My new obsession ...Becca Cosmetics

Ever since I reviewed some Becca products as part of my stint as a guest blogger for Zuneta, I have spent hours pouring over products, reviews and images trying to decide what I wanted to purchase for myself.

I am currently obsessed with this brand which hails from down under.

Becca doesn't come cheap but Beauty Bay has reduced their remaining stock, as they will no longer be stocking it on the site. I managed to pick out the best of what was left and this is what I bought. Zuneta has also reduced some items.

After comparing a number of reviews I decided on the Mineral Bronzing powder in Duende and Pressed Shimmer Powder in Athena. Both look similar in their pans from afar, but when up close the shimmer powder has a noticeable shimmer to it. I was surprised that Athena was the shade it was IRL actually, as the photographs I've seen dotted over the web displayed it as being lighter, so that was a welcome surprise. The shimmer powders come in a variety of shades and are also available in loose powder form too.

Becca compact powders are milled so finely that they will shatter easily if accidentally dropped or knocked on a hard surface. The bronzing power arrived with a couple of tiny chips which occured during transit, so I definetly won't be carrying this around in my handbag, same goes for the pressed shimmer powder. 

The mineral bronzing powder comes in one shade, Duende, which suits all skintones (I really believe it does too). It's talc and paraben free and has no shimmer at all, which I'm very happy about. I'm on a roll with bronzers at the moment - first Ilamasqua Burnish and now this baby. Both powders are incredibly smooth and glide onto the skin, therefore I'm very impressed with the quality.

I also bought some more glossy lip tints as I like Dalquiri so much. I really like the texture of these, they're not sticky like MAC lipglasses and nor do they leave me with that nasty 'white gunk' on the inner lip which MAC lipglasses have a habit of encouraging after they've been on the lips for a while. These lipglosses are super shiny and 'glass like' - I love 'em!

I have my eye on a couple more cream blushes and can't wait to try out their famed foundations. Since writing this blog post, I've just placed another order ...oh dear.

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Shangri-La said...

I'm swooning over the Bronzer and Bellini lip gloss, i've never tried Becca before but have the Bird of Paradise highlighter/gloss on my list (blame the name that suckered me in) x

Beauty H2T said...

I have always wanted some Becca lip glosses, but it has been too pricey,I am so jealous of your haul- thanks for the links,


Imo said...

I Want granita and bellini and the bronzing powder! Does its show up on dark skin tones or does it just blend in like a pressed powder kinda same colour as you?

VexintheCity said...

@Shangri La - Oh I saw that but didn't think it would do anything for me. I love everything I bought though.

@Beauty H2T - You're welcome. Buy a couple now they're on sale. You won't get them this cheap again for lawd knows how long.

@Imo - The bronzer gives me warmth which shows up when it hits the light. I don't use it all over my face. Buy a shimmer powder if in doubt. Try Odette.

shontay07108 said...

I was all about Becca when it was at Sephora. I remember I dropped a great deal of money on it for my first purchase. Too bad I had an allergic reaction. Even the gloss irritated me. That aside, I looked really great before it felt like my face was set on fire.

Lipstick Rules said...

I'm kicking myself for not picking Becca products up when they were on sale after Christmas at my nearest counter! They were clearing EVERYTHING out as the line isn't carried there anymore. 75% off. I must have been distracted. How could I have missed it? I will live vicariously through you now.

Amina said...

i really want bellini it looks gorgeous - there's a zuneta / youtube vid of this colour being applied. i will post on my becca stash soon! amina x

SilhouetteScreams said...

Love the look of both those powders, they really do look they'd work on a wide range of skintones :)

tina_mbc said...

Oh my, I love how Bellini looks!!!

I 've been slowly getting to know Becca cosmetics myself, I love their Sheer Lip Tints!


B said...

I have a concealer from Becca Cosmetics that is stunning!! Too bad I can't find that bish. I'll have to check out those glosses when I go to the Makeup Show NYC. Great swatches!

Anonymous said...

I just ordered the Shimmering Skin Perfector in Topaz, i've been wanting it for ages and it was on sale on beautybay. I love you so much for alerting me to that!

I highly recommend it.

Scandalous Beauty said...

Great review!!!


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