Celebrate with Clumps of Mascara! Giveaway bonanza!

Brittany over at Clumps of Mascara is celebrating her three year 'blogiversary' and to show her gratitude for the support her faithful readers and supporters have shown her blog over the past three years, will be hosting a week long celebration giving away over £1000 worth of beauty must-haves. Product sponsors include Zoya, COVERGIRL, Lanc√≥me, Maybelline, NYX, Clinique, Milani, Beauty Ticket and many others.

The giveaways will run daily from June 6th-12th and will be announced on Clumps of Mascara, the site's Facebook page, Twitter page and You Tube account.

Best off all? A lot of her giveaways are open to her international as well as stateside readers. So what are you waiting for? Check it out, you never know - you may end up a winner!

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