What's new at The Body Shop?

On Friday I attended the latest blogger event hosted by The Body Shop, at which their new summer collection and latest product launches were revealed.

I've been impressed with recent purchases from The Body Shop (bar the grapefruit body scrub - lovely scent, but far too runny for my liking), so I was curious to view the new additions to their sizeable range of existing products.

No blogger event is complete without an obligatory 'cupcake shot'!

The Vitamin C range, has received a complete makeover bringing with it a range of new skincare treatments, including the Skin Radiance powder mix, which promises to deliver glowing, radiant skin in 10 days. With a claim like that, it's something that I'll certainly be putting to the test. Prices remain relatively cheap ranging from £8-£15. I believe the new, improved line will be hitting stores in July.

New haircare, including shampoos, conditioners and hair balms were on show, as were a new set of deodorants, Deodry, which are free of aluminium salts and parabens whilst still keeping you dry and odour free.

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Delipcious Lip Sheers come in nine shades offering sheer colour without the heaviness of lipstick and there are also four new tinted lip balms coming soon too.

Celebrity make up artist Chase Ashton was also on hand to demonstrate the use of products from the new Summer Trend collection, which is currently being sold in-store. Comprising of eight eyeshadow duos, two blush duos and two baked bronzers there are some lovely shades that will take you from day to night in an instant.

Oooh and I almost forgot, a new mascara was also unveiled promising bigger, fatter lashes called - Big & Curvy Mascara (£10)

Ooops I forgot the mascara!

New launches aside, we were also made aware of The Body Shop's latest campaign, which aims to raise awareness and give children greater protection against child trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Human trafficking is the third largest criminal industry in the world

 1.2 million children and young people under the age of 18 are trafficked every year for sexual exploitation and cheap labour...the number is thought to be much high due to the underground dealings of the traffickers

Children are trafficked to the UK from over 52 countries

Reports show that sexual exploitation is the most likely purpose of trafficking

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Through the sale of their Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream, The Body Shop will be raising funds for crucial intervention and support to those who are victims of this terrible crime. £2.36 from each tube sold will be donated to ECPAT.

The Body Shop and ECPAT are also launching a petition calling upon governments to take action. In 2011 they will be presenting the petition to the government, and it will represent a show of hands (literally - you're encouraged to draw around your hand on the back of the petition) by everyone who signed up to Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People. You can do your part and sign the petition (pictured above) in-store or you can log on, online and sign up here. It'll only take a moment of your time and it's for an excellent cause, so please do sign up.

Over the upcoming weeks I'll be taking a closer look at some of the new products I was introduced too, so stay tuned.

6 beauty lovers have sumthin to say:

LaaLaa Phoenix Monroe said...

Oooo that cupcake shot just hit the spot lol.

I always feel mascara's that promise those huge long lush eyelashes kind of fall short for me so it would be nice to see the review on that.

It's good when companies do show awareness for tragic things that are unfortunately happening in our society.

VexintheCity said...

@LaaLaa Phoenix Monroe - The cupcake shots always do! LOL I'm gonna try that mascara out later today and see if it lives up to its claims. Yeah, I agree, I have to take my hat off to TBS for their campaigns, they've really opened my eyes.

BeautyGeeek, Kishmat-Lola said...

thanks for a great post, am excited about the new products they sound v good...

Amina said...

woow! I had no idea that the body shop had beauty bloggers event! that's great!!
I can't wait to read the reviews! I also love how the body shop is always active with social campaigns.

SilhouetteScreams said...

I love that the Body Shop is championing a cause that doesn't really get a lot of attention, and that is different from the rest :)

Di said...

I LOVE the Body Shop! How exciting are these new products, I can't wait for them to hit the stores! x


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