Recycle with Origins and get FREE samples.

In May Origins is launching its Return to Nature Recycling Program which has been designed to further develop their commitment to the planet and more importantly help to reduce waste. Currently cosmetics containers are being sent straight to landfills and Origins is the first brand within the cosmetics industry that will be inviting customers to bring back to store their empty cosmetic packaging from ANY brand and receive a free Origins sample in return. 

The old containers will then be sent off to Waste Care, their recycling partner where they will be recycled, or if there are components of packaging that can't be recycled than used for energy recovery.

Good news eh? I dread to think of all the plastic skincare packaging I've wasted by chucking them in either my bedroom or bathroom bin becuase I'm too lazy to go downstairs and put the bottles in with the recycling rubbish in the kitchen! 

My understanding is that you get one sample regardless of how many pieces of packaging you take in, so you may need to space out visits to your nearest counter! *ahem*

2 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Rhamnousia said...

I have tonnes of empty things at home and things which are coming close to being empty so I'll keep them for this because I really like Origins stuff.


Ashwini said...

Thanks for the tip! THis sure beats some of the other offers like Back to Mac where you need to wait until you have 6 empty things. Great info. :)


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