Let's talk toners!

I always use a facial toner before I moisturise my face. I'm so used to it, that I feel my skincare regime is incomplete if I don't. I use a toner to remove the last traces of oil, dirt or make up that may be left on my skin after I've used a cleanser and I like the fresh feeling they give my skin too.

These are the three toners I currently have on rotation at the moment:

1. Boots Botanics Organic Rosewater Toner - £3.99 (150ml)
I've used this before and was pleased with its performance, so this is a repurchase which I think is worth a mention. This contains organic damask rosewater and naturally cleanses without drying out the skin. The benefits of rosewater are well documented and its antibacterial properties are said to help prevent pimples, wrinkles and soothe stressed skin. I like the subtle rose scent as it provides a relaxing and calming effect. I'm not so keen on the packaging, I accidentally knocked it over yesterday and spilt it flippin' everywhere!! My bottle went from half full, to just over a quarter left ..not amused.

 2. Weleda Wild Rose Facial Toner £8.95 - (100ml)
This contains extract of organic Wild Rose leaves and has the strongest scent of the three products featured in this post. The rose scent may be a little overpowering for some, but personally I love it. I think it smells like a fresh rose and I find myself inhaling it in as I sweep the cotton pad(s) over my face. It really leaves my skin feeling soft and revived. The glass bottle has a plastic stopper to avoid spillage or waste which is a thoughtful component too. I started using this back in January. My bottle has almost run out but I now use this once or twice a week in the evenings now to stretch out what's left.

3. Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic - £11.50 (200ml)
This bottle of goodness contains vitamin e, calendula and aloe vera, which all have a rejuvenating effect on the skin. It also has rose-scented (are you noticing the theme here?) geranium in it, but overall I pick up a floral scent when using this, which isn't really that noticeable - for me anyway. I'm loving the swivel screw on/off top which allows you to control how much you dispense and this makes my skin feel cool and hydrated without stripping it of its natural oils. This actually has the consistency of water, so it's very light on the skin and dries quickly The large bottle will last a good while too, even if you're using it twice a day.

I should probably also give a mention to The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner, which I've praised before in an earlier post. I'm on my third bottle now and this is still working fantastically well for my combination/sensitive skin.

Using a toner isn't the be all and end of of a skincare regime. It's argued that a good cleanser should be able to remove all traces of make up without you having to resort to using an additional product on top. I like to incorporate a toner in my skincare regime as this is what works for me. 
Do you use a toner as part of your skincare routine?

14 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

FabDiva20 said...

Yes! I use toner in my skincare regimen and it's a must for me or else it's incomplete like you said. I'm loving my Clinique Clarifying Lotion 4 for my Oily skin and so far it's done great!

Lipglossiping said...

YES, I used to think it was an extra step I could do without... but now toner is probably my most cherished skincare item.

I use it to cool down in the summer, soothe sore skin (after my IPL), moisten my mineral foundation and stop it looking cakey and just as a general after cleanse quick treat.

Oh, and now I'm using it on my MUJI eye mask pad things too.

Love, love, love the stuff!

I want to try the Weleda!

Candace said...

Toner is very important and does make all the difference. I'm bad because I don't use it that much. Right now I'm using Clinique. Looking for some new skin care products. Thanks for the posting.


Kim said...

I dont always used one, but when i do i LOVE Caudalie toning lotion, and mario badescu chamomile toning lotion.

ModestyBrown said...

I don't use a toner. I tend to cleanse then remove with a hot cloth so have never felt the need. But I love the scent of roses and I'm intrigued by the ones you've mentioned. I love using gorgeous natural scents as part of my skincare routine in the evening. I find it helps me relax. It sounds like this could be a great addition.
Thanks! x

Shortiee31 said...

I pretty much only use toners in the Summer so the moisturiser doesn't feel as 'heavy' :)

Beauty Scribbler said...

I never used to think I needed a toner but I started using the Liz Earle Instant Skin Boost Tonic in Jan and now I can't live without it! It feels like such a treat to use after cleansing. And it makes me feel like I'm wiping any any drying deposits from hard London water.

Pobedochka said...

Great review!

And I adore my "Hydro-nourishing Softener" from Shiseido! (^-^) It is so moisturising, delicate and the smell is from OUT OF THIS WORLD! Mmmmmmm)))

lucie.lovely.cupcake said...

I should try that Body Shop one as my skin is sensitive and combination too! Not the best combo... x

BeautyGeeek, Kishmat-Lola said...

i really like that Liz Earle one, also love the Dermalogica Anti-oxident hydramist. its so refreshing, and very cooling x

Cassi said...

I tried Clinique clarifying lotion but found it too harsh for my skin even just once a day. What I adore is Roc Memaquillage Actif since it gets rid of sooo much dirt. I do have pretty good cleansers but find no matter what, using the Roc toner will always bring out residues of dust and makeup on the cotton pad. It's a guilty pleasure to see just how dirty my skin get get, lol

LaaLaa Phoenix Monroe said...

I've started using the body shops tea tree toner, I did a mini review on it but I have being eyeing the boots rose water toner for awhile but at the moment I don't want to change my skin routine as once I get use to something and change - outbreak [eek]

- I've also given you an award honey.

madame b fatale said...

Yes, I always tone, I use Thalgo, Lancome or this Endota spray.

Love the Weleda stuff, have you tried the Rose body lotion. Its gorgeous and you don't even have to really wear perfume when you wear it!

mizzworthy said...

I love a toner - I dont feel quite "clean" if I miss it... love the Liz Earle one, and also the MIR skintonic...


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