Review: Mai Couture Blush Papier

When it comes to make up on the go, convenience is essential. U.S based Mai Couture claim to offer just that in the form of their Blush Papier - paper sheets that are lightly powdered with blush and a hint of shimmer to give you a perfect cheek wherever you are. They were present at the New York Make Up show and appeared to be having no trouble drawing the crowds in with their products and the Blush Papier caught my eye.

Available in three shades - Sunset Blvd, Prettyful and Uptown, the convenient booklet-style papers come in a presentable faux leather wallet which allows you to carry them around with ease. The Blush Papier comes in packs of 50 sheets and refills are readily available to order online. They're mineral based and talc and paraben free too.

This is the first time I've used a product like this and I was a little sceptical in regards to how well the sheets would work. First impressions? The packaging is slick, I like the outer case a lot as it makes the product as a whole, easier to store in your handbag if you aren't carrying your make up bag with you. The sheets pull away from the booklet easily, so there's so annoying tugging at the spine involved.

The instructions are simple enough: "Gently press the blush paper on the apples of your cheeks to get an instant vibrant look. Use as desired. Discard after every use."

I pressed a sheet against my right cheek, not really expecting much of an impression to be left. As I lifted it away, there was a soft dusky pink blush clearly visible on my cheek,  in my mirrors' reflection. I repeated the action, again gently pressing down on my right cheek and yet more blush appeared. One sheet holds an impressive amount of product and the shimmer it's said to contain is present too, but for me two sheets give me the right amount of coverage. I find it gives my cheeks a really nice glow and the shade Uptown proves to be surprisingly flattering on my MAC NC50 skintone.

My only grievance with this product is that you simply can't apply the blush straight onto your cheeks and leave it at that. The blush appears slightly patchy as you move the sheet around your cheek and the edges are visible. Using either your fingers or a brush to blend it in, is a must in my opinion. It doesn't cause the greatest inconvenience if you have to pull out a brush, but it defies the selling point of the product. Likewise if you use your fingers to blend it in, you'll obviously need tissues at hand to wipe your fingers afterwards - unless you wipe your fingers on your clothes that is!

On my cheeks: Mai Couture Blush Papier in Uptown

Despite having to use a brush (I use my aurifére slanted blush brush 120, which is dense and allows me to buff it out smoothly), these have taken residency in my handbag since I've tried them. I really like the colour of the blush and despite being labelled as blush, I've found that after applying it, I can use the remainder of the sheet(s) as an oil blotting sheet, which it works quite well as.

At present Mai Couture do not process international orders. Maybe that will change as the brand grows, but for now they only post within the United States.

For prices and to view other products in their range visit

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Natalie @ BeauMakeup said...

How cool is that! What a wicked idea! The colour looks gorgeous on you! That wallet/packaging is so pretty too!!

Lipglossiping said...

Wow, those look great! I love hearing about innovation done well... it's so rare. That packaging looks LUXE too, love it.

Shame I can't freakin' have it!

LaaLaa Phoenix Monroe said...

Gorgeous packaging, seems very good for makeup on the go but like you said defeats the purpose if you have to use a brush. Looks gorgeous on your cheeks though honey very subtle but radiant.

Empress said...

Nice who would of thought something like this would work, I always wanted to try blush in general, maybe if I can get my hands on this product I'll give it a try. Thanks for the post!

<a href=">True Queen</a>

Ki said...

Looks brilliant :D

BittersweetKindaNew said...

Love the idea of this. Gorgeous packing and the colour looks so good on!

Cant wait to be able to get this in UK!

L x

Tali said...

I need that.. just because its all different looking lol.. i want to see my boys face when i rub paper all over my cheeks hehe its the kind of product that will confuse a man! :P

Krystal Leigh said...

It really looks good on ya!


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