Nubar - Summer in the City collection

To coincide with the release of the eagerly anticipated Sex and the City movie sequel, Nubar have created four nail sets based on the fashion capitals of the world.

The collections will feature some of Nubar's most popular and unique shades with each city reperesenting one of the SATC girls. The collections will include the following shades.

I've done my best to provide links to swatches to all the shades, but is down at the moment (I actually gasped in shock) so I couldn't find all the polish swatches online.

A vibrant foursome including coral, blue, silver and blue/green duochrome shades.

An array of romantic pinks and deeper shades.
Cupid, Pink Creme, Noir and Camelot Blossom.

If your fashion sense is dictated by your career, then London is the perfect collection for you.

A tantalising group of colours to bring out the sex siren in you.

Coming soon on
£8 each (sold separately)

Beauty Shed will be running a special promotion where if you buy 3 polishes, you get the 4th free, so that's four polishes for £24.

3 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Amina said...

hmm havent tried any nubar yet - is it any good? like the charlotte shades

VexintheCity said...

@Amina - I've only tried one polish so far and I'm very pleased with the quality. Overall they seem to get the thumbs up from people.

Shadowy Lady said...

woohoo, I'd be interested in Carrie and Samantha's nail polishes!


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