Gillette Venus and Braun Silk-epil 'Get Set for Summer' challenge - Part 1

A few weeks ago (over two months ago actually) I was asked if I'd like to take part in the Gillette Venus Summer challenge. The offer couldn't have come at a better time as my legs were in dire need of shaving and my Gillette Mach 3 Turbo (Yes, I use a men's razor) had decided to go AWOL!

For as long as I can remember, I've used Gillette razors. I toyed with a razor made by another well known brand a couple of years ago and threw it away after two uses, it didn't compare to what I was used to and left me with half shaved legs. For the past year I've been using the men's Mach 3 razor and blades as I find it gives me a closer cut.

Gillette have released two more razors to add to their Venus range - the Venus Spa Breeze and Venus Embrace.

Venus Spa Breeze, comes with 3 blades and Built-in Shave Gel bars (scented with white tea, not the strongest scent, but scented all the same) which save you time, money and effort as there's no need for an additional can of shaving foam to complete your shaving experience! The shaving compact case allows for easy storage for both the razor and refills and can be stuck on your shower/bathroom for convenience. However, mine feel off cos it's a peel off sticker base, which I think is too weak for the humid temperature found in a bathroom. Mine's now stuck on the inside of one of my bedroom shelves instead and it's had no problems staying put there.
The soft-grip handle makes for easy and comfortable usage. I find this really simple to use, the gel bars foam up enough to let the blades glide over my skin smoothly and hair removal is thorough.
RRP £7.99

Venus Embrace is Gillette's first women's razor to have 5 blades, promising a closer shave, designed to hug every curve and remove virtually every hair. It comes in a ShowerPod, which you can stick on your shower tiles for convenience - as you can see from the picture, your refills can also be stored in it too. This works much better as plastic suction pads are used to place it on the wall and it stays put.

The blades have two moisture strips (which I don't think made a blind bit of difference to be honest) and again the soft-grip handle give me a great shave. My legs are smooth and there's not a stray hair in sight after each use.

RRP 6.99

Venus Embrace has 5 blades as opposed to the standard three.

Out of the two, I prefer the Spa Breeze - merely for the convenience that the Built-in Shave Gel bars give me. I can't be assed to me faff about in the shower reaching for a can of shaving foam when (you may or may not be able to relate here) I still have another 5 products waiting to be used! I'm yet to suffer a cut despite racing it down my leg at 50mph when I'm in a hurry. In fact, I've only cut myself when trying the same manoeuvre with the men's Mach 3! Don't mess with men's razors ladies!

I'm not gonna drone on - there's only so much you can say about razors! For me, Gillette blades do the job they're made for and I'm a loyal customer.

Available from Boots, Superdrug, leading supermarkets and chemists.

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laurawrites said...

I use a mens razor too it started when i lost mine so had to use my boyfriends which he was not happy about so he let me keep it and iv never looked back but i might give the venus spa breeze ago. thanks for another great blog x

The strange name that eventually makes sense. said...

its definately about using mens razors but with womens shaving gel... makes for a blissful experience! :)

Laura @ The Beauty Sanctum said...

I've been using the Embrace since it came out, it's good and leaves me smoot, but I'm left with a few ingrown hairs all of the time - I'm not sure if it's just me that's super susceptible?!

Do you think the mens give a generally closer shave as they're designed to shave a coarser hair?


Faye-Baybee said...

I use the embrace one and I love it

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