Sleek Circus Palette - Swatches

The new Sleek Circus palette (yes, there's another one) will be hitting Superdrug stores next month and after attending the Sleek event held a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to bring one home with me.

Containing a mixture of shimmer and matte shades, the Circus palette is the second Sleek palette to stray away from the traditional black casing that we're used to, and comes in bright red plastic packaging to follow through on the circus theme.

I quite like the hot pink, orange, yellow, shimmey blue and purple. However, the lilac shadow didn't swatch very well at all and and was quite weak in pigment. I had to swatch it onto my skin at least 6 times to get it to show up as it has in the picture. If you like your brights, then there'll be a range of looks you can create with this.

Sleek hosted a fun day of swatching, makeovers and a bowling competition which resulted in Sophieismadeup flying to New York to attend The Make Up Show. We even got to see lipsticks and pigments made before our very eyes! I won a runner up prize which was a years worth of Sleek makeup (because I really need more make up right? LOL). 

I've been sharing some out as I own quite a lot of it already - but I made sure I kept my back up of the Storm palette! I'm loving some of the new limited edition products which haven't been released yet too. I'll show you swatches of those in a future post.

Here are some pics of the day:

 Click to enlarge

My prize

Just when I think Sleek must have run out of eyeshadow shades for the palettes, out comes another! My favourite palette is still the Storm - I love it. 

What's your favourite Sleek Palette and are you liking the look of Circus?

15 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Get Gawjus! said...

My fave was the sleek bohemian palette! gorgeous. and this one looks fab too. Sleek hardly ever go wrong.

Amina said...

omg! these colors are so beautiful!!!

cbsg5861 said...

Arghhh, I'm so envious! I want this palette v_v

Does Sleek ship internationally? I'd love to get my hands on their goodies, they seem so much fun to play with! x

Jenn said...

That looked like the greatest party ever!
Congrats on winning :)

Resha said...

i need this so bad. it sucks we dont have such easy access to this brand in the states :( these swatches are GORGEOUS!!

Anonymous said...

My favorite palette is the sunset, I luv sleek palettes as the colours are vibrant, yet easy to blend and work with..

I can't wait to get the circus palette, it looks gorgeous and I could have a LOT of fun with it.

In fact these sleek palettes could be overtake my luv for urban decay palettes.....

@sauce_pot xxxx

BeautyGeeek, Kishmat-Lola said...

wooo lush colours!!! i feel a sleek make up trip coming on x

VexintheCity said...

@Amina - Glad you like them.

@Get Gawjus - Oh I skipped that one (the only one I've skipped *gasp*) LOL

@Cbsg5861 - Yep, they ship internationally now.

@Jenn - Yeah, it was a fund day. Thank you x

@Resha - Hopefully they'll set up shop in the U.S for you soon. Until then you can buy online.

@Sauce Pot - Sunset is nice. I swear I haven't used mine yet! They're a cheaper option to the UD ones that offer a wide varirty of shades.

Dreams That Glitter said...

Ridiculously excited for this palette! They need to release those brushes, they look so good.


Amrita said...

I have all 10 Sleek palettes so I'm sure adding another one to my collection won't hurt anyone ;)

Nikkia (Silver Lips) said...

Hey Sunshine!! OMG!!! I can't wait to get my hands on that palette! I love the colors and the red casing. Those swatches are great. Thanks for sharing

Mocha Mish Mash said...

Lucky you! Awesome prize!! I'd be in heaven. The Circus palette is gorgeous, such beautiful bright colors.

kimmydadiva said...

OMG at that yellow. it's intense and definitely a Yellow I am seeking. I wonder if its better than MAC Chrome Yellow??!!

SilhouetteScreams said...

Brb, drooling over your prize :D and the shadows look so fricken pretty on your skintone

PS: I got the primer in the mail last week, love it!

danai55 said...

My fav is chaos like matte e/s


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