for anything less then she deserves!

essjay23x said...

sorry! email would be

Stephanie said...

Oooh this is a great giveaway!!

My favourite SATC girl WITHOUT A DOUBT is Samantha. She really is a 50 year old, white version of myself, just FILTHY. Not to say that i'm sort of 'loose woman' myself LOL but i do talk about the same subjects she talks about quite a lot. She's fiery and fierce and knows how to work her sex appeal. The ULTIMATE cougar.



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