Guest Review: Origins Youthtopia SP15 firming foundation with Rhodiola and foundation brush

A while ago I asked Nicola, fellow blogger and writer of NicolaVC86, if she'd be ever so kind to help me review a couple of Origins products. She obliged, and here's what she had to say about them.
"I recently got the chance to try out the new Origins Youthtopia foundation & foundation brush, so here are my thoughts on the two products;

The new Youthtopia foundation by Origins is ‘clinically proven to improve the look of imperfections and soften lines and wrinkles, with the mix of youth-boosting skincare and makeup, skin looks firmer and more resilient. Worn over time, the skin becomes measurably more younger looking due to the patented Rohdiola rosea anti aging technology as well as collaging boosting soy peptides.’

Now all the technical details are dealt with we can get into the good stuff - what this foundation can do. First of all this is a light to medium coverage which can be buildable if needed but even with a small amount it almost blurs your face and you don’t notice flaws at all if that makes sense, if you choose to go for a fuller coverage you really don’t look like you’re wearing much at all, I do still use concealer with the foundation under my eyes but it covers dark spots & imperfections, nothing can tackle my dark circles. 

It almost turns to a powder finish once it sets on your skin but gives you such radiance; it really is a beautiful finish. I found it best to apply over a primer (which I do with all foundations) & with the fingers, it allows the product to warm up nicely and blend much more naturally than a brush. The lasting power of this foundation is up to 10 hours on me with a setting powder & I have oily/combination skin which I’d say is pretty good performance.

The packaging is a very standard bottle which could benefit from a pump as it’s so runny, you can end up with too much of the product coming out. Priced at £24 for 30mls, it isn’t exactly cheap but I personally would buy this. If you didn’t get along with the Nars Sheer Glow I would try this as it is very similar if sheer glow broke you out, which incidentally this didn’t but then again nothing ever does apart from fake tan & Mac charged water. Even though I do love my sheer glow I will be purchasing a bottle of this when it is finished as I am very impressed.

 As for the foundation brush, my advice is really don’t waste your money, when I received it in the post I assumed it would come with the foundation or be £5 maximum, its £17. I nearly chocked on my chocolate bar. It is so cheaply made, the hair is so stiff even after I gave it a good wash, the Ferrell is made from such a cheap ‘metal’ ( I’m doubting it is even metal maybe a glorified plastic) you could easily dent it & the handle is just the same. Altogether a shocking brush, applied my foundation horribly and an epic fail from Origins. If you are determined to use a foundation brush which personally I don’t, spend another £8 & get a MAC one.

All about balance one great review & one not so great, but I saw they made other brushes which look nice on the site but having experienced this brush I’m hesitant & hopefully made you the same, I don’t like people wasting money, I’m actually surprised Origins released such a poor product as I have loved everything I’ve ever tried from them."

This is available in eight shades and retails for £24.00. 

Any Origins fans out there?

4 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Nooberella said...

ohhhh this sounds like a good 'un, i was thinking of getting the Clarins Everlasting as a summer foundation as I still need coverage but want a more sheer finish if that makes sense.
Fab review, will def have to check this out

BeautyGeeek, Kishmat-Lola said...

i've only ever used skincare from Origins as opposed to make up but this foundation sounds lovely.

ModestyBrown said...

Thanks for the review, I like the sound of this foundation. I'm grateful for the honest opinion on the brush too, it's always helpful to know which items to give a wide berth!
Jane x

SilhouetteScreams said...

That foundation sounds great, it almost looks like her skin has been airbrushed! What a crappy brush though :X


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