MAC does Disney - Venomous Villains

Having skipped the last couple of MAC collections (just hurry up and release In the Groove already!), I haven't been too fussed about MAC's latest offerings.

Today after months of speculation, the news that MAC is joining forces with Disney to create the Venomous Villains collection was confirmed. Hitting stores in September, the collection will feature four Disney 'villains' - including Cruella de Vil and will include lipstick, powder, lipgloss and blush (what, no eye shadows?).

Now whilst I'm not convulsing in excitement (all body jerking is currently being reserved for SATC2), watching the teaser trailer did bring a smile to my face. It kinda reminds me of the kind of adverts Alton Towers release for a spooky new ride. 

What do you think? Will this collection bring out the big kid in you or does the thought of carrying make up adorned in cartoon characters leave you more than a little unimpressed?

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Hardcore Makeup Junkie said...

OMG, I can't wait for this to launch! This isn't as exciting as when they joined forced with Hello Kitty, but this is up there with that! Thanks for sharing :)


Lucy said...

I love kids films but I hate it when adults wear/use stuff with cartoon characters on, so probably a miss from me!

Rhamnousia said...

It seems good from what I've heard (mainly chat on Twitter) but I hope they design the packaging in a decent cartoony way (if that makes sense?) instead of making it a right tack fest like the To The Beach collection and the Dame Edna stuff. The HK stuff was on the verge of tack but not as bad as the other two. People will still buy it because everyone seems to go mad for MAC but hopefully the packaging takes inspiration from the villians instead of just slapping them on the cover.

And I just reread and saw that there were no eyeshadows..I think they may have missed a trick there..but having said that, they have more than enough shadows in their perm range to let you recreate villiany looks.

Nooberella said...

i cant wait for in the groove, but i think the cuteness of this collection will have me buying again! I skipped at the beach and pret a papier because it all looked lame =0/

BeautyGeeek, Kishmat-Lola said...

hmmm i can think of better ranges to spend my money on...but who knows, i might be surprised once it launches! x

Imo said...

Oh I wanted to see products, I am itching to do so now. you have me hankering for stereo Rose! =D x

VexintheCity said...

@hardcore makeup junkie - Ooooh I hated Hello Kitty LOL

@Lucy - Yeah, I know what you mean. It's hard to pull off.

@Rhamnousia - Damn Edna was vile. It'll be a success either way cos MAC just have that reputation regardless. Yeah, you're right, plenty of e/s in the perm range already.

@Nooberella - In the Groove, will have me going a little crazy! All will be revealed with this Disney collection soon.

@Beautygeeek - Hmmm likewise. Time will tell ..

@Imo - Aren't we all!! LOL

Full Color Business Cards said...

I think this will bring back my Disney Days :) I am so excited to see all the collection :) I wonder if Maleficent will be included ? :)

scrapandthecity said...

after To the Beach, nothing is really grabbing at me from MAC. I need to put a few dollars away for this!

Sandie♥ said...

I think the omission of eyeshadows in the release info is not necessarily may be just a "including" blush,, powder etc....Maybe there will be palettes (like Hello Kitty)? For those wishing, I think there is still hope!

As for this, I reckon it will be another hugely hyped and anticipated collection, and will disappoint when the actual launch comes around, like Hello Kitty (which in all honesty, was a total disappointment). I am hoping that is not the case, and that MAC actually do Disney some real justice with this collection. I really hope that they focus on more than just the packaging!


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