Dior Diorskin Poudre Shimmer in Amber Diamond (002)

So after having it recommended to me by a couple of fellow beauty bloggers and swatching it for myself, I took the plunge and decided to buy Dior Poudre Skin Shimmer (this product appears to go by at least 3 different names by the way!) in Amber Diamond when I popped into Sephora during my recent NY visit.

Poudre Skin Shimmer is an oil-free pressed powder that's designed to make the skin bright and radiant, adding a non-glittery, luminous glow. I bought the shade Amber Diamond, which is made up of ivory, champagne, tan, bronze and peach stripes contained in a sturdy mirrored compact. 

It's finely milled so there's no fear of creating a blotchy shimmery mess on your face. This powder is supposed to emit a soft, illuminating glow.  There's not a scrap of sparkle in it, so it's great for young and maturer skins alike.

It comes in bulky navy plastic case, which has a holographic 'CD' on the lid. The  faux-suede pouch it comes in, is a nice touch too.

Am I loving it? Not much to be honest!

 I wore it a couple of weeks ago and spent far too long trying to recreate the amazing glow I'd heard others speak of and had seen in a couple of FOTD (face of the day) pictures.

Yes, it's buttery soft, applies really smoothly, but once I'd applied it, the glow that I'd initially swatched on my hand, didn't transfer to my face! I was scrutinising my face trying to position myself under the bathroom lights to see this 'amazing' glow. I couldn't really see anything other than a very subtle shimmer ..certainly nothing to get my knickers in a twist about.

To be honest, I think it looked a little ashy on me - perhaps I used too much of the lighter strips, even though I'd made the effort to avoid those, so who knows!! 

Yeah, it looks gorgeous on my hand - but I didn't feel the same once it was on my face.

I used my MAC 136 brush to apply it to my (non-existent) cheekbones and a teeny bit on my cheeks themselves but I think I'll use a smaller, denser brush next time, so that I can buff it out better.

Basically this purchase has been a bit of an anti-climax for me - and I hate when that happens. Even more so because it's not as if it cost me £3.99 either!  So I'm sorry but for now there'll be no gushing feedback detailing how this has changed my life and how I won't be reaching for any other highlighters as a result of its performance. I'm not giving up on it, I'm just not in "Oh my God!!" mode over this. To be honest, I'm sure I have a MAC Mineralize Skinfinish that gives me a glow that I can see instantly, minus shimmer. I'll need to rummage through my stash and compare them.

That'll teach me to get caught up in the hype. Will I ever learn? No. I'm not giving up on this completely, if anything I'm determined to make it work but I need to find an application method that works for me. I also think this may look better on me when used with deeper toned blushes.

It may be useful to know that this is also currently available to purchase in Rose Diamond (pearl/pink/ mauve/soft plum/pink) too.

I know this is loved by many, so please share your application tips with me.

Where can I buy it? Larger Boots stores (If you're gonna buy it, you may as well get your advantage care points!), department store counters
How much is it? £31.50

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jaljen said...

Thirty-one pounds fifty??? Eek.
And you can't use the pale bits? Double eek.
Is it the right colour for you? It doesn't look quite warm enough.
Use more. I'm a keen advocate of slathering stuff on in abundance.

VexintheCity said...

@jaljen - I can use the lighter bits for brow highlighting. I've read reviewqs by women my complexion who love it and I swatched it before buying it, so I can make it work..but when I used it, I really wasn't wowed at all. Yeah I think I'll slap on more next time although I don't want to look like a shiny beacon!! LOL

The Beauty Bite said...

We don't get this product either. We've tried it a couple of times in store and agree with you 100% - we're positive that we own MAC mineralize products that give a better glow. It's a shame, because everyone keeps raving on about how remarkable it is. Let us know how it works out!



Rhamnousia said...

LMAO@ That'll teach me to get caught up in the hype. Will I ever learn? No.

It does look nice on your hand but I wouldn't have the first clue re. how to use it because it seems too matchy to your skin tone for a highlighter and too light to be used as a contour.

Grace London said...

There was a peachy highlighter in the Spring collection by Dior that I think would've been better for your skintone. This one does look a bit ashy to me.

resham said...

I avoid using the last strip, the white one...and concentrate more on the darkest strip. I tried using it with MAC 165 (that tappered kinda brush) and 129 Blush brush...I like the Blush brush more better...For other highlighter I prefer the 165.
Have you tried those Laura Mercier Shimmer bloc thing? I didn't find many reviews on net...

Georgia said...

hmmm, I think this is an over hyped product to be honest...

Kerry! said...

ah ive wanted this for so long, but i dont think i can justify spending £30 on a highlighter!

Get Gawjus! said...

Miners Cosmetics do such similar powders hun, in pink and bronze. They give a similar effect too. You may want to check them out :)

Muhsine said...

I swatched this and it reminded me of rhapsody in two but not as nice, it looks pretty but im not excitied over it. xx


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