Urban Decay Naked Palette Autumn 2010

Ok, so hands up, I've only used my Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland eye shadow palette once...but that's irrelevant cos I know I'll use this beauty much, much more! *grins*
Urban Decay unveiled a sneak peek of its new Naked palette on Facebook last week - a mix of 12 perfect neutrals and smouldering smoky shades that I dare any make-up lover to resist. The palette is made up of five permanent shades, six brand new additions and one that previously featured in the Book of Shadows, Vol 1 palette.

Virgin – Satin chamois – NEW 
Sin – Champagne 
Naked – Matte buff nude 
Sidecar – Cocoa with golden sparkle sheen -Book of Shadows, Vol. 1 
Buck – Matte nutmeg – NEW
Half Baked – Subtle, lustrous bronze 
Smog – Deep coppery bronze 
Darkhorse – Bronze patina – NEW 
Toasted – Rich copper 
 Hustle – Plum brown satin – NEW 
Creep – Onyx with gold sparkle – NEW 
Gunmetal – Gunmetal gray with silver glitter – NEW

Pop the lid for more pics, plus swatches!
The palette also comes with a double-ended 24/7 liner with Zero (black) on one side and Whisky (creamy rich brown) on the other. I'm not a huge fan of the 24/7 liners. I find that Zero has ZERO staying power on me! A travel size Primer Potion is also included too.

As per usual, Christine of Temptalia.com has come up trumps with some top quality pictures and swatches of the palette, having been sent a sample. She's also given it a rating of A+, which is bound to contribute to the hysteria when it's released on June 29th across the pond! You can read what she thinks of it and view her pics and swatches here.

At the time of writing this post, it's yet to be confirmed whether this palette will be limited edition or permanent. I'm hoping it's perm as I really don't fancy making a mad dash for it like I had to with the Alice palette. There's also no confirmation on the UK price or when we're getting it which is a tad annoying. It'll be selling for $44 stateside, which is currently approx £30 so I'm guessing it'll be around that mark, give or take a couple of pounds. 

If you're looking to build up your neutral shades, then personally I think this is a great investment. If you have too much make up as it is and just want it cos it's puuurdy, despite having already owning 101 neutrals ...then no comment, cos that's the boat I'm sailing in too! ;-)

Doesn't it look gorgeous? Do you want it too or are you gonna give it a miss?

This will be released exclusively in department store House of Fraser on August 23rd and then roll out nationwide in ston September 6th 2010.

Update: 19.08.10 - Ok, so this was unexpectedly released last week in the Oxford Street, HOF store and is also available in the Victoria branch. I'm not sure if they're also available nationwide, I believe they've been released early exclusively in London only.

Update: 23.08.10 - It's now available online on the House of Fraser website.

26 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

ModestyBrown said...

That looks gorgeous! I'll find this the hardest of all you UD palettes to resist. I wobbled with Alice and in the end missed my chance. I always like the look of UD eyeshadows but they are so glittery, it's wonderful to see them including some mattes this time.
Jane x

City Girls Fashion Box said...

i've literally used two shadows from alice in wonderland,but this looks righttttt upmy street! thanks for the post :)

but weird that its more expensive than alice - no? xxx

VexintheCity said...

@ModestyBrown - Yeah, I like that there's a mixture of matte and shimmer e/s in this palette.

@City Girls Fashion Box - It's luuurvely isn't it? Hmmm I think it may be the same price as Alice (£28). The current exchange rate makes it £30-ish. We'll soon find out though.

Rhamnousia said...

I should be working but when I saw the words neutral palette, I had to check it out.

It looks gorgeous and I will deffo be checking it out. The packaging isn't typical UD which to me, means that they are listening to what people say about how difficult their palettes are to carry. Unless they think that neutrals are more wearable, hence making it more portable.

I hope it's not a glitter fest though as a lot of their shadows tend to be like that.

I had something else to say but I forgot (yes, you DID need to know that)

Cel said...

Wow, this looks really amazing. Now I want one too. Thank you for the heads up :)

tackyblueeyeshadow said...

Wow I would love this one! I love neutrals! x

nicoletta said...

Oooh looks devine, i have not been botthered with the other palettes but this one is a real temptation xx

resham said...

haha...same here...I too have soo many neutrals/browns, that I can easily make a similar palette...but then this looks pretty...Me wants...:)

Alex said...

I don't normally go crazy over UD palettes, but this one seems more wearable for me, so I'll definitely be looking for it when it comes out.

Ally said...

I'm sailing the same boat as you!! :) Neutrals neutrals yes yes, who cares if i already have some of the colours?! :/

Lydia said...

it's awesome. however, why did they say gunmental is a new shade? i have BOS II and it's there. same name, same colour :S

ellamarie84 said...

That palette looks right up my alley! Love all the colors!! I'm so glad you feel the same way I do about the 24/7 Zero! I thought I was the only one that hated it. It doesn't stay at all on me either!

tina_mbc said...

I 've seen the swatches on temptalia too, god it looks stunning!!!
Now, I just need to pretend that I really need this in my life cos my current neutral collection (like 80% of all my eyeshadows) isn't as special as this... lol! :)


♥akisa♥ said...

I AM SOOO GETTING THIS!! Alice in Wonderland was a nice concept but too bright in colours for me. I can totally see this palette being a fail-safe product for travel.

gatumi said...

Looks like a handy pallette, the kind I'd reach out for trips and my daily make up! Love it! xD

elephantJuice said...

This looks gorgeous! I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for this come September :)

Muhsine said...

Damn that looks like an amazing palette, I would buy it but I wont because I have my mac shadows and the vol 1 to the book of shadows. If not, I would totally grab it. :( why am I being so sensible? pssssh! :)

SoFrolushes said...

this palette is gorgeous. I am so tempted to finally grab a urban decay palette.

AnnaV said...

Oooh pretty......I love nudes and smokys, but imma hold out and see how big each shadow is...if its toothpick size, im passing !

NYCSh0paholic said...

I am loving this palette! I received it a few days ago. I was lucky enough to order it early in the day when it was released before it sold out. I'm going to do a haul video and tutorial shortly! I really like the palette and Sin reminds me of one of the E/S from Too Faced's Neutral Eye Palette.

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Umm Amirah said...

ok...WHY did I miss this post!! I <3 neutral paletts...even as a brown girl. because I believe a good one will help with ALL looks. I have Book of Shaddows II. I love that.
I'm going to have to save to 'gift' this to myself!!

VexintheCity said...

It looks lovely, doesn't it? Thanks for the comments ladies xx

Neko said...

Thanks for the ETA, I was trying to find it on the UK websites and was a bit afraid they'd all sold out! The reviews sound so good.

Marissa said...

Just purchased mine from House Of Fraser in Victoria for £27 and the colours are gorgeous. This is one palette where all the shades are wearable!!!

VexintheCity said...

@Marissa - Arrrrrrrrgh why is it out early?? I just bought the UD BOS 111. No, I'm not buying it, I MUST show restraint. I don't neeeeeed it anyway!!! Enjoy it hon xx

Marissa said...

I tried to restrain myself but my hand just went for my card in my purse without any hesitation. The next thing I know I was walking out the store completely forgetting to purchase my colleagues leaving present Lool I was told it was an early release just for the Victoria store only and the palette will be made permanent. I will be purchasing the UD 111 to, love the packaging. xxx


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