Unlocking the Vault: MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes

Make up for the cheeks tends to grab my attention first, over any other make up item. This love extends to highlighters and I embrace any product that ca make my blush look even better.

My disappointing experience of Dior Diorskin Poudre in Amber Diamond spurred me to take a look at the other products I own that can be used as highlighters. MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes (or MSFs as they're affectionately known by make up lovers) provide wearers with a gorgeous sheen to the cheek and are multi-purpose, also being used on the eyes, lips and body.

MAC say A luxurious velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish. Smoothes on: adds buffed-up highlights to cheeks, brows, anywhere on the body: provides an ultra-deluxe polish to the skin.

Mineralized Skinfinishes are large domed powders, baked to perfection in Italy, containing a swirl of colours and mineralized micas and other ingredients in order to allow them to  adhere to the skin.

Unfortunately the vast majority of MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes are LE and the only shades currently available to purchase off the UK MAC site are Soft and Gentle (Gilded Peach Bronze) and Gold Deposit (Soft Reflective Golden-Bronze). It's not uncommon for the  popular shades to easily sell for over £50 and beyond on Ebay.
I'm not an avid collector of MSFs. I'm wary that some look incredibly similar to one another when swatched and so I try and only purchases ones that give different finishes. These are the MSFs that I currently own. I used to own Gold Spill and Shimpagne too but I swapped them away.

Top Row: Sunny by Nature, Shooting Star, Gold Deposit, Glissade
Middle Row:Warm Blend, Smooth Merge, Brunette
Bottom Row: By Candlelight, Metal Rock

 Taken with flash

and without flash in natural daylight...
 Taken with flash

and again in daylight ...

Sunny by Nature - Rich bronze with pink pearl pigment
Shooting Star - Soft caramel tan with gold sparkle
Gold Deposit - Soft reflective golden-bronze
Glissade - Golden peach with muted metallic plum veining
Warm Blend - Antique gold/Mahogany bronze/Copper
Smooth Merge - Soft champagne pink/Deep rose/Pale cool pink
Brunette - Soft coral to copper bronze degrade
By Candlelight - Golden Pink
Metal Rock - Cocoa-blushed bronze with copper shimmer

I have to say that the MSFs I purchased from the Colour Craft collection last year are much smoother in texture than some of the the others, they're beautiful. I hope that any future releases have the same formula as they apply like a dream. 

I tend to use my MAC 187 brush the most to apply them, it allows me to pick up the right amount of product and doesn't congregate on my  face in a shimmery/glowy mess. Depending on the shade I'm using, I'll  lightly swipe the 187 across the pan, gently brushing it against my upper cheeks, forehead, down the centre of my nose and chin. I'll then softly work it into my skin. 

Be careful not to pick up too much product to begin with or you may be in danger of looking like a Christmas bauble - especially if the MSF in question has visible glitter in it. The aim of this product is to to achieve a gorgeous, yet natural looking glow that doesn't look out of place. I also reach for my MAC 131 brush if I want to concentrate application on the top of my blush along my (invisible) cheekbones or my MAC 182 kabuki brush if If fancy a bit of buffing action.

In case you've been lying under a rock, the much coveted fave Stereo Rose and Petticoat are to be re-promoted in the MAC In the Groove collection, due for release in the states next month and landing here, in the UK in August. Don't stay you weren't warned - these WILL sell out immediately! At a cost of £19.50 they may appear pricey, but they will easily last you for years if you're an occasional user. Even if you used one daily, it would still last for months!

Are you a MAC MSF collector? Which LE shade do you wish you had in your possession? Not a fan? Tell me why!

ETA: Arrrrrrrrgh! How annoying, I forgot to photograph and swatch Light Flush which I've just found hiding smugly underneath my back up of MAC Ripe Peach! Curses!!

17 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

Rai said...

I would love to own Metal Rock! *drools*

Linda Phuong Tran said...

I have two MAC MSF's at the moment and wouldn't say i'm a collector. I think they're just okay, nothing really special but they're pleasant to have, if you know what i mean?! I do think they give a lovely glow when used sparingly but most highlighters have that effect =).

Caramel Diva said...

oh how I love MSF's I own 2 as of now in "So Ceylon" and "Shimpange" I love them but your right you have to use them lightly because they are so pigmented!

ellamarie84 said...

You have a great collection! I think I only have two msf's as they're not really my thing. They are beautiful but I agree that many of them achieve the exact same finish. I am VERY tempted to go for petticoat when it comes out again, though! I only own the Blonde msf and Refined msf. Both of which I thought were worth it. Great swatches by the way, Glissade is gorgeous!

Amina said...

looove MSF and My metal rock committed suicide :(
I so wished mac will repromote it

resham said...

My all time fav IS Warmed MSF...thAT ONE msf has good finish.
Another one that I liked was MSF redhead. But mine broke and I am sad...:(
I used to collect them, but not anymore. Have managed to swap a few aswell.

Stephanie said...

Shooting Star looks amazing on you! xx

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

I have gold deposit, and it's just okay to me. I want to get petticoat.


Charlee said...

I like "Brunette" and "By Candlelight"..gorg :) xx

Lollipop said...

I have By Candlelight and absolutely adore it, and wear it almost everyday. I used to have Petticoat but it shattered into teeny tiny bits. I still have it technically but I had to depot it into a pot with a sifter so it's not as pretty anymore. Really looking forward to getting it when it's re-released! xxx

Recessionista! said...

Excellent review! I think I'm the last MAC fan on earth to have yet to try a MSF. I neeeed one! :)

FabDiva20 said...

I love MSFs!! Brunette, So Ceylon and Cheeky Bronze are my favorite MSFs that I'll reach for the most. I also adore Gold Deposit too since I only wear it if I want a gorgeous glow. I would love to own Metal Rock, Glissade and Shooting Star one day!

Lipglossiping said...

I already have Petticoat, Blonde and Perfect Topping... want Stereo Rose badly thanks to you whispering in my ear. Also want By Candlelight. Need a pay rise,

Beautyjunkielondon said...

It was the MSF's that started my MAC collection. I don't use them every day but they all look so pretty in the pan that I can't resist. Currently I have... perfect topping, by candlelight, Glissade, northern lights and New Vegas.

Of the ones I have though, I only really use Perfect Topping and By Candlelight. I find the others have too much glitter.

I am determinded to get Stereo Rose and Petticoat. Not that I need them, but they are pretty so I want them!

I do wish I had blonde, pretty much just because I'm blonde, so decided it would be nice.

SilhouetteScreams said...

I don't have any MSF's, though I always make a point to swatch them when I go to a counter, and lament to whoever I'm with about how pretty they are :P

Umm Amirah said...

Great post. Love seeing a brown girl swatch!!
I'm loving Warm Blend and Brunette. I'm getting Petticoat this weekend (I'm in the US). I'm going to have to check out a CCO for So Ceylon.
B Beautiful
Umm Amirah

J-- said...

I'm not a collector, but I did pick up 3 of them from In The Groove. All but Comfort. I have to learn how to use the darker ones though.. I'm NW15. My Petticoat is DARK, there's so much veining. Stereo Rose isn't here yet (tomorrow!), and I'm absolutely in love with By Candlelight!

If I could have one from the past, it would have to be lightscapade. If they ever repromote it, look out! Nothing will get in the way of me getting my hands on one. I refuse to pay the evilbay prices for it though.


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