The Afro Hair and Beauty Bible

Yesterday I passed by The Afro Hair and Beauty Show, looking as dishevelled as I possibly could be, after stepping off a long haul flight just 7 hours previously.

One of the highlights for me, was coming across author Alison Husbands, who was promoting her new book, The Afro Hair and Beauty Bible. After years of suffering with dry, damaged hair, she decided to take matters into her own hands. After extensive research and product trialling, she has overcome a lot of the problems black women face with hair and skin care and has decided to share her findings with women seeking advice and remedies.

The Afro Hair and Beauty bible shares a wealth of information and covers everything from caring for your hair, be it natural or relaxed,  breaking down popular regimes such as co-washing and dusting as well as recommending products which work with your hair type.

The full colour glossy book is easy to digest and also provides essential skincare advice and beauty tips with a mass of shade recommendations for black skin of all shades and tones.

The Afro Hair and Beauty Bible is currently available for sale through Amazon for just £9.99 + postage and packaging and can also be purchased directly from the website.

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The Style and Beauty Doctor said...

Wish I could go to this show---sounds like a ton of fun!

*~♥Giddy Princess♥~* said...

Hey, thanks for the headsup on the book. I have just found it on Amazon and will be purchasing. I really struggle with my hair and I am about a year into growingo out all the relaxed hair.

This book should be great for tips on how to keep it healthy!

♥Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder♥ said...

definitely will be checking out this book

Anthea said...

Ooh this looks like one for the collection! I was thinking of going to the show this year, i havent been since I was really really young so would like to experience it through adult eyes but I didn't get my self organised enough... typical me! There is always next year I guess :)

Hope you had fun in NY x

afrodivine said...

Apart from the pretty pictures, all the information in this book can be found online for free! Hair types, hair care, makeup tips, skincare etc. There are amazing and up to date blogs that post this info every day. Plus Amazon has loads of similar books, but written by pro makeup artists. Its a nice idea but I'll be giving my copy away to my sister. Loved the hair and beauty show by the way, and good luck with the blog awards, I voted!

Tangled Hair Techs said...

Beautiful blog, I just recently saw that book, but was a bit disappointed because it spoke nothing of safe and proper removal of braids,weaves, hair extensions, dreadlocks, and bonding/fusion glue. It didn't even mention the Take Down Removal Techniques that most hairdressers in America use.

So many black women in London have really lost alot of hair from improper removal of these styles, and they are stuck wearing wigs.

Does anyone agree?


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