MAC in Lillyland Cremeblush swatches

Yeah, yeah I know I'm late with these swatches, but acquiring them wasn't the easiest of tasks (long story), despite them being purchased as soon as they were released. Anyway, I've been reaching for cream blushes ever since I tried that Becca cream blush I tried and tested for and just wanted to share these babies with you as they've been on rotation for the past fortnight after receiving no love hidden amongst my other blushes.

The new blushcreme formula is an improvement on the existing one. The blushcremes in this collection are thinner, lighter and not as 'tacky'. They're also much easier to blend. I haven't found the existing blushcremes particularly difficult to blend, but there's a distinct difference between them. 

I don't know if MAC plan to release more shades in this texture and will eventually phase out the existing ones, but the new look blushcremes get a thumbs up from me and I hope they do. You really can't go wrong with these and the shades aren't as garish on the skin as they look in the pan.You can blend with a brush (I use the MAC 131) or my fingers and they glide over the skin really easily, with no dragging.

I'm yet to layer them under or over powder blushes (yeah, I put cream blushes on top of powder to prolong the colour sometimes) and have been happy to wear them on their own at the moment, but I love how they don't sit on top of my skin and sheer out to give my cheeks that look, as if they're emitting colour from within. Lovely!

Although the MAC in Lillyland collection is long gone off the MAC website, these blushecremes are still attainable off either Ebay, Specktra or Makeupalley if you look hard enough.

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London's-beauty said...

oh wow, the blushers looks fab! All of them look good with your skin tone. I'm jealous >: (
^^ x

Harlem Loves said...

I like the Joie-De-Vivre and Optimistic Orange colours

Princesa Livia said...

I love these, although they haven't been getting much love from me lately. Thanks for the reminder! :)

Jess(shades of gorgeous) said...

I love my optimistic orange! It looks so pretty on darker skin tones

SilhouetteScreams said...

Florida is so hot :D it seemed to scare off a few bloggers though!

Lipstick Rules said...

I have the Orange one and Joie-de-Vivre and love them both. I hope they introduce more colours in the future...though I don't really NEED any more colours. I just want more. LOL.

vivalalipstick said...

I so agree about these blushes....I love Florida, looks a tad scary but when you use it its actually quite tame.

Take care :)


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