Calling all Lush fans ...

...and I know you're out there judging by the billion and one posts that were frequently appearing on my blogger dashboard a few months ago!

Lush have a treat waiting in-store for you - 6 products for only £10!

Yep, Lush has your back this Summer and has put together a package that will you have you buffed, scrubbed and moisturised to perfection, ready to transform you into a beach goddess.

Pop instore today and for a tenner you can walk out with the following:

 - a 45g sample tin of Ultralighyt body and facial sunscreen with SPF10
- Glorious Mud Body Mask
- Buffy Skin Conditioner
- Stepping Stone Foot Scrub
- Fair Trade Foot Lotion
- Token to the Forest Gods sauna tab

...and to make your pennies go further, take a 45g sample tin back to any Lush store for recycling and receive £1 off a full size of that product.

This offer is available now until June 22nd 2010.

6 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

London's-beauty said...

wooo ohh myy that is sooo good! any 6 lushh products? woww. I must get my hands on that! XDD thanks for the notice :) x

Anthea said...

Its a shame I'm not a lush fan :(

I wonder if MAC would ever pull a stunt like that... lol!

missKC027 said...

Hello there. Ive been lovin your blog. I really like this post as well. I was readin your blog from the first post up unitl this last one. Hope you could follow my blog as well! thanks so much


Shangri-La said...

I'm such a fickle consumer! I used to be obsessed with Lush now I've gotten over it but I still like their skincare stuff x

Elizabeth said...

I saw this in store the other day and was very tempted to buy, but ended up not, it seems like quite a good deal though, even if the tinned samples are tiny (around the size of a Trebor stong mint)

By the way,have you seen their new hair moisturiser targeted at Afro Carribean hair, it's called R&B (partial side-eye) and seems to have gotten some good reviews so far.

VexintheCity said...

@London' Beauty - You're welcome.

@Anthea - Imagine that! LOL

@MisskC027 - Thank you. I'll check it out.

@Shangri-La - I know what you mean. That's my life all over LOL

@Elizabeth - You lie? LOL Yeah, I heard about the R&B (gives you a side-eye in return) a while back. Apparently it stands for Revive & Balance or something like that. It'll still raise eyebrows though!


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